Lefty’s Winterval Season Round-Up Of Best Tweets [Someone Should Prosecute You Under The Trades Description Act For That Particular Claim, Lefty! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! Can’t You Say Even – Literally – One Nice Thing About My Writings? – L. Literally: NO, Lefty! – J.C.], 18th December-1st January

Hello, friends.

And first of all, I would like to wish you all, my Readers [Surely that should be singular, Lefty?  – J.C. Oh Jeremy! The New Year is – literally – only a few hours old, and you are already making literally snide comments on my Blog! Do you really have to? – L. Yes.J.C.] a Very Happy New Year!

Unfortunately, though, I – literally – cannot, due to Far-Right Tory Austerity, which is literally devastating this so-called society of ours – which, never let it be forgotten, friends, Thatcher first denied the existence of, and then totally destroyed.

Good news, friends!

However, there is one – literally – little flicker of light in the Far-Right gloom of vicious Hard-Right Brexit, along with this totally unelected Tory Government, and the totally unelected Far-Right Trump!  And if you look very carefully, there is – literally – a good chance that you’ll be able to hear it!

Twitter timeline on this Blog, friends!

Which is, thanks to the miracles of modern Science, my Twitter timeline is now automatically appearing on this Blog (on the right-hand sidebar, a little way down), which means that, rather than having to go to the Far-Right racist neoliberal Twitter to see them, you can read them here on the neoliberal racist Hard-Right WordPress instead! Clever, huh! [That’s two places I’m going to be avoiding in future then, Lefty! – J.C.  Oh, Jeremy! Admit it – you love my stuff, really! – L. No comment! – J.C.]

Let’s get it over with, shall we, friends?

Anyway, friends, there’s quite a few Tweets from the Winterval season to – literally – get through, so let’s – literally – get them over with, eh! [Now, just for once, I agree with you, Lefty! – J.C.  Why, thank you, Jeremy!L.]

Sunday 18th December

Monday 19th December

Tuesday 20th December

Wednesday 21st December

Thursday 22nd December

Friday 23rd December

Saturday 24th December (Winterval Eve)

Sunday 25th December (Winterval Day)

Monday 26th December (the viciously Hard-Right so-called Boxing Day)

Tuesday 27th December

Wednesday 28th December

Thursday 29th December

Friday 30th December

Saturday 31st December

Sunday 1st January


Sing-song cancelled due to Tory Cuts, friends!

Alas, friends, due to the aforementioned Hard-Right Tory Austerity, our usual little sing-song has had to be cancelled. And STILL Far-Right elements claim that Tory Cuts aren’t – literally – devastating this world, and indeed elsewhere!

Answers to the Christmas Quiz, friends!

But one bit of good news: the Answers to my Christmas (2017) Quiz will be published on Tuesday, friends!  Don’t forget to – literally – tune in then!


10 thoughts on “Lefty’s Winterval Season Round-Up Of Best Tweets [Someone Should Prosecute You Under The Trades Description Act For That Particular Claim, Lefty! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! Can’t You Say Even – Literally – One Nice Thing About My Writings? – L. Literally: NO, Lefty! – J.C.], 18th December-1st January

  1. lefty
    My mate Ron and me have had to hold an emergency meeting in the dumpster to decide whether ” Happy New year” is literally neo liberal fascist speak typical of hard rightists and the May junta.
    Does our Jeremy have a edict on this we can literally follow?
    In the absence of guidance we will literally be forced to censure you for using “happy new year.”
    What is happy about Brexit, Trump or grinding the faces of the poor into the dust ?
    What is new about this literally typical hard right May junta oppressed , brexit loving year?
    We need hope and the certainty that under our Jeremy’s and your wise guidance we can literally go into 2018 under the red flag of glory( neo bolshevism) and consign the May junta in to the dustbin of history not our dumpster which will become a shrine for all those who have literally longed for the victory of our Jeremy aided by your wisdom.

