Welcome to SupportOurJeremy!

Hello to everyone who comes upon this exciting new blog, which has been set up with one aim, and one aim only: to totally support Our Jeremy unconditionally!  As such, all supporters of Our Jeremy are extremely welcome here.  So – if you are a supporter of Our Jeremy, here is my official welcome to this exciting new website. All you need to do to see my personal welcoming greeting is to cast your eyes upon the following sentence, which reads as follows:

“Welcome, friend, to the new, kinder and gentler politics!”.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those troublesome Right-wing subversive types bent upon undermining Our Jeremy by any means whatsoever, I am sorry to say that you are in no shape or form remotely welcome here whatsoever! So-called “Free Speech” is all very well, but not when it descends in to Hate Speech, e.g. attacking Our Jeremy by quoting his past speeches, many of which were made several years ago, and which have in any case been taken totally out of context.

Having got that slightly “awkward” bit out of the way – along with, hopefully, all the Right-wing trolls, troublemakers, subversives, n’er do wells, Red Tory Traitors (no names, no packdrill!) etc. – let me now spell out some of the “Ground Rules” for this exciting and revolutionary new website:

  1. Total support for Our Jeremy.
  2.  See 1. for full details.

Having got the necessary “formalities” out of the way – sorry about that, but you know how bureaucratic this Modern Era has been become!  – all it remains for me to do is to say:

“Goodbye!  It was nice knowing you!”

Sorry – just my little joke!  Of course, I’m not *really* going!  That would be totally silly, wouldn’t it?  No, I’m just taking a break (a few Protest Marches to attend, chats with Jeremy, all that sort of thing).  This “blogging” business is more tiring than many people realise, you know!   Fear not, I’ll be back soon with some more blogs – all, you’ll be pleased to hear, with just one basic aim:

“Support Our Jeremy totally!”

And, if you’ll permit me – and indeed, even if you won’t. This is my blog, after all! – I’ll just finish with the closing verse of my favourite song, The Red Flag, totally updated by myself:

So raise the scarlet standard high, whilst supporting Our Jeremy all the time,
Beneath its shade we’ll live and die, and win a 2020 Election landslide,
Though the Banksters and the 1% flinch, and Red Tory traitors predictably sneer,
We’ll totally smash the evil Tory scum, and keep the red flag flying here!









23 thoughts on “Welcome to SupportOurJeremy!

  1. Hello John, and thank you very much for your constructive question on this pressing topic.

    Jeremy and I are currently engaged in working out our position with regard to this one – we had a brief 9-hour conversation about this only last night, funnily enough, but obviously that was nowhere near long enough a time to make a final decision on this important matter.

    A new blog on this subject, giving Our Jeremy’s definitive views, will be published here soon. It may take a little time, but Jeremy assures me that he will have made his policy up by the 24th of this June at the very latest.


  2. I would like to say thank you very much for going to all the trouble to create this blog. I shall be a regular visitor and hope to help you further the cause of Our Jeremy in his cause to bring freedom to our country.


  3. Thank you, friend :). It is truly heartening, to see the level of support that Our Jeremy is garnering, both here and in the wider Labour Movement.

    Whatever you do, Wayne, please do not despair! Fascism, racism and neoliberalism are about to be discarded in to the dustbin of History, as foreshadowed by our recent historic landslide election victory in that normally rock-solid safe Tory seat, Oldham West.

    As long as we can keep our nerve, a landslide awaits us in May 2020!


  4. Lovely to be here. I’m delighted to add my voice to those supporting Jeremy! Jeremy is an old friend of our cause, and would never let the odd decapitation stand in the way of our mutual commitment.

    Your friend,

    Abu Bakr


    1. Yes, Mr. ISIS…… how is the new State going by the way? I assure you everyone in the SupportOurJeremy campaign are fully behind the excellent work you are doing in returning the Levant to its rightful Islamic heritage.

      I am truly ashamed of my country’s disgusting history of empire and fully understand you cannot redress the balance and rectify the wrongs of the crusades and of empire without striking at a few necks and butchering few violent Christians.


  5. Always interested to hear the voice of Jezbollah, even if it is second hand but needs must when the great man is in such demand at a segrgated meeting of the religion of peace or a picket line by our brethren who get paid as little as 60k per year for opening the door on a tube train.

    His views on so many issues, from the illegal detention of amateur gynaecologists in Calais, to the destruction of the yids wherever necessary are always welcome.

    Discusss of course would have been helpful.


  6. Finally: a website dedicated to our Supreme-Leader-In-Waiting.
    A man (or dare I say, god?) who clearly has made the correct progressive choices in his cabinet and esepcially in his choice of Diane Abbott in, well, whatever role she’s in this week.
    I look forward – never backward, comrade! – to watching this site grow.


  7. I am sooooo happy to join you. I have sold all my Savile Row suits and ties and got myself one of the Jeremy Jackets, which I am soooo happy with – I even wear it to bed.
    Thank goodness there are other people like me to be found on the web. I was soooo worried I was all alone.


