Let Us Join Together To Save Our NHS, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And first of all, a big Thank You to Jeremy for making no fewer than three comments on my previous Blog, which can be found here, regarding the Great Steel Crisis, in which as ever this totally unelected Tory Government has predictably taken the side of the evil bosses against the workers, etc.

The obvious answer to the crisis, which of course Fascist Neoliberals – blinkered as they are with their Far Right ideology – will not contemplate, is to totally nationalise the Steel Industry with no compensation whatsoever, along with the other top 500 monopolies in the so-called Footsie index.

On a happier note, isn’t it wonderful, friends, that Jeremy is prepared to spend so much time contributing to this Blog, despite his busy schedule? As I joked to him last night, in all seriousness, perhaps he should write this Blog instead of me!

Rampant megalomania

Obviously, as writing this Blog is a full-time activity (and then some!), I’d have to take over the Labour Leadership, but of course that would be no problem, as Jeremy and I see eye to eye in everything we say and do!  All we’d have to do would be to change the name of this Blog to “SupportOurLefty”, and before you could say “predictable crisis of the hegemonistic neoliberal paradigm, as predicted exclusively in John McDonnell’s Little Read Book all those years ago”, Yours Truly would be Prime Minister, which could be a lot sooner than you, and indeed I, think!

Leadership struggle

But enough of this wild speculation and tittle-tattle about so-called personalities, friends! [And who, pray, started it, Lefty?  Are you after my job, by the way?J.C.  Sorry, Jeremy!  Well, obviously if a vacancy arose …L.  There is no vacancy.J.C.  OK, Jeremy – you’re the Boss! L.  Correct.J.C.]



Today I want to talk about Our NHS, which Thatcher totally destroyed, and which has been totally devastated by this totally unelected Tory Government, and which is the envy of the world and indeed elsewhere.

Now, friends, I apologise in advance to many of you who may find the next section of this Blog rather “heavy reading”.  As ever, as with so many of my Blogs, there’s a lot of data, a lot of number-crunching, a lot of in-depth analysis, all presented totally objectively and dispassionately, of course.  But really, friends, if we are to Save Our NHS, we must be prepared to use every bit of information and analysis that we can make up about it.

So, friends, take a deep breath, pin back your ears, close your eyes and your minds, and concentrate! This is Important!

Detailed Analysis of the Crisis Facing Our NHS

Our NHS is the envy of the world (and indeed elsewhere), as can be seen by the sheer number of other countries who are trying to copy it.

Our NHS embodies the true spirit of Socialism, which is why the Tories hate it so much, and are determined to privatise it, e.g. by forcing it to provide a totally unnecessary 7-day service, which it already does in any case.

Financial Solution

There is absolutely no problem with the NHS that could not be solved by large enough amounts of cash.

Fortunately, it is easy to see how these large amounts could be raised, without pain: a Bullingdon Bully Boys Banksters Bonus Tax, levied on the 1%, with a starting rate of at least 110%.

Long-Term Strategy

This would mean that, just for once, those who created the crisis in the NHS in the first place would pay for it, i.e. the Banksters and the 1%, rather than the poor, sick and vulnerable who are already struggling to pay ever-higher Bedroom Taxes whilst working 95-hour weeks on Zero Hour Contracts in compulsory Foodbanks.


Phew! That was some analysis, wasn’t it, friends?  Hope you all managed to follow it – I know it’s pretty deep stuff!  But friends, if we are truly to take on the Tories, this is the kind of depth of analysis to which we must be prepared to descend!

Anyway, friends, after that plethora of facts, information and analysis, which I expect many of you are still struggling to digest, let us conclude on a lighter note! Yes, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, friends!  I don’t even need to spell out what it is, do I friends?  (Organ, Diane!)  All together now, friends:

So raise the scarlet standard high, whilst supporting Our Jeremy all the time,
Beneath its shade we’ll live and die, and win a 2020 Election landslide,
Though the Banksters and the 1% flinch, and Red Tory traitors predictably sneer,
We’ll totally smash the evil Tory scum, and keep the Red Flag flying here!
NB: The full version of my totally updated rendition of The Red Flag can be found here.




7 thoughts on “Let Us Join Together To Save Our NHS, Friends!

  1. Haven’t you missed something out, to save our NHS you will have to make sure your friend Jeremy never votes and Labour never vote to Stay in the EU as he will like Cameron will be to blame when TTIP is forced on the country, but I suppose those Jezza rose coloured glasses stop you seeing nasty bits.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for your contribution, Mr Bullbythehorns, which I can truthfully say is at your usual standard.

    I shall be writing a blog on the issue of the EU in the near future – by 24th June at the very latest, I promise you.

    Friend, we must not rush in to reaching a decision on this matter. Britain has only been in the EU for 43 years, and it is just a shame that Camoron is undemocratically insisting on a so-called Referendum now, when really we need a few more decades of EU membership before we can make an informed decision on this matter.


  3. Freshly returned from the Corbyn evangelising deadzones of Islington, of Hampstead and Stoke Newington. Looking forward now to doing the can can up in Batley, Sunderland and Stoke-where i`m told that Jeremy Corbyn is loved, cherished and his Barmy Army are already pushing their pink frankfurters through the letter boxes of all local primary schools.
    I myself am offering myself as one of Jeremys Jizz Queens…and am told that dressing as Gilbert O Sullivan seems to excite the old miners and northern dole wallahs( who secretly might prefer me to spank them whilst dressed as Margaret Thatcher).
    I have packed both outfits to embrace Labours Diversity Guidelines..oh yes, need my Akala uniform as well for the lefty lesbies up there( do they HAVE knickerpickers that far up north?-do tell!)
    But I digress-came here only to congratulate you on getting your website up on Guardian threads…REAL evangelism!
    I`m told the Guardian might need to move oop north soon-so have my Polly Toynbee bluestocking tweed suits and cheroots ready for THAT Wandawoman transformation-reckon that`ll have to be £50 plus luncheon vouchers per hour…

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    1. Thank you for that, Friend Cheryl. Good to hear from you, and thanks for the congratulations – although these days I never plug this site in the Hard-Right Guardian, as I don’t want it (my site, I mean) to be infested with all those neoliberal racists who infest the BTL comments.

      BTW, congrats on commenting here precisely 1 year and 2 days after this particular post was published! I think you may have beaten the previous record for this particular achievement, which was held by the criminally Far-Right Singer – although I have no doubt that if I’m wrong about this, he’ll be along in – literally – a trice to viciously correct me.


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