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    1. Friend Dave! I – literally – accept your strictures! 2017 is indeed going to be – literally – the worst year ever, and we on the Progressive Left must – literally – seize the opportunities that this will provide us, just as we did in 2016, with such notable success.

      BTW, I hope you’re willing to play the organ for tomorrow’s Blog? I am – literally – roping you in for this, as Diane and Emily are still on their Cuban Winterval Break. TIA!

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  2. Seconded Dave S.
    Like to think that-as a Lambeth suckup who advises both the Pope and Justin-that my blessing will be appreciated by all concerned…and our Dear Leader in particular.
    And-my decision is this-without being a presumptuous, unctuous creepy priestly type-I have judged that Happy New Year IS Fascist speak that denies the upward utopian destiny of man that comes only with Our Lefty and his dynastic roots- Kill Some Young, and Kill Some Dung.
    May I request a suitably large picture of Sir Leftward and his predecessors in large frames, so I can light candles under them as we plot the revolution.
    Yes-It`s Fascist-and I am resolved to root out the “HNY” counter-revolutionary cadres, whenever and wherever I find them-my cat is under suspicion, and i`m watching out for his deviancy…is that wrong?

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  3. You mean these are literally the BEST tweets? Jeremy’s teeth!! What are the others like?

    At long last a real benefit from the dastardly Tory austerity. Who’d’ve thunk it? But I’m a suspicious cove, I wonder if the sing-song absence might have been caused by over-indulgence (playing bagpipes while inebriated is still a capital offense) or the result of complaints from your Lib-Dem neighbours who you are trying to suck up to.

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  4. We at the Revolutionary Guard stand foursquare behind Our Dear Leader, and await instructions. We have an anti-Fascist Front that works under the guise of a Churchwomens Guild-it`s called “Stitch and Bitch”, on a Tuesday morning, but all we discuss are Our Leaders tweets, and what code is enclosed, and how near we might be to the Insurrection.
    Once read we no longer need to bake them and then eat them as our pioneering exemplar,Rosa Klebs might have had to do
    Both North Korea and Libya seemed fond of a female guard, and some among us are wondering if that might also be required for Our Leader here? We stand proud, pert and willing to serve!…well some of us anyway!
    Have a Red, Resurgent 2017. Len McClusky has been sent the cyanide souffle as someone close to the Leader suggested.

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  5. This Red Resurgent 2017, is it a good vintage with an appropriate astringent bouquet?

    Do you need jacqueboots and conique-style chesticle protection? Available at all good leftish suppliers.

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    1. Can I offer you my housekeeper for one of your Chansons sous Les Ponts soirees?
      On New years Eve she allowed me to drink a cheeky red from one of her thigh high boots, polished to a gauleiter standard that I thought had been abolished by the Red Army in 1945. Right cause, but simply dreadful boot polish-Kiwi?…cherry blossom?…nein danke, Eva say I!
      This was indeed followed by the Madonna 1990 tribute in JP Gaultiers near-legendary golden cones as we vogued and expressed ourselves . Poor Gregory Porter and the other duffers on Hootenanny got no look-in as she danced around the sponge fingers and sherry trifle. Her starter was a chipolata and a pair of button mushrooms presented under a fair few layers of rolled fat-which seems to be how these ladies “do code”….what was she trying to say I wonder?
      The ladies all seemed jolly enough at Vespers last night, but sense they`re making sport with me….so i`ll try and pack them off and I offer them to you by way of a shock troupe a la Ivy Benson for “The Revolution”.
      Contact me via the altar boy who gets my smokes and lays my bets in Wednesbury on Tuesdays-or is it the other way round?
      Happy New Year, my Masters of the Rebels

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  6. Many thanks for your overwhelming generosity your archbishopric. Unfortunately I don’t do foreign bridges. Their denizens tend not to understand the Queen’s vernacular and always want to do the descant.

    The other good ladies also might well be surplus (get the joke!!??) to requirements.

    Am saving unwanted Christmas chocolate for your Easter shindig. Do you want a bunny or a Roman centurian brandishing a bloody spear? Your choice.

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