Let Us Fight Together To Save Our EU, Friends!

Hello again, friends, and welcome to this Safe Space, which is the envy of the world and elsewhere, and which the Tories want to destroy, but won’t succeed in because [Enough of the waffling, Lefty.J.C.  Oi, Jeremy – whose Blog is this, anyway?L. Fair point, but cut the waffle anyway. – J.C.]

And I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that today’s Blog is about Our EU, which the 1% and the Banksters – i.e. the hated Farage – have totally destroyed, and which is the envy of the world and elsewhere.

I have, naturally, talked long and hard with Jeremy about the predictable smears perpetuated by the Far-Right media, e.g. the BBC, in which it has been alleged that he is actually a long-term campaigner against the EU, who has merely changed his stance for purely opportunistic reasons.

A tangled web

Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth. Jeremy has assured me that his campaign against EU membership over the previous 40-odd years was “a brief moment of madness”, explaining that this was in any case all “a very long time ago, in very different times”, and that his earlier comments about the EU being “a rich man’s club, designed to prop up a totally predictable neoliberal hegemonistic paradigm, in which the Banksters and the 1% profit at the expense of the 99.9%” have been “totally taken out of context by the Far-Right Murdoch-controlled monopoly media”, e.g. the so-called Internet.

And in any case, as Jeremy reminded me in a brief 8-hour chat only last night, his views on the EU actually have not changed one iota over the past 40+ years. As he said at the time of the 1975 Referendum about the then Common Market, and I quote his words exactly:

It is a racist, neoliberal construct, specifically designed for the multinational bosses, the Banksters and the 1% to continually oppress working people, e.g. students and the unemployed, by reinforcing the hegemonistic capitalist paradigm.

It cannot be reformed, and therefore, friends, we in the Labour Party must totally oppose it.

On becoming Labour Leader last September, Our Jeremy reaffirmed this view, with just a couple of minor changes in wording for the purposes of clarification, viz.:

It is a racist, neoliberal construct, specifically designed for the multinational bosses, the Banksters and the 1% to continually oppress working people, e.g. students and the unemployed, by reinforcing the hegemonistic capitalist paradigm.

It can be reformed, and therefore, friends, we in the Labour Party must totally support it.

Needless to say, the Far-Right etc. media, e.g. the sickeningly neoliberal Guardian, have predictably seized on these minor word changes, claiming that they show Our Jeremy to be just another completely spineless, unprincipled politician who is happy to change an important political position for his own self-serving ends.

Really! Words totally fail me! Are there no depths to which our so-called media are not prepared to sink in their constant denigration of Our Jeremy?  As I have demonstrated conclusively here, Jeremy’s position on Europe has been every bit as consistent over the past 40-odd years as that of the Labour Party itself.

Strong Message Here

Friends, we need to lift our eyes and look at the bigger picture! We must cast away our racism and xenophobia, and work towards building an International Socialist State of Europe! With Our Jeremy at the helm, plus his inspired Shadow Team, with their considerable experience of working in the real world and elsewhere, we can rebuild Our Britain as a true People’s Democracy, the pinnacle of a New Socialist Europe!


Of course, and totally predictably, we will encounter many obstacles along the way, not least the assorted Red Tories and Far-Right scum, including those few who regrettably remain in the Shadow Cabinet (no names, no packdrill, Hilary!), who of course will need to be dealt with. (Leave that to me.)

Extreme bias

We will also have to tackle the Far-Right Murdoch-controlled media, i.e. the so-called BBC whose anti-EU bias is obvious to even the meanest intelligence, e.g. myself. But then, friends, who ever claimed that fighting Murdoch was ever going to be easy, given that he owns more than 100% of the media, including the internet?

Let us now sing together, friends!

Let us finish, as befits a Blog of this quality and reputation, on our usual musical note, friends!  You all know what I’m referring to, and I bet you’re looking forward to this bit as much as you always do!  All together now (Organ, Diane!  Welcome back, glad you’re on the mend!  Beware of strange tramps bearing KFC buckets in future, eh!):

So raise the scarlet standard high, whilst supporting Our Jeremy all the time,
Beneath its shade we’ll live and die, and win a 2020 Election landslide,
Though the Banksters and the 1% flinch, and Red Tory traitors predictably sneer,
We’ll totally smash the evil Tory scum, and keep the Red Flag flying here!

50 thoughts on “Let Us Fight Together To Save Our EU, Friends!

