NEW: Best Of Lefty’s Tweets From The Hard-Right Neoliberal Twitter – Weekly Round-up, Friends! (10th-16th October)

Hello, friends.

And I am literally delighted to announce a new feature for this Blog, which is being produced at literally at no extra cost to you, my readers!

From now on, I shall be reproducing some of my best Tweets [Isn’t that an oxymoron, Lefty? – J.C.  Really, Jeremy!  Can I not even write a short note here without you literally butting in? – L. No. – J.C.] here, on a weekly basis, so that those of you who do not see my Progressive Left Tweets on the Hard-Right neoliberal racist Twitter, can now see them here on the Far-Right racist neoliberal WordPress instead!

Generally, I shall publish this weekly compilation on a Sunday, but this weekend, as a special tweet (geddit!  Who says that those of us on the Progressive Left have no sense of humour, eh friends?) for you all, I am putting out 2 compilations: the week before last’s in today’s Blog, and then last week’s in tomorrow’s Blog.

I literally hope you’ll enjoy what follows, friends – and don’t forget to literally tune in tomorrow for a special Second Helping!  (Your cups literally overfloweth eh!)

Anyway, here goes, friends:

Monday 10th October

Wednesday 12th October

Thursday 13th October

Friday 14th October

Saturday 15th October

Sunday 16th October

PS: If any friends here want me to have our little musical number, e.g. Our Red Flag, with which to finish these particular Blogs, please let me know [No way! – J.C. Oh, Jeremy! You are literally such a damp squib at times! – L.] and I’ll see if I can get round the Union rules which strictly forbid singing on this Blog on Saturdays and Sundays.  (Damn Len and all his stupid restrictive practices eh, friends!)


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