Let’s Drive Scamoron From Office, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And first of all, Jeremy would like to apologise to all of you who who have been eagerly awaiting his latest comments on this Blog.  Unfortunately, he has been tied up recently, and I’m still waiting for Diane to untie him.  No – only joking, friends! [Cheeky sod.J.C.  Oh, Jeremy – can’t you take a little joke at your expense?L.  No.J.C.]

Seriously, friends, Jeremy’s been very busy recently, what with the increasing problem of anti-anti-Semitism in the Party, which of course is all caused by the Jews Zionists, who must be dealt with as soon as possible. (Leave that to Our Ken, who tells me he has a final solution to the problem.)

Enough trivia

Anyway, today’s blog is about the most serious problem facing our Nation at this particular moment in time, friends.  Forget the EU Referendum [I wish I could.J.C.], friends, as this is far more important than the trivial matter of who runs the UK, and in any case we already know who does that: the 1% and the Banksters, together with the Far-Right Murdoch-controlled Monopoly Media, e.g. the Independent, which is a total disgrace and should be closed immediately.

No, friends, the burning topic of today is about the BBC’s Panorama Papers, about which I’m sure you are all at least as well-informed as me, in which it has been discovered that, scandalously, certain extremely wealthy Far-Right people have not been paying enough in taxes – and no, I’m not talking about the Red Tory Traitor, Blair, who was so widely hated that he only managed to win three General Elections before he was forced to resign by popular demand, i.e. Our Gordon.

No knockers here, friends!

And let me make something perfectly clear from the outset, so that no-one gets the wrong end of the iceberg on this one.

This Blog does not in any shape or form whatsoever deal in so-called “personality politics”.  We never have, and we never shall, friends, because we on the Progressive Left are interested in Ideas, not so-called personalities, which is why we so deplore all the knockers that sadly infest this world and indeed elsewhere, and which are widely hated and detested by myself.


Jeremy and I are not interested in tittle-tattle in any shape or form whatsoever, friends!  Nor are we going to descend to personal abuse of that serial tax dodger, the ham-faced lying super-wealthy crook Scamoron!

Nor will we point out that his totally outrageous behaviour in not paying tax that he is not legally obliged to pay, and then not saying that he will pay it, is quite frankly totally outrageous, and proves that he is not fit to hold the highest office in the land – nor even that of Prime Minister, quite frankly!


No, we will leave that sort of personal stuff to the Far-Right Murdoch-controlled Monopoly Media, e.g. the BBC, whose anti-Socialist bias is notoriously notorious and which can only be improved by retaining and indeed increasing the Licence Fee which, by charging everyone exactly the same, is an example of true Socialism in action. (No wonder, friends, that Right-wingers want to abolish the Licence Fee, as part of their evil plan to inflict hardship and austerity on the most vulnerable people in our society.)

What planet is Scamoron living on, friends?  Not the one that I inhabit, that’s for sure!  [That must come as quite a relief to him, Lefty!J.C.  Oi, Jeremy! Just remember who put you where you are today! – L. No comment!J.C.]

Because, on the planet that I inhabit – no more wisecracks, please, Jeremy! – the rich should pay their taxes, whether they are legally obliged to or not, all as part of the new, caring, sharing, kinder and gentler sort of politics that Jeremy and I ushered in as recently as last September the 12th, and which have transformed the image of the Progressive Left in a way that is quite frankly self-evident to all but those who are too blind to hear it!

Strong Message Here

Friends, we all know that this so-called society – which Thatcher totally destroyed – is riven and scarred with the most outrageous poverty and injustice, and we in the Labour Party are determined to ensure that in future this is distributed much more widely and fairly.

And, in order for this to come to pass, it is necessary to ensure that the wealthy pay their fair share of tax. And let me be abundantly clear as to what “fair share of tax” means: it means that those with the broadest shoulders should, at the end of the day, when the chips are down and the bears are missing the woods for the trees, start singing from the same song-sheet as the rest of us, quite frankly!

Let us sing together, friends!

And talking of songs, friends, here’s one which I know you all enjoy singing as much as I do!  (Organ, Diane – chop chop!)  All together now, friends:

So raise the scarlet standard high, whilst supporting Our Jeremy all the time,
Beneath its shade we’ll live and die, and win a 2020 Election landslide,
Though the Banksters and the 1% flinch, and Red Tory traitors predictably sneer,
We’ll totally smash the evil Tory scum, and keep the Red Flag flying here!








18 thoughts on “Let’s Drive Scamoron From Office, Friends!

