Catastrophic Climate Chaos: The Facts

Hello, friends – although, judging from last night’s meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party, I fear that some of our so-called “friends” are in fact enemies!  But if they think they can spit in Our Jeremy’s face whilst stabbing him in the back, they have another think coming, and sooner than they think!

Nonsense, friends!

Friends, this is no time to ditch the ship’s captain, while we are all at sea!  We are in truly uncharted waters at this present moment in time, and dropping the pilot in mid-stream would only show that we had completely lost the plot! Instead, we must put our collective shoulders to the wheel, our best feet forward, our backs to the wall and our heads in the sand, and close ranks behind our Leader, and give him the loyalty that he has truly earned!

Anyway, enough of all this tittle-tattle and gossip about trivia that is of absolutely no interest to anyone whatsoever, quite frankly!  What I want to talk about today is far more important. It is, in fact, the single most important problem facing Personkind, and it is such an utterly terrifying problem that it keeps me awake all night, and often all day too.

It is a subject that makes me very angry, as I’m sure it does you, too.  And it is about time that we all rose up in revolt against it – and I don’t mean just Jeremy and me who, after all, have been revolting for years, but all of us!

Terrifying problem, friends!

I refer, of course, to the utterly terrifying problem of Global Warming, otherwise known as Man-Made Climate Change, but which I prefer to call Person-Made Catastrophic Climate Chaos (PMCCC), whose effects are daily becoming more apparent to those of us with eyes in the back of our heads, and which show no sign of abating.

And, if this weren’t bad enough, all around us are neoliberal Deniers, who have the effrontery to claim – against the firm belief of well over 100% of Climate Scientists that the Science is settled – that recent snow, rain, cold spells, warm spells, sunshine, wind, droughts, floods, etc. etc. (the list is quite literally endless) are just part of a continuously changing climate and not part of what all of us (or at any rate, those of us not in the pay of Big Oil) know is PMCCC. Our planet is literally frying, yet these people are more concerned about making a fast buck than about the rest of us literally drowning!  And then they have the effrontery to complain when we call them Deniers!

Weather is not Climate, friends!

Of course, we have had Deniers before!  There were those people who, back in the 1970s, denied the clear scientific evidence that a new Ice Age was imminent – often the same people, incidentally, who also claimed that the oil wouldn’t run out in 30 years’ time!  More recently, these same Deniers claimed – against all the Scientific evidence of the time – that the Millennium Bug wouldn’t lead to total chaos as the Year 2000 dawned, and that there would not be widespread epidemics of BSE, SARS, bird-flu, swine-flu etc. etc., wiping out of most of the human race in the process.  And despite such a track record of total denial, they still expect us to take them seriously!

Is there no limit to these Deniers’ folly?  A few years ago, they made the totally absurd claim that the run of very cold winters in the UK were not necessarily a result of Person-Made Climate Change – and not content with that, they are now claiming that the recent mild winters in the UK are also not necessarily a result of Person-Made Climate Change! (For heavens sake, Deniers!  Make your minds up!)  They also claim that there is no certainty of any link between recent freak weather events and Person-Made Climate Change – just proving that, in their total lack of Scientific knowledge, they do not understand the difference between weather and climate! Talk about deluded!

Strong Message Here

And now these evil Deniers are attempting to claim, against all the evidence – which is agreed by well over 100% of all reputable Climate Scientists, i.e. Michael Mann – that solar panels do not produce prodigious quantities of power at night, and that wind turbines do not generate much electricity when the wind isn’t blowing! Words totally fail me!

Given that the Science of Person-Made Catastrophic Climate Chaos is totally settled, and only a handful of misfits, n’er-do-wells, subversives, trouble-makers, ignoramuses, right-wing cranks, e.g. Piers Corbyn, and those in the pay of Big Oil and the 1% dispute this, is it not time that a democratic decision was made to democratically suppress these troublesome people, by classifying their comments as Denier Hate Crime?

After all, what use is so-called “free speech” when the planet is totally frying, and humankind is being literally drowned as a result of these evil Deniers’ policies?



16 thoughts on “Catastrophic Climate Chaos: The Facts

  1. I made my own wind turbine, it didn’t create electricity because I don’t know how to do that. But it was a great reminder to the fascists in Primrose Hill just how doomed we are.
    On very windy days it looked like the blades might turn, but it never quite got windy enough, then the gypsies that live in our hedge took it down and sold it for scrap.

    I’m thinking of making a huge solar panel out of plywood and kitchen foil instead.

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  2. Good morning supportourjerejeremy,

    I noticed you popped in to see me earlier but unfortunately I was out… I am still marching to Liverpool from London. Left over a week ago and I’m in Watford at the moment…nearly there.

    Anyhoo…it’s good to see you once again right on the button with your incisive blogging. It’s like having Jeremy in my own ‘personal space’ when I read your blog.

