Important announcement

Hello to everyone who reads this Blog – it’s Jeremy Corbyn here.  I’m sorry to say that, following ongoing discussions, I have had no choice but to relieve Lefty of his position as Chief Staff Writer for this Blog.

This decision has not been taken lightly, and indeed has been taken with some regret, following extensive consultations with colleagues.

I will not bore you with all the minutiae of what has gone on, to cause this decision to be made.  But here are the bare bones of what led to it.

When I first agreed to allow Lefty to set up this Blog, it was on the strict understanding that its principal purpose was to support me, as the Leader of the Labour Party who had been overwhelmingly endorsed by its members, and to support generally the aims of the Labour movement in its widest sense.

Regrettably, things have not worked out that way.

After an initially quite promising start – albeit with a few hiccups along the way – Lefty’s Blog has become steadily less and less about supporting me, and the Labour Party, and more and more about Lefty’s own self-aggrandisement and personal agenda, much of which is, I am sorry to say, at odds with the overall aims of the Labour Movement.

Furthermore,  I have not been alone in noticing an increasing amount of what can only be described as childish attempts at “humour” creeping in to the Blog.  Indeed, so I have been informed, the Blog is allegedly enjoyed by quite a large number of Right-wingers, some of whom are apparently under the impression that Lefty is in fact writing some sort of “Spoof Blog” which, far from supporting the Progressive cause, is actually undermining it.

Needless to say, such Right-wingers are as deluded about this as they are about everything else. But nonetheless, it is pretty concerning that even some of our ideological opponents could mistake a serious Blog like this for a parody one.

I don’t suppose that many of you will be surprised to hear that Lefty has taken the news of his being relieved of duties from the Blog, pretty badly.  As a somewhat excitable and over-emotional individual, it was perhaps only to be expected that he would react this way, even though in fact several warnings were issued to him about the likely consequences of his irresponsible and childish behaviour.  Hopefully, when he has had time to reflect on this matter, he will realise that the Party is bigger than any of us – and that includes him.

The future

As regards the future of the Blog, I am currently undertaking consultations with colleagues about this. Although we have not yet reached any firm conclusions as to its future direction, there is a widespread feeling in the Party that the Blog should become a much more collective effort, in which for instance women and ethnic minorities will play a much bigger role than they have been able to do so far.

I am sorry if some of you are disappointed by this decision, but really, there was no alternative.  I do hope that you will continue to read this Blog, which hopefully will now become a rather more serious and intelligent place for progressive-minded people to discuss the pressing issues of the day, rather than the increasingly frivolous and ego-driven farrago of inaccurate and frankly irresponsible material that it was steadily becoming under Lefty’s auspices.

I shall, of course, keep you informed regarding future developments with this Blog, which I firmly believe has an important part to play in generating support and fresh ideas for the Labour Party under my Leadership.

Best wishes,



7 thoughts on “Important announcement

  1. The treachery of the far left knows no bounds, how dare they accuse Lefty of being “humorous”, how can they think that right wingers like Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper see this most serious of political sites as a spoof?
    I am taken aback, if I weren’t getting so much sport for my £3 I would ask for a refund.
    PS, I could pen the odd supportive article for yo Jezz, mates rates as well, let me know.
    Your friend, forever, CC.

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  2. I do so hope that Lefty will return. He has been a source of joy. His response to my accusation regarding his continued use of his edmilliband tag was a scream.

    If he doesn’t return it will be a sadness.

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  3. What is going on here. If I did not know better – and to be Frank, I do not – I would think there was some sort of Mickey being taken out of Lefty. But neither Jeremy, nor Lefty, joke. This movement is too large to fritter away our time by joking. Neither of them would be any good at doing so if they were to try.

    We have comedians in the party, People like Eddie Izzard. Our members can tell they are funny because they wear pink berets and such like. Signalling is so important. Comedy is no laughing matter to be left to amateurs. Politics is no laughing matter either. it is about life and struggle. It is not about death – as no one is any use when they are dead except for having posters of them on the wall, if they are Che Guevara types of a certain appearance.

    Stalin was a great man but no one wants to look at him. Cara Delevingne looks wonderful, but she is not a socialist. You can’t have it all, so it seems – God knows, I have tried. My use of the word ‘God’ is not meant to imply any deism here and she is referred to simply figuratively and not literally, as a black, disabled, LGBT, person drawing benefits just like the rest of us.

    As for this spat, it is clearly half of a dozen and twice three of the other. I cannot bring myself to examine the facts to see if anyone has overreached their authority as I would no know where to start.

    If necessary, we shall have to lose another five general elections in order to get this right. But we are not winners as no one can be allowed to win and we would not wish to set a precedent here.

    So Jeremy and Lefty, we will sing the Red Flag lustily with you both but please put those knives down or we shall not get to the end of the first verse. OK, I know the song mentions blood but we don’t really mean that when we sing it, as is the case with anything else.

    Fraternal greetings comrades! Now where is my Buckfast and deep fried Mars Bar? Essential ingredients for a Last Supper. Jesus knows that no reference to Jesus is hereby implied.

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