  1. How do you feel when your friend Jezz with his Union bosses and his new bessy friend honest Dave Scameron vote in the EU referendum to Stay, your little rant sorta falls apart innit, I know your enemy’s, enemy is your friend but Our Dave is still your enemy, even in your Labour DNA and that one braincell tell you it’s so but Jezza says you must love Our Dave as he is your friend and will vote with you.


  2. Friend, friend, friend! I have to tell you that I am becoming more than a little weary of your constant racism and neoliberalism.

    This so-called Referendum is nothing more than a totally predictable undemocratic distraction from the real issues facing this so-called country of ours – which Thatcher destroyed – i.e. neoliberalism, zero-hour contracts, the illegal Bedroom Tax, mass poverty, compulsory Foodbanks, the Tories etc.

    But, friend, by harnessing the mass power of working people, e.g. students, we can use this Referendum to totally crush the Tories, who are literally falling apart! Shamoron has been caught with his trousers down and his bottom line totally exposed, and no amount of fronting-up can save him now, quite frank-ly!


    1. Racism and neoliberalism, oh! my, I’ve been called all sorts of names, those are two very large words, did you use a dictionary to find those, Racism so last year, neoliberalism what on earth are you on, are you sure your meds are working and what on earth does it mean, I can’t be bothered finding out for myself, not being a lefty, I never have the need to use words that don’t mean a thing, your belief that the EU referendum is bunkum and the loss of British sovereignty means nothing to you friend Jezz and your good self ( I use those two words because everything you write helps another person to see the light of freedom), the only word I do enjoy commenting on is

      vote for Brexit


  3. I don’t understand how there can be anti-semitism in the Labour party when only last year Ed Miliband said that he wanted be Britain’s first Jewish Prime Minister!

    And he would have been, if it wasn’t for the evil Tories!
    (in particular Benjamin Disraeli)


  4. Friend, it is important to understand that Labour would have won the last so-called election, had it not been totally gerrymandered, by (a) not counting non-voters as Labour voters, (b) the vicious Exit Poll, which was a total disgrace, and (c) the fact that Our Ed was far too Right-wing for the British people, who, disillusioned by his fervent Neoliberalism, voted for the Tories and UKIP in protest.

    Next time, friend, thanks to Our Jeremy, things will be very different.


      1. It affected BBC staffers in a very negative way.
        One (ex-Newsnight), an acquaintance of my wife, texted about her shock at the results of the exit poll at 10:05 that night.
        I was equally shocked, as I realised I wasn’t going to win that bet on UKIP getting more than 20%.


  5. The Tories are on the rocks. How can we smash them? Even more is at stake than David Cameron’s profits from offshore funds, his avoidance of £70,000 inheritance tax or his mysterious share dealings.

    A large part of the fury against Cameron is because we have glimpsed a world where hundreds of thousands of pounds are shipped around to avoid tax and to fund luxury lifestyles

    Yet those who benefit from the scams also lecture the rest of us about the need for wage curbs, benefit cuts, ripping up the welfare state and squeezing the NHS.

    With their backs to the wall, the Tories briefly put aside their differences over the European Union referendum to defend extreme wealth and privilege.

    Alan Duncan MP spoke in the Commons on Monday of how Cameron’s critics are “low achievers who hate enterprise”.

    Duncan is paid £8,000 a month as a non-executive chairman of a Dubai oil company, for which he works three hours a week.

    Preposterously the Daily Telegraph newspaper claimed that release of tax returns showed Cameron and George Osborne “each paid nearly four times more than the Labour leader towards the upkeep of the nation”. That’s because they have grossly more money!

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    1. The poverty gap has never been wider and these Eton “toffs” pontificate to us working people about tax and morals…whilst we now know they have been using every dodgy trick in the tax book to avoid ( and evade ) paying their due amount.

      I’m disgusted, supportourjeremy,


    2. Cameron is secretly taking orders from Thatcher’s head which has been kept alive in a jar by dirty islamophobic rightwing fascist scientists who don’t want us to know the truth about bankers.


    3. Entirely agree, it’s one law for them and another for us.
      So what if Cameron paid all UK taxes due on any earnings, it’s the principle that matters and Comrade Corbyn, our dear Leader has principles, lots of them for when the mood of his, I mean our, party changes.
      How dare people think they should be able to keep their own money. It is, by God given right, the property of the left as only the left know how to deal with money properly.
      Enough Comrade, the Tories are in meltdown and the simple fact that they won the last general election shows how much they are hated across the country.


  6. I’m sorry, I can no longer agree that Corbyn is the right man to save socialism. He’s far too right wing. How else can we explain his support for the European Union. It breaks my heart to see how all those years of sterling work for progressive causes were manifestly nothing more than a cover for his true ideology. His subservience to the mega-corporations that are the true recipients of every project, policy and scheme from Brussels and Strasbourg. Corbyn is a traitor to the left wing like Kinnock before him.


