The Hard-Right Neoliberal Jeremy Has Been Totally Thwarted In His Vicious Attempt To Literally Close Down This Blog And Thus Silence A Leading Progressive Left Voice, i.e. Me, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And I hope that you weren’t too worried about Jeremy’s rather – sorry to put this so bluntly, Jeremy, but it has to be said – ratty so-called “announcement” the other day, in which he claimed, amongst various other things, that I’d been “suspended” as Chief Staff Writer from this Blog, or some such nonsense, and made all kinds of false allegations about me and the Blog, many of which were literally false!

Jeremy does seem to have rather allowed power go to his head, hasn’t he, friends? The idea that he could just “suspend” a leading Voice of the Progressive Left like me [Ha! – J.C.  Oh hello, Jeremy!  I was wondering when you’d pop up again, like a bad penny that’s gathering a Hard-Right mess of pottage in the long grassroots! – L.  No comment!J.C.] with impunity is literally ridiculous!

Ridiculous, friends!

And it’s all the more ridiculous, friends, that at a time when Jeremy is literally fighting for his political life against the widely-unknown, widely-hated Hard-Right Red Tory Traitor, Owen so-called Jones, or Smith, or whatever his name is – let’s not get bogged down in neoliberal pedantry, friends – that he should literally be turning on his most loyal supporter, and attempting to close down this Blog, which is literally the most influential Blog of its kind in the entire world, and indeed elsewhere!

But friends, I am not one to bear grudges!  Jeremy has been under a lot of strain recently, what with having to travel around on train floors on the Hard-Right Virgin Neoliberail [Sic! – J.C.  Yes – extremely Sickening, Jeremy!   (Who says that those of us on the Progressive Left have no sense of humour, eh friends!) – L.], and having to engage in mass debates with Hard-Right elements, viz. the hated Jones, via the Far-Right Murdoch-controlled Monopoly media, e.g. the so-called BBC, whose anti-Socialist, anti-EU bias is obvious to even the meanest intelligence, i.e. me.

Groundless anxieties, friends!

Anyway, friends, let me put all your minds at rest regarding one point that many of you appear to be anxious about.  Some of you have asked me – and I literally quote your words – “Is there not a risk, Lefty, that Jeremy might just decide one day, in a fit of temper, to literally pull the plug on your Blog, causing it to literally disappear in to outer Cyberspace, and indeed beyond?”

Friends, you need have no fears whatsoever on that score!  I have talked with a large number of experts – and those of us on the Progressive Left always listen to experts, friends, unlike Hard-Right neoliberals, who incidentally are still denying that the so-called British economy, which Thatcher destroyed, has literally tanked following the literally catastrophic Brexit vote – on this matter; and they have all said the same thing, namely, that the very idea that Jeremy could simply pull the plug from this Blog without any warning whatsoever is quite frankly literally preposterous!

The Science is settled, friends!

They have all reassured me – and the Science is as settled on this matter, friends, as it is on the grave matter of Man-Made Climate Change, which as we all know is literally destroying the World and indeed elsewhere – that it would actually not be technically possible for Jeremy to do this. So, friends, relax!  You have the personal guarantee of a very large number of respected experts that there is absolutely no possibility whatsoever of this Blog suddenly being terminated in mid-senten



10 thoughts on “The Hard-Right Neoliberal Jeremy Has Been Totally Thwarted In His Vicious Attempt To Literally Close Down This Blog And Thus Silence A Leading Progressive Left Voice, i.e. Me, Friends!

  1. Deary me, just deary deary me, after your great fight for Jemima she disses you, how awful, just because, she is on her uppers and think that,that twit Owen what’s his name will lose, normally I hate your lefty guts, but today I just feel gutted for you, you carry on writing this blog in the lefty wilderness of your mind , it helps lots of people understand mental illness can be controlled if you take your medicine, just by reading this blog and understanding, it can happen even to the greatest writers and blog meisters.

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  2. Welcome back (I think?) but let me remind you there are multitudinous unanswered questions about your bonyfides posed by me and liked by many here (namely one). Are you are you not the progressive left’s 007 equivalent? The world (namely me) awaits your answer. And don’t go quoting that hard right rag, The Guardian. The old dear on the help desk still remembers you paying your dues with pesetas.

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  3. Corbynism is too important to be left to Jeremy so-called Corbyn, who has totally shown his true colours (and they are not Red, my friends) in his failed attempt to silence the voice of the workers. But we, the people, are not fooled!

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  4. Friend SupportOurJeremy! Fraternal Greetings and many happy Composites!

    Only the Right is Left. The Left is Wrong. Jeremy is standing alone – with us all behind him.

    How did we get into this state?

    I would tell you but my time has been taken up with having to stand up in order to take my seat on the committee. The only thing we can be sure of is that we can’t be sure of anything. Even my normal moniker has been usurped by the older one.

    But, when everything else has gone, Jeremy will still be there. We must nail our colours to the mast! The ship may have sunk but the mast remains above the water line – at low water spring tides, in the middle of autumn.

    Hope springs eternal – from the light at the end of the tunnel. Or is that a train coming towards us?

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  5. Friend! Comrade! Jeremy is offering to “wipe the slate clean” if (“when”, shurely shome mishtake) he is proudly re-elected tomorrow! You should therefore have no fear that your name will appear on an internal list of dissenters.

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  6. Friends is Lefty still in our green and pleasant land, or has comrade Corbyn abruptly sent him on a mission for the Party? Perhaps he has been sent to shore up the defenses of our sister – our dearest Hillary over in the colonies. Lookout for a Supportourhillary blog.

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