    1. Friend, as I was lurking the blogo-sphere I thought I would leave you a comment, rather than just lurking. So I was wondering, why oh why Our Jeremy had changed his tune on Leaving the EU. The Tory capitalist- pig – dog – scum, seek to ensnare and entrap, to enslave the worker in to the New World of Corporate EU Serfdom. Friend comrade, can you not see that we can only build the new Jerusalem outside of the fascist EU, I really hope Our Jeremy, and Dear McDonnell change their minds, before it is too late.

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      1. Friend, friend, friend! I must say that I’m growing more than a little weary of your constant carping from the sidelines, i.e. your comment today, when Unity is what we need.

        Friend, this so-called Referendum is a totally undemocratic, totally predictable distraction from the real issues facing our society, i.e. Fascist neoliberalism, zero-hour contracts, sky-high Bedroom Taxes, mass poverty, compulsory Foodbanks, the Tories etc., and as such let us not worry about minor issues such as who governs this country, which in any case, as we all know, is by the Banksters and 1%, whose opposition to the EU is obvious to all shrewd political commentators, i.e. myself, who are able to detect such things.

        Jeremy has not “changed his tune on Leaving the EU”, friend! Rather, we on the Progressive Left have decided not to make a song and dance about this minor issue. Surely, friend, it is better for us to blow our trumpets and whistle in the dark, striking the right note whilst singing the praises of Our EU? After all, until the Fat Lady sings, we will never be able to face the music – and just remember, friend, whatever happens, the show must go on!


      2. My friend, you call for unity yet you engage in the rhetoric of disunity, you Comrade are a splitter. In order for Jerusalem to be built requires a sacrifice and that means splitters like yourself need to be purged from the party. Your pabdering to the neo liberal fascist corporatit hegemony that is embodied within the EU, is shirley not be what the proletariat need, indeed it is not. I hold out for true unity over this issue, and I’m sure that Our Jeremy, and Dear McDonnell, will open their hearts, once the splitters have been purged from within the party. I am sorry for you my friend, but you are leading the Party away from Jerusalem, and blind Our Jeremy and Dear McDonnell, with you fancy words.

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  1. Excellent piece as always.

    I feel what is desperately needed is an analysis of how climate change (engineered by Israel and the 1%) is impacting ethnic minorities and the LGBT community. People are dying like hotcakes.

    What would also be interesting is an expose on the scourge of white on white dating within our university population.

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  2. Murdoch and his Oligarch partners in crime vs the people want to buy out the NHS and turn it into a human organ recycling business, for profit !
    Recycling is normally a noble cause to save the Planet.
    Only Jeremy and the Socialist heroes within the EU can prevent this monstrosity.
    Will no one think of the children?

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  3. The envy of the world… just like our beloved NHS. The world has so much envy! Obviously this terrible situation results from the appalling history of colonialism, oppression, racism, fascism, and Uncle-Tom-Cobleyism to which the brutal Tory capitalists have submitted us. As manifestations of mercy and compassion we need to accept the corrections brought to our sadly deluded land by the representatives of the religion of peace. Only when there is nothing for anyone to envy, anywhere, can the forces of the progressive vanguard of the untoiling masses truly be said to have succeeded. Long live our glorious leader, Comrade Jeremy!

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  4. Jezza is the new Mao. He will lead us all to the promised socialist utopia. I look forwards, Comrades, to the day when we can get rid of our opulent shackles (iphones/cars etc) and live and work in the fields of Bridlington instead.

    Singing songs as we march to work. Cash abolished. John Lennon’s dreams come true (not the Walrus one, the ‘Imagine’ one).

    I trust (and hope) our great leader, Mr Corbyn, immediately abolishes parliament and imposes the Communist system we all need in the UK when (not if!) he wins the elections. Communism is a proven system of fairness, freedom and justice for all (see Soviet Union, Romania, Cuba, North Korea) etc.

    Onwards, Comrades!

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  5. You cunts think you’re so clever with your poxy blog
    You take the piss out of Jeremy Corbin while you support the evil toreys and their bankster mates. Dont you see that these evil bastards will smash the nhs, close our state schools and privitise everything they can lay there hands on and hand the money straight to there tax dodging friends
    Only a labour govt under Corbin can reverse this disaster. We must do all we can to remove Cameron and Osbourne and Smith and consine the torey party to the ashpan of history
    And after weve got rid of the toreys well be going after the royals next

    You aint seen nothing yet


    1. Allow me to congratulate you on a passionate and well reasoned first post.

      You have come to the right place Fuck you righties. Nowhere on the web will you find a group more dedicated to increasing funding for state schools and the much needed improvement in grammar and spelling standards in the UK.

