EXCLUSIVE: A Personal Message From Our Jeremy!

Hello again, friends. And a very warm welcome to all of you on Day Three of what is rapidly becoming – and I say this with all due humility – the most widely-read and influential blog in the world, and indeed elsewhere!

No wonder the Tories are getting seriously rattled, as their Bankster-funded, Murdoch-controlled, Far Right Monopoly Media hegemony, e.g. the BBC, is being rocked to its very foundations by the sheer popularity of this blog, which mirrors that of Our Jeremy, whose own popularity is reaching new depths on an almost daily basis!

We on the Progressive Left have so much to be excited about at the moment – and, no, I’m not just referring to the thrashing that Our Jeremy is going to give to Bullingdon Bully Boy Camoron at PMQs tomorrow!  I bet Camoron is dreading tomorrow’s encounter every bit as much as he does every week! Thank goodness for the new, kinder, gentler politics eh!

Anyway, I dare say that you are all intrigued, not to say totally excited, about the headline of today’s blog!   And you are right to be!  But, of course, it’s not really surprising, is it, that Our Jeremy would wish to convey his highly-personal message to the 250,000 odd people who gave him their votes (often several times, such was their sheer enthusiasm!) last September, via the one Media Outlet that guarantees to give Our Jeremy a fair hearing, and which will not stoop to the depths of the Tory-controlled mass media, e.g. the so-called Internet, which regularly smears and misrepresents Jeremy by quoting his past speeches as though they were in any way relevant to today’s changing political scene.

Well, I can tell that most of you cannot contain your impatience any longer, to see what Our Jeremy has to say to you!  And, fear not, the wait is almost over! Please, though, don’t cheat by looking down the page to see what Our Jeremy’s said!  That’s a bit like those people who skip the “dull bits” in porn movies and go straight to the “exciting bits” – not, of course, that Our Jeremy and I would know anything about such depraved and frankly disgusting habits! Apart from anything else, we’re far too busy planning our great political strategy for the next 20 years or so, in which all forms of intolerance will be smashed, and Our Jeremy will ascend to Supreme Political Power, ushering in a New Era for Britain, which will rapidly become, under his inspired leadership, a Socialist beacon of hope in the world and elsewhere – the Venezuela of Europe, if you like (and indeed, even if you don’t!).

Good news: the wait is finally over, friends!  Thank you for your patience. Here, for you all to see, in a truly historic moment – not just for the world, but also for this Blog – is the message that Jeremy has asked me to convey to you all this Tuesday morning, the very first day of March in the Year of Two Thousand And Sixteen:

“Hello, friends. Thank you all very much for all your support. Many battles lie ahead of us.  But with your help, I know we can succeed. Thank you all again.”


Wow!  I bet that you are all as overcome by Our Jeremy’s comments as I am!   Words fail me at this particular moment in time, as I expect they do you!  Let’s just absorb the full import of Our Jeremy’s message for a moment or two, and then let us sing together, as a gesture of solidarity to Our Great Leader, the final chorus of my updated version of that fine musical classic, the Red Flag:

So raise the scarlet standard high, whilst supporting Our Jeremy all the time,
Beneath its shade we’ll live and die, and win a 2020 Election landslide,
Though the Banksters and the 1% flinch, and Red Tory traitors predictably sneer,
We’ll totally smash the evil Tory scum, and keep the Red Flag flying here!
Goodbye friends – but not for long!  (You can’t get rid of me that easily!)











7 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: A Personal Message From Our Jeremy!

  1. Wow, that is some message whysupportjeremyforpm. Five magical sentences for us to savour. I have taken the liberty of downloading Jeremy’s message and made it my screen saver. It’s very inspirational.

    I keep coming back to the second word in the first sentence…’friend’…truly, I feel honoured, nay humbled, that Jeremy would even consider me a friend. It reminds me of how much he is plugged in to the grass roots of our great socialist movement…

    With Jeremys inspirational and exclusive message to guide us, the followers of this great and secret blog site, we can proceed to preach his message of love and freedom to all the disbelievers out there and start to combat the mischievous lies of the Murdoch controlled right wing BBC….

    Remember to bring a brolly Saturday..March begins 10:00am sharp

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    1. Your massage of support is greatly appreciated, TotallytiredofrefutingEUlies! I’ve just been chatting with Jeremy over our traditional cold baked-beans Brunch (straight from the tin, of course! No bourgeois crockery for J and me!) and he’s asked me to thank you personally for all your support over these past few decades.

      It’s a very emotional time for us True Believers, isn’t it? I sometimes have to pinch myself to check that what is happening is actually happening! It’s hard to believe that Our Jeremy will soon be safely ensconced in 10 Downing Street, with Our John next door to him in No. 11, sorting out the frightful mess that the hated Tories have made from the growing economy that Labour bequeathed to them in May 2010, and which they have totally ruined through their totally unnecessary Austerity and predictably wicked and vindictive Tory Cuts. But it’s as certain a prospect as 2+2 equalling 5, as recently demonstrated so neatly by my close personal friend Thomas Pillocky, whose number-crunching abilities are totally legendary!

      Looking forward to our Mass March on Saturday! Remind me, what are we protesting about this time – there are so many things I’m against, it’s sometimes hard to remember! Guess it’ll just be you and me, as usual?


  2. Well said! Of all Jeremy’s many great speeches (all of which I have memorised), I think this is my favourite.

    Honestly, I could literally smell his charisma through my keyboard.

    And with social media now being the way the vast majority of people get their news, I have no doubt this blog will be reaching more people than the Daily Mail!!!1

    Onwards comrades!

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    1. Thank you, Stephen. You are, as ever, totally spot-on with your very shrewd comments. I’ll let you into a little secret here – the Daily Mail’s readership doesn’t even begin to compare with the readership of this blog!

      It was indeed a Great Speech that Jeremy made, and it will go down in History as a Major Turning Point in the Fight-Back against the Tories – and will not by any manner of means be the last, at least not as long as people of the calibre of Jeremy and myself are in charge of This Great Movement Of Ours!


      1. He reminds me in so many ways of the great hero of the revolution, Derek Hatton.

        I’ve never had the chance to see Our Jeremy majestically lean out of a window to address the awaiting masses (proletariat), but I have faith in you to bring us these pictures when the capitalists are overthrown!

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  3. That’s such an amazing message, when I read it yesterday I cried, when I recovered I dashed down to Marc Saint on the Portobello Road and had it tattooed on my forehead.
    The only problem is I cant read it in the mirror.

    Let a thousand flowers bloom Comrades!

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  4. What a wonderful thing you have done, friend!

    What a savage indictment of neoliberal monopoly capitalism that it is unable to manufacture mirrors that show things, like your forehead message, correctly. And yet the Far Right, e.g. Hilary Benn, have the sheer effrontery to claim that capitalism is perfect! Strewth!

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