    I’m thinking that we need to capture all our CO2 emissions in giant Zeppelin balloons and float them over to the rain forests, where we can release the CO2 as plant food and charge the Brazilians and Africans a fortune for the gases. It’s a win win.

    If you would like to be in at the ground level of my brilliant scheme and wish to be a Billionaire like that nice Mr Blair, then you can buy a share of my company for a paltry £3,000,000 …cash only, no cheques.

    Got to dash as I have another half a mile to march today…


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    1. Hello, friend – it’s good to see that you are fully dedicated to this Great Movement Of Ours. I am truly sorry for not managing to join you on your Mass Protest, resulting in a rather dramatic 50% drop in attendance levels, but I am sure you will understand that, at this particular moment in time, Jeremy needs my input, surrounded as he is with Traitors whose behaviour can only be described as treacherous.

      Your scheme sounds most attractive, and I will indeed consider it, in very much the same way that Mrs Balls-Cooper “considered” taking in some refugees recently.

      Good luck with the rest of your Mass March, friend, and stay strong! Jeremy and I are totally full of admiration at your stamina, and are looking forward to a full report of your travels. Jeremy’s even considering mentioning your situation at PMQs tomorrow, asking Camoron if he feels that it’s acceptable that people should be forced to march from London to Liverpool, all because of the sky-high rail fares following rail privatisation, and promising to restore the railways to public ownership, so that they will be able to achieve the sort of standards of service, punctuality and cleanliness for which British Rail was justly famous.

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  3. I’m glad to see that you’ve brought up rail renationalisation! Does Labour have an idea yet of how much our ticket prices will fall once Our Jeremy has renationalised the railways?

    I know that they are the most expensive in Europe (if you compare our really expensive peak hour fares to London with cheap fares between provincial cities in Poland) so hopefully our dear Leader will be able to reduce these rip off prices drastically!

    This will be a great relief to traditional Labour supporters, when they see the cost of their summer holiday train ride to Skegness drastically reduced!

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    1. I admire Jeremy Corbyn for his high principles in opposing the corrupt Elite as much as I admire his equally honourable brother, Piers Corbyn. Both are staunchly true to their socialist principles. The difference is Piers is a highly-credentialed scientist who has studied climate for decades and will tell you man-made global warming is the biggest criminal hoax perpetrated on us. Like Piers Corbyn there are thousands of scientists speaking out about the corruption of the top scientific institutions by the rich 1%. Only an innumerate moron or a dishonest shill would call the last 20 years of flatlining global temps a ‘catastrophe.’ Shame on you for calling honest, principled scientists like Piers Corbyn a ‘denier’ – a cynical and hateful reference to the Holocaust.

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  4. As someone who has been studying climate change for some weeks now and have made a complete in-depth analysis of the historical and future climate patterns and have come to the alarming conclusion that not only will our planet suffer catastrophic damage from global warming, but the entire universe will heat p and eventually explode if we don’t stop fracking and all the other things that are said to make this happen.

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  5. I’m sorry but supportourjeremy did not deny the Holocaust at all. What proof have you that he/she has ever denied it or anything else after all. I think you should shake the flakes from you eyes and read the piece again this time trying to understand not just the content of the piece but what the words mean also.
    May Allah be upin you.

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  6. This urgent topic needs ceaseless repetition and rewriting until the BBC and Liberal Left Green types are aware that there might be a problem here.
    What are we doing about it?…we can`t leave the fight SOLELY to our Lords and betters…and poor Lefty here(dare I call you this?) has his lifes work cut out in “consciousness raising”.
    I propose that we tell the BBC-Harrabin, and the Guardian-Monbiot etal-that there is a problem with colossal global boiling as well as co-called climate change(which I call aquatic conflagration)-and they really should SAY something to the nation whilst they still can…we`re frying out here-then bubbling in the boiling water that follows.
    My rain guage here at Swansea Marina tells me that-since brexit and Trump-sea levels have risen by a yard on the Gower…and by a whole metre along the East River, USA.
    Does ANYBODY care, save for me and my Leader?

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    1. Friend Alicia! Thank you for your comment! I guess, given the age of this particular article, we can practically have a private chat here!

      BTW, was “SOLELY” a pun? Some of my friends at Biased BBC call me SOL!

      Feel free to call me Lefty, that’s what most people commenting on the Hard-Right Disqus system do! Or Friend Lefty, if you want to be, well, friendly!

      Have you given up on Twitter, incidentally? I’m still waiting for your “Pending” thinggy – so long ago, I can’t even remember what is actually Pending!

      Anyway, hope you have a great Progressive Left Winterval, and thanks for all the entertaining comments :). Who says that those of us on the Progressive Left have no sense of humour eh!


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