OptoCushy, Friends!

Friends! In his cartoon, Friend Fenbeagle has superbly caricatured the vicious Hard-Right Leavers, Bullingdon Bully Boy May and the widely-hated Johnson; and illustrated how we in the Remain Camp will be saved by Our George (Soros); Our Impartial High Court Judge, Our Baron Thomas; and Our Gina; along with other Progressive Left elements (not shown for – literally – space reasons), e.g. Our Tim (Farron), Our Polly (Toynbee), and Our Owen (Smith/Jones).


I – literally – commend Friend Fenbeagle :).



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7 thoughts on “OptoCushy, Friends!

  1. Are you perhaps adopting my suggestion of job-shifting to the extreme (Mrs Lefty will be “overjoyed” if you are)?
    Are you copying his Grace the Bishop and handing the reins to, in your case, an undoubtedly more successful cartoonist?


    1. Friend Archbishop! Thank you so much for your comments! I do apologise for the silence, but I have been literally sobbing my eyes out all day, as the full horror of what has happened has literally sunk in.

      I shall use a piece I wrote in the Hard-Right Guardian this morning as the basis for a new Blog on this very subject, which will appear a little later today.


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