Political Analysis: Why Is Our Jeremy So Popular?

Hello again, friends.  And may I just first thank you all for the marvellous reception you have all given to this blog’s debut, which seems like 100 years ago but was in fact only yesterday!

This blog’s popularity is obviously almost as great as that of Our Jeremy’s – and that’s saying something!  No wonder the Far-Right Murdoch-controlled Mass Media, e.g. the Independent, is in such trouble!  Increasingly, as the word gets round about this blog, and working people, i.e. students and the unemployed, quit reading Hard-Right neoliberal rags which constantly peddle Fascism and racism, e.g. the Guardian, and instead turn to this blog for their political education, its popularity and influence can only increase still further, if that’s possible!

Anyway, here’s my hard-hitting analysis of the current political situation, which I trust you will all appreciate.  I acknowledge that there’s quite a bit of “heavy” analysis in it, along with some pretty complicated number-crunching, but please persist, because if you read it long and hard,  you will find facts and statistics that you will have never read anywhere else before!

So – here goes!  Pin your ears back, breathe deeply, screw up your eyeballs, and Learn:

Strong Message Here

The Tories are absolutely terrified of Our Jeremy , which is why they keep on attacking him – and they are totally correct about this, even if about nothing else!

Labour’s recent shock upset landslide victory in that rock-solid safe Tory seat, namely Oldham West, says it all. For those naysayers and Moaning Minnies who claim that Our Jeremy is not an election-winner, here are the key figures:

Tories: 2596 votes
UKIP: 6487 votes
Labour: 17209 votes

Now, my detailed analysis of these figures, which only the dimmest Tories, Kippers and assorted n’er do well’s would dispute, shows that if this particular result were exactly reproduced at the 2020 election in all 600 seats, Labour would win by the biggest landslide in history.

OK, OK … I know that the results may not necessarily be quite so favourable in 2020. Jeremy is still enjoying his honeymoon period as Labour Leader, and it’s unlikely that his current extreme level of popularity can be maintained, especially with the Far Right-wing media, i.e. the BBC,  constantly attempting to smear him by quoting speeches which were made several years ago, and which in any case have been totally taken out of context.

But after years of extreme Austerity, compulsory Food Banks, the totally illegal Bedroom Tax and  nonstop Fascist, racist neoliberalism being implemented by this totally unelected so-called Government – which in any case is nothing more than a gang of over-privileged Bullingdon Bully Boys, e.g. Priti Patel – who can seriously doubt that in May 2020 there’s going to be a landslide?

To end with what is already becoming a favourite tradition in this increasingly widely-read, popular and influential blog – namely my updated version of the final verse of that stunningly relevant anthem, the Red Flag:

So raise the scarlet standard high, whilst supporting Our Jeremy all the time,
Beneath its shade we’ll live and die, and win a 2020 Election landslide,
Though the Banksters and the 1% flinch, and Red Tory traitors predictably sneer,
We’ll totally smash the evil Tory scum, and keep the Red Flag flying here!
More, as the saying goes – or does it?  Do you know, I really can’t remember – soon!




23 thoughts on “Political Analysis: Why Is Our Jeremy So Popular?

  1. At last, someone with the gumption to take it straight to the “red tories”, Brownites, Millibandites and Blairites who are doing untold damage to our party and, by extension, to Jeremy, John, Dianne and all involved in our charge towards a truly socialist state.
    For too long the yoke of rampant capitalism has been forced upon those least able to defend themselves against its evil.
    Freedom for the workers, blogs like this one, for which we all should be grateful, can only help us to a great ballot box victory in 2020.


    1. Thanks, Brian! By the way, I’m quite sure that you are only Dangerous to Right-wingers, who fortunately appear to be steering well clear of this particular blog!

      It’s funny, isn’t it, how Right-wingers claim that Our Jeremy isn’t popular, when this perfectly ordinary, fairly apolitical blog, which sticks to facts and figures and steers totally away from the cult of Personality, is so wildly popular? Could there be a message in this for all those people who claim – against all the evidence – that the British people aren’t yet ready for Socialism?


      1. Dangerous Brian. Have you realized yet that Letfly has suborned your lofty aspirations into his own fetid grasp for power, and in so doing, retrospectively changed this blog from.SupportourJeremy to himself (Supportourlefty). All the time he is known on that right-wing fish ‘chip wrapping (the Guardian) as Saveedmilliband. Now he starts a takeover bid for the shards of the Party.

        I claim the post with the longest time span for sending a reply!!!

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Excellent to see such a site that will take the struggle to the Tory bastards and the Red Tories who hijacked our beloved movement. Keep it up comrade.


  2. What a breath of fresh air it is to have discovered this blog site. At last I feel I have found a safe space where like minded Jeremy fans , or JC as we call him ( Jesus Christ), can come together and celebrate the diversity of opinion that our great leader has fostered since his election.