      Welcome, and support our Jeremy!

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      1. What is our Jeremy’s position on Trolls?

        On the one hand the poor creatures live under bridges, so must have been forced out of their houses by the evil Tory bedroom tax and deserve our pity (in the hope they vote Labour in 2020)!

        On the other hand they are distinctly Northern European, and therefore a threat to our multi-cultural society in which all races are welcome (except Jews obviously, although Labour definitely doesn’t have a problem with them).

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  6. It is imperative these unfortunate trolls are assigned for re-education immediately to prevent torey and right wing tendencies from re-establishing themselves in future.

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      1. Albert, you will find two weeks of intensive education in the of white male privilege awareness and the importance safe spaces far more useful than fishing lessons for the coming Corbyn era.

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  7. As someone who voted for Liz Kendall in the leadership election, I have to say I’m beginning to be impressed by Jeremy and John McDonnell as they grow into their roles – they’re good men and it’s refreshing to hear a different view. If Labour MPs were to force a leadership bid now, I’d find myself backing Corbyn – he should be given a chance.


  8. Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

    Corbyn gives people hope. Hope that we can save ourselves and the country at large from the complete cluster fuck that the Tories and nuLabour created. Corbyn is probably the major reason why we haven’t seen more unrest on the streets and civil disobedience. Corbyn is already a great national leader, it’s just that most people haven’t realised it yet.


    1. Excuse while I laugh my head off, Tories and nu-Labour, you missed out blaming Fatcher, Nu-Labour = present Labour with the messiah Corbyn in charge, blame where it’s due, so Corbyn waved his hands, the stormy seas subsided, volcano’s stopped erupting, the peoples of the world stopped fighting and in Britain the unrest and civil disobedience stopped, did he run out of booze, was the offy closed, has real life come to LaLa land


  9. At last an honest blog about Jeremy Corbyn. About bloody time. Corbyn and Sanders are the only sane voices in Western politics right now. Fundamental change is clearly long overdue.


  10. If you look at the polls, for the last month Labour and the Tories have been within a couple of points of each other. In the last poll, Labour are 3 points ahead. Corbyn’s personal approval ratings are better than Cameron’s. The London Mayorial election is looking increasingly lie a shoe in for Labour.

    He may not be wildly popular, but he’s certainly not looking unelectable.


  11. Wow another troll, just like I is, how’s the meds, you keeping up with what your doctor is telling you, I will vote Brexit, not just to wind you up, which it will, but to wind your Labour friends up or really to wake them up out of their slumber they have had since 1974, all that free money those MPs get and nothing to do but pretend Labour hates the Tories and the Tories hate Labour, but both show their hypocrisy by going hand in hand to vote for their countries demise, won’t be too long before they make you Labour Leader at least you must have a piece of paper informing people you are sane.

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  12. To those who criticize Our Jeremy’s past stance on the EU, I say to you, the past is a foreign country, they do things differently there, like in Spain, and they speak a different language, like Latin, for example. A man’s past is his own business, and is between himself and his god, or if he’s an atheist, between himself and himself. We all make mistakes, and let him who hasn’t made a mistake stand up and be counted as a liar. And I say that as a Young Person, who admits to having made a mistake in the past.

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    1. Who hasn’t made a mistake?
      The past is gone, and it’s just boring anyway. Too white, too insular, and too elitist and racist. Without the artificial borders we will be stronger, with the people of the world all together.
      Let’s rise and take on the Tory monster.


      1. A politician’s past is indeed a different country and your political opponents should not be allowed to mention it (unless that past involves your Dad keeping his money in a different country, in which case it’s fine to bang on about it ad nauseum).


      2. I believe that our revolution is a revolution of ideas, and Jeremy Corbyn and his cabinet are full of great ideas. Words are our weapons in the struggle, and those with the ears of the public are like the vanguard of our revolution. That’s why I admire those committed radicals in TV and theatre, after all, who can deny the instrumental part played by Ben Elton in the downfall of Thatcher? If we’re feeling oppressed by the Tory Monster, as JJ Hardy puts it so well, then even when we have nothing physical to fight back with now, we can at the very least mock the oppressor and show them we won’t be bowed. And that’s why we must support the BBC, as only an independent state broadcaster can provide a platform for radical musicians, commentators and comedians, because they don’t have to worry about appealing to the lumpenproletariat.