  8. I would love to support you, but unfortunately you said “Support Our Jeremy totally”, and it should have been “Support our Jeremy completely”.

    Tony Blair once used the word “totally” and I can see now this is just another neo-liberal, NWO, Establishment, 1% fascist site.

    In conclusion, all I can say is why dont you “totally” crowd just GO AND JOIN THE TORIES???!!1

    We need to get back to true Labour values and support Jeremy “completely”.

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  9. Will look forward to seeing this site get off the ground. Jeremy has come in for too much stick from the likes of Cameron who thinks only for himself. Jeremy is the only leader of any of the parties, to stick to their principles, irrespective of the electoral consequences. He needs all the help we can give him!

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  10. Thank you, ILS! It is truly heartening to see such an overwhelming upsurge of support for Our Jeremy, from the grassroots, from which doubtless a thousand flowers will bloom!

    No wonder this totally unelected Tory Government, which in any case is no more than a gang of Bullingdon Bully Boys, e.g. Priti Patel, and which is widely detested and hated by myself, is obviously terrified of the Mass Power of working people, e.g. students like myself, who are totally sick of being lumbered with literally millions of pounds of debts for our Student Loans which we can never pay off, all to pay for the Banksters who totally caused the Great Crash of 2008 which in any case started in America, i.e. Northern Rock in 2007.


  11. Salutations! Friend Lefty,

    We are all following you faithfully, Friend, and you are following Friend Jeremy, Friend. He is leading us into the unknown and you, Friend, will follow him there forever and we, Friend, will follow you forever, Friend.

    How am I doing so far?

    Have you seen the following piece about Cats In Very High Places?


    Perhaps you might email me in due course. Have some info for you.

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  12. Hello Friend Lefty

    I have literally got a support for Our Jeremy, or Our Jezza as I literally understand that he likes to be called. I hope that it is his size, I have just literally washed it in an industrial washing machine supplied by our friend, Friend Jim. It literally had some stains on it, but I am sure that Our Jeremy, or Our Jezza, literally doesn’t mind a few stains. It is a little tight around the groin area but I am sure that he would be able to wriggle into it as I am assured by other Friends that he is literally the best wriggler in Parliament today.

    Onwards and upwards, Friend Lefty, to a literally brighter future (or is that a brighter past?)

    Friend Grimy

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    1. Thank you, Friend Grimy! Those of us on the Progressive Left – and there are many of us, friend, e.g. you – must stick together like bears in the woods, and not allow ourselves to be distracted from the essential task of the Labour Party, i.e. getting rid of all the Far-Right Red Tory Traitors, e.g. the totally-unknown, widely-hated Owen so-called Jones, or whatever his name is.

      If we can just manage that, Friend Grimy, we can look forward to a – literally – landslide result in the next General Election in May 2020, or whenever the cowardly Bullingdon Bully Boy, the widely-hated Hard-Right May, dares to call it!


  13. Followed the smell of old socks, beeswax polish, Brut and Old Spice and ended up here at this splendid Aromarama that is the very essence of the True Left.
    Such a joy to see and hear so many fighting men above ready to die in the hedges for our Jezmond. Vera Lynn is gargling next door as I write this, and Jezzies superb impression of the Reverend Blue Jeans in that iconic Easter Massage that he gave to us now means that we here in the Presbytery are knitting socks and billy can cosies for you all above.
    We stand behind our Jezmen 153%-abd KNOW that the crimson tide of destiny is soon to wipe out the hated Viagra junkies of so-called Moderate Labour-as well, as being the Tsunami of Social Justice that will confine May and her Eton Fusiliers to barracks, as we stroke 1000 Island dressing out of the Beard of Corbz come June 9th.

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  14. Friend Cheryl! How lovely to see your kind comment snuggled away here on my first-evAH Blog! This definitely wins the prize for the longest gap in time between one of my Blogs being published and a comment being made on it!

    And the good news is that the criminally Hard-Right Singer almost certainly won’t see our comments here; and even if he does, am quite sure he won’t comment on our comments … so it’s just like a private conversation we’re having here, safely and cosily ensconced as we are, here in the total privacy and confidentiality of the Far-Right WordPress.


    1. It`s always so nice to drop into the snug here where the revolution is nurtured and passionately cherished.
      You`re “Our Lefty” now, and I say your name breathlessly in my best Patricia Hewitt voice with cow eyes upcast and moist as “Our Mo” was venerated by El Blairo in 1998-before he sacked her, and stole her wig at the hospice in 99.
      Lefty-I may venture out and do other things-but you`ve long been at this table as Maitre De Chef, and June 8th will vindicate your proud and lonely virgin on behalf of we left-leaning fainthearts, somewhat compromised by life.
      On June 9th-win , triumph or landslide-tell us from where the Great March begins…The Great Leap Forward has already been attained and you`re truly a Bob Beamon for The Ages!
      The Women of Mercia, the Yos and the Yams-our feckless kids too-are all ready willing and able to serve…give the word, and we shall rise and follow you.


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