The Literally Stunning Result Of The Sleaford Byelection Proves That Labour Is – Literally – On The Road To Victory, Whatever The Hard-Right Murdoch-Controlled Media, e.g. Our BBC, May [Groan! – J.C.] Claim, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And I expect that you are all as – literally – thrilled as I am by the result of the Sleaford byelection, in which Labour put up a – literally – very respectable performance, despite being viciously opposed by Far-Right elements, e.g. the Tories, LibDems and the Fascist UKIP, who disgracefully stole the election from us by telling LIES about us, e.g. that we were just a bunch of deluded Trots who were completely out of touch with ordinary people!

Smear, friends!

That is, of course, nothing more than a vicious Hard-Right smear, friends! As we all know, the modern Labour Party is actually a very broad coalition of Far-Left Progressive opinion, which, yes, includes the odd Trotskyist;  but also many extremely moderate Centre-Left elements, e.g. Communists, Stalinists, Maoists, Anarchists, Leninists, Greens, EU Commissioners, and Our Junior Doctors.  And this coalition is just one of the reasons why there is going to be – literally – a landslide at the next General Election, whenever the cowardly Bullingdon Bully Boy May finally plucks up the courage to call it!

Detailed psephological analysis of the result, friends!

Friends, I – literally – implore you to concentrate when reading this next section, in which I acknowledge that there’s quite a bit of “heavy” analysis , along with some pretty complicated number-crunching!  But please persist, because if you read it long and hard,  you will find facts and statistics that you will have never read anywhere else before!

It comes from an internationally-respected, impeccably objective and heavyweight source, i.e. me, in my detailed analysis of the byelection result in today’s Guardian, viz:

The Sleaford byelection result is actually very encouraging for Labour, despite attempts by the Far-Right Murdoch-controlled monopoly media, e.g. the so-called internet, to viciously claim otherwise!

If anyone doubts this, consider this:

In last week’s Hard-Right Richmond Park byelection, Labour won 1,515 votes – actually a pretty respectable result in a constituency that is – literally – 100% composed of 1%ers and Banksters.

Whereas, in the Far-Right Sleaford byelection, where practically all the voters are – literally – racist bigots, we won a full 3,363 votes!

That means our vote has more than doubled in a week!

And yet Hard-Right elements STILL claim that “Labour isn’t popular”! Talk about deluded!

Some people are going to – literally – get a shock when the next General Election results come through!


Wow! I bet you’re all – literally – reeling from that analysis, friends! But then, this Blog literally didn’t get where it is today without having a reputation for political analysis that cannot be matched by any other Blog in the world, and indeed elsewhere!

Let us sing together, friends!

And finally [Phew! – J.C.  Oh hello, Jeremy! I was wondering when you’d – literally – pop up here, like a bad penny that’s literally gathered no moss under a bushel! Isn’t the Sleaford result literally thrilling? – L. No comment! – J.C.] it’s time for our little sing-song together!

And what could more be more appropriate on this – literally – joyful day than my specially updated version of that – literally – stirring chorus from the Red Flag?  (Organ, Diane!) All together now, friends:

So raise the scarlet standard high, whilst supporting Our Jeremy all the time,
Beneath its shade we’ll live and die, and win a General Election landslide,
Though the Banksters and the 1% flinch, and Red Tory traitors predictably sneer,
We’ll totally smash the evil Tory scum, and keep the Red Flag flying here!

12 thoughts on “The Literally Stunning Result Of The Sleaford Byelection Proves That Labour Is – Literally – On The Road To Victory, Whatever The Hard-Right Murdoch-Controlled Media, e.g. Our BBC, May [Groan! – J.C.] Claim, Friends!

  1. Friend Lefty, your analysis in your blog literally understates the swing to Labour. Labour got 10.24% of the vote in Sleaford, but just 3.67% of the vote in Richmond. This was despite many neo-fascist parties (like the Green Party) not standing a candidate in Richmond at all.

    This literally represents an increase of roughly 280% of the Labour share of the vote in just one week! If this trend continues Jezza will be literally marching down Downing Street to take power by Easter.

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    1. Friend Captain! You have made a – literally – unanswerable point here! Labour’s victory is even greater than I’d thought! I thank you from – literally – the bottom of my heart for pointing this out.


  2. What a literally excellent analysis, friend Lefty.

    However, in your list of the many extremely moderate Centre-Left elements, you forgot to include Our Train Drivers.

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  3. So heartening . I have it on good authority that the votes were miscounted and that our Jeremy literally polled thousands more votes. The hard right neo fascist elements in Sleaford cannot be trusted.
    Come the General Election our Jeremy will literally win a landslide unless the neo fascists steal the election like they stole the Brexit vote and the Trump vote .
    Our judges will put things right and put the neo fascist brexiteers back where they belong which is in my opinion and in my mate Ron’s opinion in work camps on Dartmoor and in Scotland .

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  4. Because the literacy count of this blog is always sky high, a new metric is required to judge its veracity and impact. Introducing this new evaluation – a veracity quotient – the “Literally” Application Score – how many times the word “literally is employed to enhance the text’s veracity and utter enjoyment.

    Applying the full force of my higher maths acumen (HiMA) the LAST (literally application score test) for the latest effort was literally 13!

    Keep posted for updated LASTs.

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  5. I am literally amazed friend Lefty the our esteemed broadcaster that is uniquely funded have not got you on the politics today program. You sir bring a breath of fresh air to the alt right tory party led by that trump supporting mayfly. Carry on and soon number tens curtains will indeed be red again.

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    1. Friend Sean! What a very nice comment! Thank you for your support! I shall always wear it.

      I am, though, slightly confused [More than slightly, Lefty! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! Do you really have to butt in to my private conversation with Friend Sean? L. Yes.J.C.] as to why you are commenting on this particular Blog, which is over 6 weeks old!

      Are you trying to avoid the gaze of that notoriously all-seeing, all-knowing, all-spying, Hard-Right hater, Fiend Stinger Under Breeches? If so, I fear you are in for a – literally – nasty shock. Fiend Stinger gets – literally – everywhere.

      But anyway, thanks again! 🙂


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