The Hated Bullingdon Bully Boy May Literally Got Her Comeuppance At Yesterday’s EU Summit In Brussels, Didn’t She, Friends? No Wonder Those Of Us On The Progressive Left Are – Literally – Dying Of Laughter At Her Utter Humiliation, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And I expect that you were all as amused and heartened as I was by the sight of the hated Bullingdon Bully Boy May being – literally – humiliated yesterday by Our EU friends, who literally snubbed her!

This video should be compulsory viewing for every single one of the 17,410,742 Hard-Right racists and bigots who viciously voted against Our EU on June 23rd!

In addition to all the other disasters which have literally befallen this so-called country – which Thatcher totally destroyed – in the six months since that literally dark day, this one literally takes the biscuit! The Emergency Budget with its tax rises and spending cuts, the devastated economy, the plunging stockmarket, the literally worthless £, the enormous hike in roaming charges, even World War III … all these appalling consequences – correctly forecast even if not all of them have not yet come to pass (Brexit hasn’t actually happened yet, friends!) – literally pale by comparison with the fact that the hated May was totally shunned by Our EU friends yesterday!

Literally humiliated, friends!

Seeing the Far-Right Bullingdon Bully Boy May utterly humiliated by Our EU friends was simultaneously hysterically funny for those of us on the Progressive Left – who are, of course, notorious for our great sense of humour – but also, of course, deeply, deeply tragic for Britain. This country has now become – literally – the laughing stock of the world, and indeed elsewhere!

Needless to say, certain Hard-Right elements are predictably claiming that Our EU friends were being “spiteful and petty”. Nonsense! They were simply behaving as any normal friends do, when their very reasonable orders have been totally disobeyed.

Simple, friends!

Fortunately, there is a very simple solution to this dreadful situation. The hated May should simply announce that the whole idea of Brexit was the most appalling mistake, and beg Our EU friends for forgiveness. A few token gestures, e.g. increasing our budget contribution by another £10 billion/year or so, should help to soothe the bad feelings; and of course, since as all objective and respected economics experts – i.e. me – have in any case recently produced figures showing that for every £1 we pay in, we get at least £1000 back in terms of economic growth, we would actually gain from this.

So, friends: let us just cancel Hard-Right Brexit, along with all the vicious LIES about spending £350 trillion/day more on Our NHS – another Leave Camp LIE! – and work together with Our EU friends to build A People’s Europe, where all Hard-Right populism will be totally smashed, and all decisions will be made by experts, whose impartiality and accuracy cannot be questioned – or, at least, not without serious consequences for those who question them.

Let us sing together, friends!

So, friends, let us now celebrate the hated May’s total humiliation by – literally – coming together and singing my joyful ode to Our EU! [Oi Lefty! You’ve not even mentioned me today – what’s goin’ on? – J.C.  Jeremy, you are not “goin’ on” for much longer! (Rather a witty riposte there, eh friends! And to think that Hard-Right elements claim that we on the Progressive Left have no sense of humour!) – L.]

OK, everyone!  Are you all ready? [No! – J.C. Oh Jeremy – you are such a tease! – L.] Diane … no, actually, Emily: you haven’t played the organ for – literally – ages!  Come on, woman – literally – pull your weight! Thanks! All together now, friends:

So raise the scarlet standard high, whilst supporting Our EU all the time,
Beneath its shade we’ll live and die, and win a Supreme Court Judgement landslide,
Though the Banksters and the 1% flinch, and anti-EU traitors predictably sneer,
We’ll totally smash the evil Brexiter scum, and keep Our EU Flag flying here!  



19 thoughts on “The Hated Bullingdon Bully Boy May Literally Got Her Comeuppance At Yesterday’s EU Summit In Brussels, Didn’t She, Friends? No Wonder Those Of Us On The Progressive Left Are – Literally – Dying Of Laughter At Her Utter Humiliation, Friends!

  1. LAST index 10: Only 10! and whole paragraphs without any “literally”s. This decline in authenticity beggers belief – all that training, all those chimpanzee monitors – what are they being paid – peanuts? May may be literally be overjoyed at your literally illiteracy.