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  13. Nah!, no you won’t, we may be decent and forced by our own judgement to be law abiding, but the Caliphate will return to Turkey and so will all our enemies, don’t think the real people of the country are the effeminates of Islington, beware we bite, but if you want to be part of this country and will join us and live amongst us then you will be welcomed , ghettos are not living amongst the people of the country.

    When you arrive will you please take out the 640 MPs first, we would appreciate that, also remember the underground is only in London the other cities usually call them by their name+ lines, it will help your orientation.


  14. As they say, the youth are the future. Do not be led astray by the torey trolls violating our safe spaces young Corbynista, they are wolves in cheap clothing!

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    1. Thank you Monsiour. I won’t let the bastards get me down. I believe that mistakes are learning opportunities. I was always told that we should learn from our mistakes, and as a young person, I look forward to getting older and learning from all the mistakes I’m bound to make along the way, whilst regretting nothing.

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    2. For some reason I can’t reply to your message above about the East End, so I’ll say it here: West Ham are an awful team I despise them because they are the team that Alf Garnett, who was an awful, racist bigot, supported. I had to watch an episode of his TV “comedy” as part of the Media Studies module in the first year, and it was disgusting. Luckily our tutor had arranged in advance for a counsellor to be available in a safe space afterwards.


      1. It appears my comment regarding West Ham has triggered you, I can only offer my most sincere apologies.


  15. If we stay in the EU the NHS will be privatised as it is in much of Europe where the service is not understaffed, patients are not regularly neglected and greedy doctors do not go out on strike at the drop of a hat. That must not be allowed to happen here.


  16. You’re wasting your time and money writing these pathetic attacks on Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. For the first time in nearly three decades we have a major party leader who believes in socialism and has the ability to lead the country away from its neo-liberal course.
    The Tory party have no mandate to bring in anti-trades union legislation which they intend to do in the near future. They have no mandate to privatise the NHS. They have no credible policies on immigration. Their ‘renegotiations’ with the EU are meaningless.
    David Cameron is a vile, discredited Prime Minister.
    Only Jeremy Corbyn can lead us out the almighty mess that the Tories and the Liberal Democrats have created.
    It is time you realised this.


    1. Oh Susanna, well said.
      Time for somebody to stand up to these pathetic tory trolls.
      There is now light at the end of the tunnel.
      Cameron is on the ropes and his party of toffs are split. Most should just head off to join their fellow travellers in Ukip, where they can wear their blazers and shout their racist bile to each other, out of sight or sound of the real public.


  17. Lefty an exemplary piece. I feel you should do a further piece to explore the intersectionality issues of the Brexiteers. How they oppress the trans feminist Euro fraternity and the risks of setting back the freedom of pre-opp trans to use the bathrooms and go to the prisons of their choice. This is very important.

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  18. I see your plane landed safe on planet LaLa land and your group are taking their meds, what is it like to walk hand in hand with the Tories, following your friend Jeremy and David down the aisle of EU despair, thinking the same thoughts, will the EU dictatorship talk and listen to you, as you sign away the British people’s birthright to them, the delight will be watching Labour go even further down the tubes for siding with the Tories and EU TTIP watching the NHS privatised with the help of Labour, Jeremy is just left wing Cameron doing the same Cameron u-turns to get into power, which will never happen now.

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  19. How is it that female circumcisions are considered barbaric yet for males it’s protected by religious freedom? Both are barbaric and serve no purpose. I am a 50-year-old circumcised male and angry that my parents went along with what was common practice in hospitals in 1960s-1980s America. It was for religious reasons – I come from an episcopal/catholic background. It’s what they did, pretty much automatically, then claiming health/hygiene reasons. Today I ask: Are my European counterparts who were not wholesale cut any worse off health wise? It was BS then and it’s BS now. It’s also the only part of the body automatically removed at birth. Apparently doctors, rabbis and other clerics know better than whatever it is that created man.


    1. You rabid Tories would like to think that, but what’s been happening in the past few months is just the start of a new beginning.
      The election of Jeremy Corbyn has done wonders to moral, and you can sense real change about to happen.
      People are flocking to this island from all over the world, and it’s not for the weather.


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