  7. Comrades.

    It was refreshing to see Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn denounce the fact “that there is now one rule for the super-rich, and another for the rest”.

    It was even better that Labour MP Dennis Skinner dubbed Cameron “dodgy Dave”—for which he was kicked out of the Commons.

    But Labour needs to do more than make speeches.

    Why has there been no call for demonstrations over steel jobs? Why is there no call to mobilise in support of the junior doctors’ picket lines? Why couldn’t Labour energetically campaign for this Saturday’s People’s Assembly demonstration?

    And why isn’t there a call for Labour-led councils to create a political crisis by refusing to implement Tory cuts until the rich start paying their taxes?

    Corbyn will not defeat the Tories by stealth. We need action, and that can begin by all of us supporting the junior doctors’ strike on 26 and 27 April. It means visiting picket lines, joining demonstrations, and pressing our union leaders to break the doctors’ isolation by calling their own action.

    Building on those struggles means we can also push for a world where the richest 1 percent do not dominate everything.

    A world where £17 trillion is not squirrelled away in tax havens and where 147 giant corporations do not control a vast swathe of the world economy.

    A socialist world means production for people’s needs, not for profit. It requires a struggle against the rich—and against their system.


    1. Refreshing, but Jeremy must do more.
      The heartless Tories are a constant danger to us all, and the bankers only want to breed us like sheep to satisfy their profits.
      Let’s stop these Eton bastards in their tracks and expose the lot of them.
      Surely it should be easy to get a list of all the Eton spawn and round them up.
      That’s how we struggle against the rich and their filty profits


  8. The Morning Star was the only daily newspaper to throw its weight behind Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign for the Labour leadership.
    We were correct to do so and will do everything in our power to ensure that he leads Labour into government.
    His position on the European Union was for years close to the Morning Star’s, but, as he put it yesterday, the Labour Party and the unions have had a “very big debate” and want to campaign for a “socially just Europe” to protect and extend existing workers’ rights.
    “That is the position that has been adopted by the party. That is the party that I lead and that is the position I am putting forward,” he declared.
    Many issues raised during the Labour Party debate have been discussed thoroughly in our paper’s features and letters pages, but the Morning Star sees no reason to alter our stance in favour of withdrawal from the EU.
    There are several aspects of the bloc, from single-minded attachment to free-market competition contained in its founding Treaty of Rome to the ruthless impoverishment of Greek working people, that are unacceptable.
    But the overriding principle that should compel people to vote against EU membership is its negation of democracy.
    Late Labour MP Tony Benn used to list a number of simple points about how leaders took office and how they could be removed as the building blocks of democracy.

    The EU falls at every hurdle. Its legislation is drawn up by the unelected and, in reality, unaccountable EU Commission, which also appoints officials that mirror the top positions in a sovereign state, including a foreign affairs high representative to speak at international forums on behalf of the entire bloc.
    The European Court of Justice was set up with a requirement to base judgements on a free-market ethos, which explains the Viking, Laval, Ruffert, Luxembourg and other rulings that undermine workers’ rights and national sovereignty.
    The so-called European Parliament cannot initiate laws and has limited revising powers.
    It is a talking shop to provide a pseudo-democratic fig leaf for a bureaucratic, centralist, self-perpetuating elite working in close collaboration with legions of big business lobbyists, especially the European Round Table of Industrialists.
    Yet we are urged to credit EU Commission directives for workers’ rights, paid annual leave, parental leave and working time restrictions that would be doomed if we vote to leave.

    Why should that be? Would Britain no longer be a parliamentary democracy capable of passing laws? Wouldn’t Labour stand for election backing such rights?
    Most rights were won by workers in struggle. The right to strike, union recognition and the national minimum wage had nothing to do with the EU. Other provisions such as maternity leave (52 weeks) are far more extensive than paltry EU regulations (16 weeks).
    Would Britain’s trade unions simply shrug their shoulders and accept a bonfire of our hard-won rights or stand together to do the job for which they were set up?
    How do EU eulogists square their own rosy image with the martyrdom of the Greek working class to finance the bailout of foreign banks enforced by the EU Commission and the European Central Bank?
    Labour proclaims the need to work within the EU to change it from the inside.
    But free-market competition, privatisation and marketisation of public services are in its DNA.
    No viable mechanisms exist to re-engineer that DNA because European monopolies and their political ciphers refuse to countenance modification of its reason for existence.
    The only way to achieve a different kind of Europe is by leaving the EU and building voluntary links between independent progressive states rather than pursuing a fantasy EU transformed by a unanimous vote of 28 member states.


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