    I’m looking forward to more articles featuring Jeremy’s latest thoughts on Defence of the Realm and his ongoing support of The EU and TTIP. I’m sure the Unions are wrong to attack Jeremy on theses issues as he is only remaining consistent to long held beliefs. And , let’s not forget , he was elected with about 90% support of the members of the PLP.

    We must continue to remain vigilant when Red Tories, like Hilary Benn and the Eagle sisters try to undermine Jeremy. It wouldn’t hurt for them to show more support at PMQ’s when JC hands out his weekly spanking to the evil, wicked bullingdon boy toff Cameron….the people must be convinced on these regular occasions that Jeremy is on his way to No 10

    Anyway, good luck with the blog. I’m organising a demonstration this weekend if you’re interested.its a 10,000 people march from Trafalgar Square to Liverpool. I have had a lot of interest from the media so we need a big turnout. Bring your own placard..it doesn’t really matter what it says as long as it’s ‘down’ with something…starts at 10:00am and finishes about a week Tuesday…

    It looks like rain , so bring a brolly. I’m making the cup cakes…



    1. Is the march a morning only, or an all day job.
      Unfortunately I have to take a group of disadvantaged students to the tattoo parlour where they can enter a “safe space” whilst proclaiming their individuality by all getting “We Love Jeremy” tattooed on their backs.
      I will then have to take them to the food bank, as their hard earned student benefits have been more wisely invested in “body art”.


      1. Hi Dangerous, the march is only for those totally committed to Jeremy and everything he stands for this week.

        You can do the whole March all the way to Liverpool like me, and really show how much you love Jeremy, or you can do the abridged version and just attend the banner waving and chanting part at the start.

        You appear to have an eminently sensible reason for not being able to come on the full ‘tour’ as those kids won’t get tatted by themselves


      2. Is it possible to follow by car, mum and dad are going skiing so I can borrow the chauffeur, I get tired very quickly which means I’m disabled and that butcher IDS will try and murder me!
        I have my own megaphone and can paint slogans on the car, best if the chauffeur doesn’t wear his uniform I suppose?


    2. Thank you so much, EULiesTotallyRefuted! It’s indeed good to see you here, friend!

      By the way, if your ears were burning last night … there’s a reason! Your name came up several times during a brief 8-hour conversation I was having with Jeremy, who always enjoys your very wise posts on Labour List, and is impressed with the way you deal with all the Tory/Kipper trolls who all too sadly infest that once-great site. Still, as Jeremy remarked, this new blog will soon make Labour Lost totally redundant, as everyone here is as supportive of Jeremy as you and I are!

      Thanks for the lowdown on the Protest March. As it happens, I’ve got a 1-person Mass Demonstration Against Huperson-Created Catastrophic Climate Chaos, which kicks off at 7am on Saturday, which I can easily meld in to your Liverpool March. Seems that Travelodge is totally booked up all along the route for the next several days, so maybe we’d better bring tents? Can’t wait to try your cupcakes!


      1. Hi supportourjeremyforpm, it’s good to hear about your 1 person mass demo. It seems as popular as my 10,000 people March. I’ve had seven definites and at least thirty ‘couldn’t be bothered’ responses, …so a success so far.

        I was considering detouring via the US embassy in Grosvenor Square to protest about Donald Trump being a neo-conservative racist climate change denier, but the rozzers have informed me that it has banned my march from that route due to roadworks at Mount Street…fascist bastards.

        I like your newer , improved version of the Working Class, revolutionary class war song…I feel we need some more verses though , so I can keep the troops spirits high on our trek to Liverpool. I’m thinking of my March as a reverse Tolpuddle Marchers type event…


  3. Sometimes I have a dream that Jeremy and Diane are my parents, its so happy, mum and dad have a sidecar on their motorbike and we ride through Socialist countries where the happy people throw flowers at us.

    Then I wake up in Primrose Hill and go down to breakfast, I am so sad and angry with my real parents I spit at them, steal money from mums purse and give it to the gypsies that live in our hedge.

    When I came back from giving the gypsies money this morning, I realised I had lost my iPhone and had shit on my trainers, my mum wont give me money for a new iPhone and trainers, she claims not to have any.

    She’s a fascist bitch. like Fatcha was.


    1. Well said, Roy, and welcome to this fast-growing, wildly popular blog, friend :).

      It’s so refreshing to read voices of sanity here, where all of us feel the same thing about a so-called World in which well over 100% of the population are living in poverty while the 1% get steadily richer on the backs of the rest of us. And yet, when you read the Far-Right media, e.g. the Guardian, not everyone seems to “get” this! They really do live in their own little bubble, don’t they?


      1. Hello supportourjeremy.

        I would vey much like to join your march this Saturday,but I am a little infirm at the moment thanks to those unelected Tories,who took my zimmer frame away from me after I ran over that bloody useless cat,Larry, outside No10…bastards!

        So…would it be alright with you if I toodled alongside you all in my Ferrari?

        I could reserve the spare seat for Jeremy..after I removed the body of Larry that is…and it is red,so he would feel quite at home in it.

