It’s – Literally – A Cracker, Friends!

Friends! Once again, Friend Fenbeagle has caricatured the viciously Far-Right nature of the Bullingdon Bully Boy May, who is undemocratically attempting to push through Hard-Right Brexit against the clearly-expressed wishes of the overwhelming majority of Our Judges, who are simply attempting to put Our EU first!


I commend Friend Fenbeagle for his – literally – thought-provoking cartoon.


And while I’m here: May [Groan!J.C. Jeremy, I wasn’t even trying to make a pun there!L.] I take this opportunity to wish all my reader [Sic!J.C. Indeed Jeremy, it’s pretty SICkening that you appear to be the only reader here! Even those die-hards Friend Singer and Friend Archbishop aren’t here!L.] a Very Happy Winterval, and a Progressive Left New Year? [No!J.C. Oh Jeremy, you are such an old curmudgeon!L.] Well, despite Jeremy, I do anyway, so – literally – there!



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8 thoughts on “It’s – Literally – A Cracker, Friends!

  1. Once again lefty you literally do my thinking for me. Happy Winterval to you and JC.
    This morning I watched Dr Zhivago on TV really to see Julie Christie.
    But as a result of your literally wise teachings I recognised the neo bourgeois nature of my actions and suddenly had that literal moment of enlightenment .
    Oh to be a fundamentalist bolshevik like those in the film. Surely you and JC us can literally lead us back to the fundamentals of bolshevism and inspire us to continue where the heroes of 1917 left off.
    Fundamental bolshevism must be the future. Pure and non bourgeois and at permanent war with the hard right Brexit loving racist scum and the literally unelected May Junta.
    Today my mate Ron raised the red flag over our dumpster and we will never remove it until victory under Jeremy ( which surely is imminent now).

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  2. Enough with this Winterval frivolity, we need guidance and urgent instruction as to what to think and how to behave with respect to new geopolitical developments.
    Firstly, how does the Jeremyostracy view the utterances of our monarch-in-waiting regarding faith, particularly the speculation that plants might be made bishops.
    Secondly, oh who cares, nothing compares with the importance of cauliflowers in vestments.

    I have heard much about this new fangled “fake news”. What measures are you taking with this SOL blog to withstand evil Tory attacks employing this heinous weapon?

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  3. Idly considering matters of considerable import – and after consuming at least three brussel sprout, sage and onion stuffing, and egg nog smoothies – my fingers turned my computery device to that evil, brexit-loving, tory excrescence Wikipedia. I found absolutely nothing when I tried the entry “Saveourlefty”.
    Are we now so influential that William Connolley needs to edit us out?

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  4. After the eggnog had worn off, helped by lashings of gingerbeer and creme de menthe chasers, I realized I should have input “Supportourlefty” into the torycyclopedia. But William Connolley has been remorseless in his task of removing all signs of our presence. Nothing on Catweasle, Ron down the dumpster, the Archbishopofalltheirelands -it’s as if our presence means nothing.

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    1. Friend Singer! The Far-Right Murdoch-controlled so-called Wikipedia is – literally – terrified of this Blog, and all who literally sail in it! And as you so wisely remark, it is pretty obvious that every effort has been made to viciously remove any evidence of us there.

      And yet, when you mention this undeniable fact to Hard-Right elements, they simply laugh in your face, and dismiss your concerns as “totally ridiculous, paranoid, conspiratorial nonsense”!

      Which, of course, merely proves that they, too, are – literally – just another part of what Our Hillary so correctly described, all those years ago, as a “vast Right-wing conspiracy”.


      1. So sorry your SOLship but which Hillary would that be? Is it “our” Hillary from across the pond who succumbed to the evil Trumpmeister and who broke her glass mirror (“who is the most unloved of all?), or is it “our” nepotistic “friend” on the backbench, brandishing knives?

        You’ll get your knuckles rapped (or wrapped) for quoting either of those right-wing losers.


  5. So sorry your SOLship but the monarch has once again overlooked your literally obvious talents and massive contributions to society (which does exist). I put it down to the dastardly right wing elements pouring vitriol into her mag’s ear against your good self. Obviously JC’s influence here is literally shambolic.

    Or am I so wrong and you refused the garter on principle?


  6. Can I be the first to wish you all-and there are PLENTY of us out here Sir Leftward of the Weald- fandabbydozy felicitations at this most seasonal-quite literally-of seasons.
    Been a lot of driving around the Fens telling the pigstickers there that we need more migration (Beards Razor rules apply)-less white trashy types unless they have stills in Spalding for my spuds to “transubstantiate” into vodka-and then poteen if I seek that Polish/Irish diversity within unity.
    Happy Santa Season to you all-that scarlet crimson look on a white background with black jackboots brings to mind the October Revolution and Tom Courteney-Pine…crap actor, very wooden!
    How do we celebrate tonight Sir Leftward?…dare I risk a RED wine, a reading from Bukharin and the light of a dying blowtorch as we set fire to any opposition?…being Cromer, I`m not sure if the Revolution OUGHT to start there really!


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