The Election of That Far-Right Neoliberal Racist Fascist, The Widely-Hated Trump, Is Literally The Biggest Disaster To Hit The World – And Indeed Elsewhere – Since The Hate Vote For Hard-Right Brexit In June, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And I’m quite sure that all of you are as sad and downcast as I am on this utterly depressing day.  For myself, I have done nothing but sob uncontrollably at the tidal wave of hatred, bigotry, racism and outright Fascism that has been unleashed in the US Hate Election, which has been literally worse than when Hitler was elected to the Reichstag, and then literally burned it down the next day. [Are you absolutely sure this is correct, Lefty? Don’t seem to remember being taught this when I was at school! – J.C. Oh, Jeremy!  The Hate School you went to obviously addled your brain with Hard-Right propaganda!  In any case, if I wasn’t absolutely sure about any fact, do you really think I’d put it in this Blog, which is as dedicated to total accuracy as it is impartial? – L. No comment!J.C.]

Literally a disaster, friends!

The election of the Hard-Right racist neoliberal Fascist Trump is literally the biggest disaster for the world – and indeed elsewhere – since that literally dark day in June when a literally tiny handful of 17,410,742 Far-Right bigots – who, let it never be forgotten, represent absolutely nobody but themselves – viciously voted against Our EU!

The totally sickening and disgraceful behaviour of these vicious voters – whether in the US or in the UK – is literally appalling! HOW DARE THEY, friends!

I for one, friends, do not remotely accept this so-called result, any more than I accept the vicious vote against Our EU. So-called “democracy” is all very well and good in theory, but not when it degenerates in to Mob Rule, which is clearly the case here.

A – literally – strong massage [Some mistake, surely, Lefty? – J.C.] here, friends!

Friends, all Hate Votes – whether against Our EU or for the widely-hated Trump – are clearly illegitimate, and must be struck down by Our Judges in Our High Courts. (Those three we used last week should do just fine.)

A second US Election must be held as speedily as possible, so that this – literally – deplorable result can be corrected.

Until this totally undemocratic result has been reversed, friends, those of us on the Progressive Left – and there are still quite a few of us, friends, despite last night’s appalling events – will continually be revolting!

Let us not sing together, friends!

Friends, I am truly sorry, but I am literally not in the mood to sing today, any more than I guess any of you are. So I trust that you will not object if we skip this little tradition, just this once. I am instead going to join with Friend Lily in a crying competition, but will be back on Sunday with a compilation of my Best Tweets [Ha!J.C. Oh Jeremy! Do you really have to make literally snide comments in all my Blogs? – L. Yes. – J.C.] as per usual. Till then, friends, stay strong, and please, I beg you all, do not let Hate trump [Groan! J.C.] Hope.


7 thoughts on “The Election of That Far-Right Neoliberal Racist Fascist, The Widely-Hated Trump, Is Literally The Biggest Disaster To Hit The World – And Indeed Elsewhere – Since The Hate Vote For Hard-Right Brexit In June, Friends!

  1. Friend Lefty. This indeed a sad day for; so called, democracy. Investigations are now taking place to establish if the election of the lefty bashing Tramp is legally binding or if; like our rigged Brexit vote purely advisory.

    P.S. Tramp was deliberate (Funny hey) and not meant to cause confusion with our Jeremy who despite looking like one isn’t.

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  2. This is a sad day for all of us who value the First Amendment which allows us on the Progressive Side full freedom of speech and allows us to dictate that any racist comment is banned, that means anything from the non-Progressive Righties. How dare they presume to allow those American bigots to win an election when everyone knows that Hillary won the backing from all intelligent people, and after all only their votes should count. In future a vote should only be between progressive candidates only. Once the Democrat Primaries result was declared then that should have been it. We know it Lefty my friend that whatever the result, Hillary Clinton is the new President and leader of the One-World government that we are progressing towards.

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    1. Friend Lefty, Leader of the Anti-Fascist Movement of Ireland,The Islands, Irelands Eye and Icelands Ice.
      For many days now, we who tend on your every word have been-quite literally beside oursleeves. We thought that you might have been taken hostage by the Bullingdon Bolsheviklies as personified by Neo-Con May and Neophyte Blair and the Ruling Cabal of Unfairness.
      On local hospital radio Coffin FM yesterday, I was asked what the putsch involving Trump and Pinochet might mean to Chew Magna and the Avon Valley. Answers had I none.
      For Our Leader had been taken hostage for all we knew-rendered under Literary fascisti like Blunkett and Blears-and would be returned to us mute and cowed by the ordeal.
      Oh how we wept, and vowed revenge-indeed I had begun to draft the stiffest of letters to the Komment Matt Frei to Slagat Stalag#1 (Guardiangruppen).
      So what a joy to receive this missive from the Frontline of Oppression.
      I know now what to think…and this surely is to commend Trump for being the Peoples Prince, albeit with a Fascist side order of disappointment, regrets and some concern as a condiment.
      Is Condiment Rice a black lady we like-or a fascist in a fantabulozi fantasia?
      Will now take no further questions, until we next hear from the Burqa Bunker, wherein you sit astride our world, musing for the fates of all.
      Your craven toady of The West Country.

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  3. I wouldn’t like to be that little crofter in the middle of one of Trump’s Scottish golf courses who bravely resisted the lure of the big buck. Not now the “Donald” has been illegally elected presumptive leader of the free world with his fingers on the nuclear football.

    Lefty, don’t bother asking for a US visa – you definitely will be branded an undesirable (over there as well).

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