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  2. So the hated May got her just desserts.. Literally. Now Lefty I am puzzled a bit and need guidance. May is hard right I get that. The Brexit vote was hard right racist and I get that and that 17 million plus fascist scum need to be re educated in a humane camp type situation .
    All this I literally understand but I worry that we on the progressive left are supporting an EU that is quite hard right not just a bit hard right. What does our Jeremy think? Am I a deviationist or a regressive on this. I am confused ad literally worried nearly to death.
    I do not want bad thoughts about our hopefully beloved EU if you and Jeremy think it is so progressive. I am willing to re educate myself literally any time you want.

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    1. Friend Dave! I literally thank you for your very interesting comment.

      As it happens, I am more than a little literally worried about Jeremy’s attitude to Our EU. He almost gives me the impression at times that he’s not a great fan of Our EU! But the way I look at it is that, since Hard-Right racists and Fascists – e.g. Frank Field, Kate Hoey and Gisela Stuart – are against it, and leading Progressive Leftists – e.g. me – are in favour of it, that means Our EU must be a basically Progressive Left institution, even if – like Our Venezuela – it is experiencing a few – literally – teething problems.

      I hope this helps to – literally – set your mind at rest.

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      1. I literally need re education for doubting you. We progressives must never doubt each other or our glorious mission. Mao, Castro, Marx and Lenin would never have wavered for one literally brief moment.
        My mate Ron and me are going to spend the weekend on Dartmoor in miserable but deserved squalor by way of atonement.
        PS. it will also give us good practice for when we have to deal with the 17 million plus fascists and hard rightists who are literally in need of harsh re education .
        PPS Can we now refer to the so called government as the “May Junta” ? it is the literal truth.

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    2. @ Friend Dave S. (Apologies but the Hard-Right WordPress will not allow me to reply underneath your latest post. Vicious neoliberalism gone mad.)

      You may [Groan!J.C. Honestly, Jeremy, it’s bad enough you butting in to my Blog posts – can’t you leave my replies to our esteemed commentators alone? L. Not when you make puns as bad as that one, Lefty!J.C.] indeed refer to this totally unelected Government as the “May Junta”, although my personal preference is “this totally unelected May Junta”, even if that is somewhat tautological.

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  3. Dave S. You literally wrote “So the hated May got her just desserts”. I think you are literally under an extremely sinister misapprehension. The reviled May was literally excluded from all parts of the pseudofascistic ministerial repast and saw not a morsel of the entire dinner – literally -, let alone any dessert. This food deprivation is literally reminiscent of the Nazi camps.

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  4. And who amongst us will EVER forget that day when the Original Bullingdon Beef-Cameroon Himself-was denied a morning croissant and a refill from the coffee filter when that Day of Infamy came back to haunt us all for the Nazi Brexit Blitzkrieg of the 23rd June.
    Nick Robinson, Laura Kuennsberg were also denied the warm atrium and unfettered access to the vol-au-vonts that selfsame day…Cameron did get his own morning goods next day , but the BBC have not yet got used to be sitting at the kiddies table, eating play-dough shaped as brioche.
    Oh the humanity-we no longer DARE to sit at the top table, we are not worthy and those looks at Obergruppenfuhrer May are-and were literally-deadly and deathly too.
    I can`t say this strongly enough-With our Singing Bridge and you O Mighty Leftward Leaning Helmsman od All Ages-I see us as a Troika, ready at the drop of a beret to step in with a Red Coup…I of course in charge of all things churchy…so I bless things and stuff.
    Did Lenin, Marx, Trotsky or Stalin have a chaplain?…I imagine they`d have done so…so here I am.

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  5. Your revship.
    Rumour has it that soon you are to be awarded the esteemed order of the icepick. This is in recognition of your great work upon the Red Coup. It’s running perfectly after your ministrations, 0 to 60 in 75 seconds, good as new!

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    1. Bless you my child….er, I`d best rephrase that eh?
      Imagine you`re carolling around Britains bridges as I speak…Wayne is live on the Danny Baker Show, so might be worth a pop to Pravda Spartak now-Zil lanes fogbound on the Whitechapel Rd,though, I need to add .
      Order of the Icepack eh?…would have preferred a scrapee thing to get the ice off the windscreen, but will settle for your award….wonder if Our Leader will let us have such an award ceremony EVERY week like the authors, filmmakers, BBC staff and singing slebs..who spend more times getting awards than actually DOING anything that merits one?
      I`m making room on my cassock for the medals to come, the icepick is but a letter opener in a real sense.
      You learned the words to “Feed Jo Cox” yet as sang by those Labour luvvies-wonder if Labour has a saucy calendar of the Eagle Brothers, Meg Munn, Maggie Moon, Mel Moocher and all those other office stuffers and Satlin granny lardbutts that comprise the female talent of Corbyns Cuties?
      Mrs Doyle IS available for a noddy shot if they actually want a real looker.