        If he wished,I could have the bonnet sprayed black with all those squiggly letters printed on it,so Jeremy could be seen to be upholding his totally correct support for those oppressed people who are fighting a struggle for their very survival..due to those fascist rats,the Tories,bombing them in their beloved,and peaceful, homeland.

        Please let me know..as I’ll have to MOT it pronto.


  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/thenewdayuk

    Just to remind people on the blog. A new daily newspaper The New Day has arrived on the MSM scene today. I’m uncertain as to its political leanings in respect of Jeremy so can all activists keep an eye out and post in any observations of anti-Jeremy bias for urgent rebuttal purposes.

    I will put the same message out at my grass roots surgery later…thanks for your assistance



  5. Thanks for that, TotallyTiredOfRefutingEULies! I do hope that this new so-called newspaper is not just another Far-Right organ perpetuating the same tired old lies about Our Jeremy, predictably attacking him by quoting his past speeches, which have in any case been totally taken out of context.

    We must remain vigilant, friend, and if it propagates Hate Speech, e.g. attacking Our Jeremy in any shape or form whatsoever, it will obviously have to be democratically eliminated, using the mass power of working people to totally crush its sickeningly racist and neoliberal propagandist filth and consign it totally to the dustbin of history where it rightly belongs.


    1. Hello Dog Nobbler, and thank you for your contribution to what is now widely recognised as the leading voice of the Progressive Left in the so-called Western World, i.e. that total cesspit of racist, neoliberal Fascism, and which as such is widely hated and detested by myself.

      I have spoken with Jeremy about your kind offer of the loan of the Ferrari seat. Alas, though, he has reluctantly chosen to decline it. Let me quote his exact words:

      “Hello, Mr. Nobbler. Thank you for your kind offer, passed on to me by my life-long friend and comrade, Lefty. Alas, though, living as most of us are now forced to do, in a so-called World that is currently suffering the effects of Huperson-Made Catastrophic Climate Chaos – in the shape of wind, snow, rain, fog and cold snaps, with a cold weather front coming over from the South-West this Tuesday, gradually spreading to other regions after dawn, with scattered showers in upland regions. So, don’t forget to wrap up warm! – it would be totally immoral for me to add to this terrifying problem which only the most blinkered Deniers in the pay of Big Oil (i.e. Piers Corbyn, no relation) could possibly deny, by travelling in one of these new-fangled devices known colloquially, I believe, as “motor cars” and which I do not believe in any case to have any realistic prospect of commercial viability.

      Thank you, though, friend, for the kind thought. I will be attending on foot, or even possibly, via the latest invention in the transport field known, so I am told, as a “bicycle”.”


      1. Every time you see a Tory minister they are getting out of, or into a car.
        Then you look around, and the roads are full of cars.
        That tells you everything you need to know, yet the fascists at the Guardian never mention it, they just repeat polling lies.


      2. Thank you for your prompt reply, supportourjeremy.

        Of course,I am upset that our Jeremy has declined my offer..especially as the vehicle is left hand drive,so he would have had a ringside seat view when one of those filthy parasitic oil company owned tankers was bearing down on him as we overtook an untaxed Starbucks van.

        Never mind…I shall see if I can persuade my mate,Fred from the allotment, to lend me his ride on lawnmower so I can join you…unfortunately there would not be a spare seat for Our Jeremy on that,but I suspect that he would decline that offer too,due to the foul,definitely and scientifically proved, climate changing fumes that the thing emits…even though he runs it on eco friendly fermented cow dung.

        I shall let you know of my arrangements.

        PS..are you doing cupcakes as well?


  6. Breaking news bloggers….the evil fascist French government of the faux – Socialist Hollande have, despite our Jeremy actually going there for a fact finding / solidarity mission recently, gone ahead with their plans to dismantle the Hobbit village in Calais…nicknamed ‘The Jungle’ by the right wing guardian and BBC….I’m intending to travel there tout suite to protest and chain myself to a bulldozer…

    Update: No economy fares available on Sealink so I’m planning to go next week…hang on comrades..fight the good fight…resist the oppressors


    1. There are LITERALLY millions of children there, I bet they just buried them with bulldozers to hide the evidence.
      I just saw a Facebook post, the bulldozer drivers were speaking Yiddish and had big noses, PROOF!


  7. Great update Roy, it’s good to see you are on the case. It’s only by remaining vigilant that we can keep the fascists at bay and hold them to account for their evil atrocities…

    I understand..taps nose…your reference to the bulldozer drivers. That confirms my own suspicions and it makes my journey to the Hobbit village even more urgent.

    Unfortunately my credit card has been declined by the Sealink Ferry company and I can’t now travel until the middle of May…


  8. Surely its time to start a fund raising drive to get Lefties, Roy and Tiredof to Calais.
    Think of the good they will do inviting fringe theatre groups to perform and setting up branches of all the best food banks.

    Maybe they could form a progressive movement, something with a snappy name like “Totally We All Treat(everyone the) Same.
    The Initials would look great on flags, banners and posters.


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