A Warm Hello To The Right-Wing Fans Of This Blog!

Hello again, friends.

And first of all, an apology for the lack of Blogs recently, which was caused by understandable fears of Brexit which would, as we all know, lead to a complete collapse of Blogging on a worldwide basis, i.e. this Blog, as well as total withdrawal of EU subsidies for investment in this independent Blog, which naturally ensures the sort of objective impartiality for which it is rightly renowned.

But enough about the utter disaster for this Blog and indeed the world (and elsewhere) that Brexit would represent.  I shall, of course, be returning to that subject again before June 23rd. [Do you really have to, Lefty?J.C. Honestly, Jeremy! I sometimes wonder about how committed you are to Our EU!L. No comment!J.C.]

Welcome, friends!

Anyway, today, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to a small group of people who, so I’m told, read this Blog, and actually enjoy it. [That must be a very small group, Lefty! J.C.  Oi, Jeremy!  Don’t forget the old Chinese proverb: he who wields the tin-opener determines who gets the baked beans for supper! – L.]

Now, if Jeremy will allow me to continue without further interruption [OK – you win, Boss!  J.C. Thanks, Jeremy! – L.], I shall explain further.  There are, apparently, some Right-wingers for whom this Blog is “required reading” and who, furthermore, find it “quite amusing” – if, that is, the totally reliable and truthful reports I’ve been receiving about this can be relied upon for their veracity!


I must admit that it does rather puzzle me that there are any Right-wingers who’d want to read this blog, which as all regular readers know is totally dedicated to 100% (and that’s the absolute minimum!) support of Our Jeremy, and whose fervent belief in a Better Progressive Socialist Tomorrow is notoriously notorious!

Furthermore, I really cannot for the life of me understand why they should find this blog “amusing” in any shape or form whatsoever, quite frankly!  After all, as we all know, Right-wingers have absolutely no sense of humour whatsoever, and it therefore puzzles me that any Right-winger could possibly appreciate a Blog that is full of subtlety, coruscating wit and well-reasoned arguments. [What blog are you talking about, Lefty?  I must take a look at it! – J.C.]

Yes, we on the Progressive Left certainly do have a wonderful sense of humour, friends!  I guess it’s matched only by our modesty!  And with the literally endless list of targets that the Right provide us with, mocking them is as easy as shooting a red herring inside the thin end of an iceberg with both barrels of a smoking gun!


There are so many jokes we can and do make about the Right: the Banksters, the 1%, Thatcher, Neoliberalism, the Tories, Thatcher, their Fascism, their bigotry, the Tories, their hypocrisy, UKIP, Thatcher, the Tories, their narrow-mindedness, their blinkered attitudes, Thatcher, their imperviousness to the kind of logical, reasoned arguments provided in this Blog, Thatcher, the Tories, etc. etc. – the list is literally endless!

And, of course, there’s also the fact that the Right are unable to make any argument without descending to abuse and ad hominems!  They really are a such a very nasty bunch of people, aren’t they, friends?  Not surprising, when you consider what selfish, evil scum they are. Also, it really annoys me how they make sweeping, unsubstantiated generalisations about, well, you know, absolutely everything.  And, of course, perhaps most egregious of all, their complete lack of self-awareness makes them look totally ridiculous.

But, of course, friends, this all plays in to our hands!  And it also explains why we on the Left are never short of the sort of jokes that have, for instance, given Radio 4 comedy programmes the sort of reputation and global appeal that they have today! (That joke the other night about “what with that evil witch Thatcher and that mad cowboy Reagan practically starting World War III in the Eighties, it’s amazing that we’re still alive to tell the tale! Thank God they’re both dead, eh!” still has me in stitches!)

Strong Message Here

Needless to say, Left-wing comedy is also a profoundly radicalising and subversive force, and one which must surely explain at least in part the amount of electoral success that we on the Left have had in the UK over the past few years.  So that’s another benefit for us all, friends!

Plus, friends, the fact that the Right are unable to appreciate the sheer dazzling wit of Left-wing comedians, only underlines their total lack of any sense of humour.

We, after all, can – and always do – laugh at them. Why can’t they do the same?

Good riddance, friends!

In conclusion, friends, if there are indeed any Far-Right infiltrators of this Blog, they are in no shape or form welcome here, quite frankly!  We don’t need their Hard-Right, racist, Fascist neoliberalism here, friends!  Why don’t they just go to a Far-Right publication, e.g. the Guardian, where they’d feel more at home? Let us, using the mass power of working people, i.e. myself, crush them totally!  Let them be gone, expelled, purged, banished, and let them never darken our Safe Space again!

Let us sing together, friends

And now, friends, we come the moment that I know is the favourite part of this Blog for most of you! [Indeed – because that means you’ll finally shut up.J.C. Jeremy!!  You are quite incorrigible!L. I’m greatly incorriged (geddit) to hear that, Lefty!J.C. Groan! L.]

Yes, it’s time for our musical moment, friends!  John – could you tear yourself away from your Little Read Book for just a moment, and  take a turn at the organ today, please?  Thanks!  All together now:

So raise the scarlet standard high, whilst supporting Our Jeremy all the time,
Beneath its shade we’ll live and die, and win a 2020 Election landslide,
Though the Banksters and the 1% flinch, and Red Tory traitors predictably sneer,
We’ll totally smash the evil Tory scum, and keep the Red Flag flying here!

11 thoughts on “A Warm Hello To The Right-Wing Fans Of This Blog!

