Sunday Selection Of Lefty’s Best Tweets [Ha! – J.C.] Of The Week, 31st October-5th November

Hello, friends.

And a – literally – very warm welcome to you all to my latest Sunday round-up of my very best Tweets [That’s an oxymoron and a half, Lefty! – J.C.  Where does the half come from, Jeremy? – L. Oh, do stop harassing me with all these questions, Lefty! You’re as bad as the Far-Right media! – J.C.] of last week.

Once again, the selection includes a few of my pieces in that Hard-Right racist neoliberal rag, the so-called Guardian. As some people have told me that the links from my Tweets don’t always seem to work, here is a link to my profile there, which will enable you to see any pieces I have written there under my Saveed Miliband nom de plume:

Anyway, friends, I trust that you will – literally – enjoy reading these Tweets as much as I – literally – enjoyed writing them!  Here they are, friends:

Monday 31st October

Tuesday 1st November

Wednesday 2nd November

Thursday 3rd November

Friday 4th November

Saturday 5th November


Let us literally sing together, friends!

And that’s literally all for now, friends!  Fear not, though, I’ll be back soon! [Not if I have my way, Lefty! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! You are such a spoilsport! – L.]  But before I go, let’s not forget to have our little sing-song together!  (Organ, Diane!)  All together now, friends:

So raise the scarlet standard high, whilst supporting Our Jeremy all the time,
Beneath its shade we’ll live and die, and win a General Election landslide,
Though the Banksters and the 1% flinch, and Red Tory traitors predictably sneer,
We’ll totally smash the evil Zionist Tory scum, and keep the Red Flag flying here!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Selection Of Lefty’s Best Tweets [Ha! – J.C.] Of The Week, 31st October-5th November

  1. I myself would get all these onto a roll of lining wallpaper, toast said paper and leave in a capsule to be found by your lesser followers in a few months time.
    A Hugh Trevor Roper type of dealie with Tristram Hunt as the stooge who declaims on your prophetic greatness.
    Great idea this weekly digest-will make it all of a piece as you do it, so you`ll get “the Brand”, the USP which will set you apart.
    Be encouraged-am seeing plenty of your trademarks style emerging from your girls, fans and wannabes!
    Love, Old Mother Skipton!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Friend OMS! Am very pleased to hear that the Progressive Left massage [Sic! – J.C. Oh Jeremy, don’t be such a prude! There’s nothing sic about massages! – L.] is being disseminated across the world and indeed elsewhere, which Thatcher literally destroyed.


  2. Still writing your blog on the cheap I see. Why not reproduce any responses to your tweets as “Thoughts”, then you can go home early to Mrs. Lefty and give her a real surprise.

    Liked by 1 person

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