EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy’s UK Defence Policy – Full Details


















7 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy’s UK Defence Policy – Full Details

  1. Just as I foreshadowed last week, the spotlight is now firmly on the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
    His position is now almost untenable.
    And after June, the Prime Minister will find himself on the backbenches too.


  2. Jeremy – friend – as ever, your analysis is spot on.

    This so-called Government is collapsing like a house of cards built on sand, and it needs to take its head out of the sand, and wake up and smell the coffee, before the solids engage with the air-conditioning equipment, quite frankly!

    Sorry to hear about the leg injury, by the way. Thank God for Our NHS eh! Just think, if this had happened in America, you’d have been left to go blind.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. Our NHS is the envy of the world, and is under existential threat from this vindictive government.
      We cannot allow the Secretary of State for Health to run the Health Service into the ground, only for his friends in the private healthcare industry to step in and asset-strip it.
      We will continue to press for funds to be made available by central government to eliminate NHS Trusts’ deficits. We will continue to support the Junior Doctors in their battle against the Health Secretary and his 7-days-a-week agenda.
      When Labour returns to power we will put an end to NHS consultants doing private work as well. Private companies such as Virgin Care will not be allowed to renew their contracts to provide NHS services.

      Your support of the Labour Party under my leadership is appreciated.


      1. Speaking of the NHS, I’m wondering if you could clear something up for me?

        I know that the outsourcing of NHS services is an evil Tory plan to destroy the health service in theis country. Everyone in the Labour party says so.

        But back in the 1990s and 2000s (under the last labour government) I used to work for a company which provided lots of outsourced services for the NHS. And most of the Labour party seemed to be OK with that. Even getting Atos to do benefit medical assessments seemed to be OK (Tony Blair’s Government gave them the contract in the first place).

        But everyone in Labour now says this is evil. So did outsourcing somehow become evil after the 2010 general election? Or did the Labour party do a policy change that I missed?

        It’s very confusing, just like trying to remember if Oceania is at war with Eastasia or Eurasia this week.


  3. Hello Pete; yes I can clear that up for you.

    New Labour was in favour of outsourcing. The Labour Party under my leadership is not.

    All best wishes,


  4. Thank you, friends, and especially Jeremy – who I know is particularly busy at the moment with a gammy leg – for your comments. As it happens, I am planning to write an important blog on Our NHS in the near future.

    Despite the Tories’ complete and utter destruction of it, Our NHS is, as Jeremy and I have so often remarked, the envy of the World, and indeed elsewhere, as can be seen by the sheer number of countries attempting to emulate it; and we on the Progressive Left will defend it until the cows come home to roost.


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