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      1. Tis not my award, I am merely the harbinger of bad news. If you continue in your current vein (or even artery) your irreverentship, your icepick award will come with blood-splatter clusters.

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  6. “… all these appalling consequences…”

    Dearest Lefty, you have literally omitted literally the biggest and most literally appalling consequence of all – the election of the Hard Right-wing Racist Bigot and Capitalist Pig Exploiter of the literally downtrodden classes Bully Boy Donald Trump to the position of leader of the literally richest and most powerful nation on Earth!

    And it seems you have literally failed to notice the single factor that links together the literally catastrophic Brexit with the literally apocalyptic vote for the literally Deplorable Donald Trump!

    And that factor is the influence of the literally Machiavellian Evil Bankster and metals trader – yes, you’ve guessed it! – the literally demonically inspired Nigel Farage!

    Sorry, I can’t – sob! type any more sob! I am literally overcome by grief at the betrayal of our Beloved Jeremysob! sob! and the literally sob! hideous betrayal of our dear Progressive Movement by a tiny group of literally Deplorablesob! Hard Right racists and bigots on both sides of the Pond! snivel!

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    1. Friend Catweazle! You have – literally – moved me to tears with your – literally – moving post!

      And, of course, you are – literally – right! Or, come to think, Left! (Not a bad little joke there, eh, friends! And to think Hard-Right elements claim that we on the Progressive Left have no sense of humour!) I did indeed omit practically everything of consequence from my Blog :(. And I – literally – hate myself for it!

      My only excuse – literally feeble though it is – is that Hard-Right Brexit and Far-Right Trumpery have – literally – addled my brain. Please forgive me, Friend Catweazle.

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  7. We are onsidering a new pathos metric. Catweazel666 (what a devilish nom-de-blog) posted with 5 sobs, 1 sob sob (worth 5 sobs) and 1 snivel (perhaps 0.5 sob?) – a very creditable Pathetic Index of 10.5.

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  8. Dear Esteemed Lefty Troika Committee
    As I was preparing my “Theology of Robbie Williams” series of talks with assorted youthy types( Yoothy Joyce will watch that I don`t “Come Undone” as we say)…I leapt from things Ecclesiastical….and onto things Philosophique as we schooled in French Letters might venture.
    As we know-the Left were the Third Estate under the French Kings seating-so were to the Left of him…these would be the lefties we all know and love like ourselves.
    The RIGHT though were the Fascist bully boys and nobility, as chronicled here every time we choose to write for the Ages as we do here.
    And for over 200 yrs now, we`ve gone along with this.
    BUT-would this not only be “Left and Right” as experienced by that hated fascist sun god king type?
    Surely to US-the observing dispassionate and scientific measurers of “Les Evenements”-would OUR Right be his Left and his right would have to be US…his Lefty tribuniteers ?
    So should we now call ourselves “The Right” because our betters like -well us to be frank, as well as Pope Frank, George Monbiot, Polly and Owen etc-they would have appeared to be on OUR right as we looked angrily at the King.
    Are we not now then the Real Red Revolutionary Right?…sorry if this messes up the letterheads and a few hundred years of Marxist hand gestures-but I`m an Archie, and what I say is blessed and brilliant…so a ruling on this in the Court of Capitalist Corrections from my fellow-revolutionary scamps would clarify my butter as it were….a Love Supreme, maybe?

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  9. Your revship. I never could discriminate between my sinistral and dextral sides (I think there’s a potion you can take for this), and light and dark poses problems when the sinister becomes so dominant that I have to keep my peepers unpeeped. Why should I concern myself with the users of French letters when I have to ascertain the political leanings of Darth Vader?

    Sir SOL seems to suffer from similar afflictions, with his assessments of honoured personages like Brown (the Magnificent) and Milliband (eater of kosher bacon butties) spinning like tops between hard right and progressive lefties, even in a single sentence.

    Looking forward to your Demonology of Mat Monroe, especially your deliberations on his classic “We’re going to change the world”

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