Tweets for 19th-27th November

Hello, friends. I am pleased and proud to announce that, in my absence, Jeremy has kindly agreed to, as it were, “take over” this Blog today, in the usual weekly round-up of my Tweets. Apart from my short introductory piece here, I am – literally – leaving everything to him! I have asked him to make sure the headline is as full, eye-catching and literally attention-grabbing as this Blog’s headlines always are; and also that our regular musical ending is observed.

It slightly worries me, I have to admit, that Jeremy has not given me any firm undertakings about these essential elements; nor has he promised to refrain from making his usual snarky remarks about me! Hey ho, friends: Beggars – literally – cannot be choosers, especially under this totally unelected Tory Government!  Anyway, fear not, I’ll be back next week as usual. In the meantime, here’s Jeremy’s special roundup of my Tweets from last week … enjoy!

Jeremy writes:

Hello to everyone who reads this blog. I have reluctantly acceded to Lefty’s request to stand in for him this week, as he is away. I say “reluctantly” because, to be perfectly blunt, I have considerable reservations about this whole “Twitter” business, which have not been in any way diminished by Lefty’s particular style of Tweeting.

Although, of course, those Right-wingers who appear to believe that Lefty’s Tweets are “spoofs” are as deluded about this as they are about everything else, nonetheless I do feel somewhat uneasy with many of Lefty’s Tweets. Although, naturally, I agree with their essential content, there is something about them that just doesn’t quite feel right, which I am unable to put my finger on. Perhaps some of you readers could help provide an explanation about this for me?

Here they are, in case anyone is interested in reading them, which I frankly doubt:

Saturday 19th November

Monday 21st November

Wednesday 23rd November

Thursday 24th November

Saturday 26th November

Sunday 27th November


Sorry! No musical number

Although I know Lefty likes to end his blogs with some sort of “musical number” in which some readers seem to enjoy participating, I do hope you won’t mind if I don’t. It would seem to be in pretty poor taste, considering Fidel Castro’s recent passing, and in any case, I have considerable reservations about ending what is after all supposed to be a serious political blog with such a display of frankly childish frivolity. It’s all rather unnecessary, isn’t it? Shouldn’t we be concentrating on the real issues?  Poverty, homelessness, inequality, racism, war?  Aren’t these issues – and many more besides – what really matter?

Best wishes,



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