  1. The Left don’t do comedy, you only have to see the so called lefty comedians on the tv, they are foul mouthed, the greatest joke the left ever did and that was a total and epic fail, was to call Aldi and Lidl names, now Aldi and Lidl are amongst the top performers and employers, don’t do what the left tell you , do what is opposite then you know your on to a winner, I’m not too sure about right wing infiltrators, have you still got that silver foil on your head, you need to take it off and let the wifi reprogramme you, the left are just children who have grown up but are still children, most students grow up and move on , you lot haven’t, wake up your being used

    Vote Brexit and you can get your own back on the Tories and Corbyn for letting you down, vote Stay and pay for your socialist views in the EU and lose the NHS to TTIP, yes it will return the day after the EU referendum and your best friend Corbyn will have had a hand .

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  2. Hi Jeremy – I know you occasionally read this blog, so I’m going to ask you to do something on behalf of all decent people in the UK. At tomorrow’s PMQs, we don’t want you to ask a question on behalf of Edith in Grimsby and what temperature she should wash her smalls at. We want you to nail Cameron once and for all. First of all would you ask Cameron if, when he appointed Philip Green to government, he took into account the fact that Green paid a £1.2 BILLION dividend to his wife who lives in Monaco. If so does he consider that to be ‘acceptable’ tax avoidance?
    Secondly can you ask Cameron if he considers it reasonable that Green took £400 MILLION out of BHS in dividends to buy himself a new yacht, when the BHS pension fund was allowed to turn a surplus into a deficit?
    Thirdly will you ask Cameron thinks it is appropriate that Green retains his knighthood if he has been extracting money out of BHS whilst the pension fund was being underfunded?

    Unemployment is up. Major companies are going to the wall. The government’s so-called recovery is in tatters.

    Cameron and Osborne need nailing to the wall on this. You must do this tomorrow for the sake of all decent people in the UK.

    Oh and if you have time, ask him who wrote Obama’s ‘back of the queue’ speech.


    1. Jeremy didn’t seem to avail himself of these kind words, but perhaps next week he will also ask why literally 100 million out of Britain’s 60 million population are now unemployed, and most of the rest relying on half a tin of spaghetti hoops each week from the food bank just to survive, while the Bullingdon Club roams the streets burning bundles of £50 notes under the noses of starving urchins. Only by nailing Camoron and Gidiot to the wall on this cruel desolate Mad Max-style society (a ‘society’ which does not even exist according ‘THATCH’!) can the Labour Party prove that it will not cry wolf over the big issues of the day.

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  3. I quite agree. Would we progressive lefties be welcome on a blog dedicated to the disgustingly neoliberal Tories, Kippers, Red Tory Blairite traitors and other one-percenters? How is engaging with the feckless and the unenlightened gutter-crawlers who have yet to experience their Damascene conversion to supporting Our Jeremy in any way democratic?

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  4. Somewhat off topic but I have been deeply conflicted over Our EU recently. While it is a disgustingly neoliberal organisation with a huge democratic deficit, it is surely only a few short years before it becomes a glorious socialist paradise run by Yanis Varoufakis, wearing bike leathers that are ethically sourced from cattle untouched by the deeply regressive Common Agricultural Policy.

    I notice some people have speciously criticised Our Jeremy for being an opportunistic turncoat who has thrown out thirty years of principled Euroscepticism for political expedience. To which I say that the progressive left is a fountain of new ideas, and our Jeremy is a very modern thinker who is constantly questioning his own beliefs and – yes – changing his mind. It is only those Fascist Tories who are set in their ways, too busy worshipping Ayn Rand to consider progressive policies such as raising the minimum wage or subsidising the Our steel industry (which Thatcher destroyed).

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  5. Corbyn isn’t a turncoat. He’s listening to the membership of the Labour Party and the voters. If Britain votes to ‘Remain’ and if Corbyn becomes Prime Minister in 2020 he will immediately embark on a substantial renegotiation of Britain’s membership of the EU. This will be a proper, meaningful negotiation, not a tinkering around the edges as carried out by Cameron.
    It is clear that the EU needs Britain’s membership. That membership will be negotiated on Britain’s and Labour’s terms.


    1. The world needs us to set a good example.
      When the fascists like Farage are defeated and this brexit nonsense put to bed then we will all be on a more equitable playing field.
      The artificial borders they try to create will never stand between our true brothers and a sisters. When we are truly within the EU we can work much better and faster to bring real equality to all.
      Jeremy knows this and when he wins at the next election here, the hated Tories will be all crying for forgiveness and hiding their heads in shame.


      1. “The artificial borders they try to create will never stand between our true brothers and a sisters.”

        Except for the border between Israel and the rest of civilisation. That is very much real and must be maintained at all costs, preferably by moving it to be next to the United States.

        I still can’t believe Naz Shah got suspended for uttering this self-evident truth. I guess it shows that despite all Our Jeremy’s hard work the Red Tory traitors still hold too much power in the party. Keep an eye out for that right-wing shit Dan Jarvis, he probably had something to do with it.

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    2. I’am a voter and Corbyn isn’t listening, I just love that if Corbyn became PM he would have meaningful negotiation, you really haven’t got it have you, once you say Stay that’s it, in October 2017, the country is handed over to the EU and no referendums, negotiations will be tolerated, you idiots will have lost your country to a dictatorship, which will then asset strip the country and turn it into another Greece, the financial markets will move to Germany, god help this country with people like you lot, insanity certainly must come with being a Labour supporter.

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