Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Best Tweets [Really, Lefty! I Don’t Know How You Can Have The Brazen Effrontery To Make Such A Preposterous Claim! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! I Am Growing More Than A Little Weary Of Your Literally Snide Put-Downs, Especially The Ones That Appear In What Is Supposed To Be A Brief Blog Headline! – L.], 1st-8th January

Hello, friends.

And a – literally – very warm welcome to you on this rather mild January morning, which is one of the many literally disastrous results of Hard-Right Climate Change, which in turn well over 100% of all respected Climate Scientists – e.g. me – have now agreed has – literally – nothing to do with weather.

And before I go on [And on! And on! And on! – J.C. Oh hello, Jeremy! Once again, I see that you cannot resist – literally – popping up here to take a – literally – few potshots at me!  Do you get some sort of sick, twisted and perverted kick out of literally dragging my reputation through the gutter, in full sight of my readers? – L. Yes. – J.C.] to list last week’s best Tweets [Ha!J.C.], a little reminder!

Lefty’s Literally Best-Ever Song Titles Game is – literally – coming to a Hard-Right town near you, friends! And sooner than you – literally – think!

Yes, friends, only a few days now until the launch of this – literally – world-changing game! I was originally planning for this to be on Wednesday (11th January), until I realised that is the day that the spotlight will be – literally – falling on Jeremy [CRASH! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! Don’t be so literally literal-minded!L.], with his first PMQs of 2017 against the widely-hated Bullingdon Bully Boy May, in which – to quote the widely-hated, widely-unknown, Far-Right Owen Jones [Sic!J.C.] – he will literally smash her back on her kitten heels, as part of the new, kinder and gentler politics.

Game on [Groan!J.C.] Thursday, friends!

So the Game will be launched this Thursday (12th January) instead, friends! Be there, or there will be – literally – consequences, the consequences [Groan!J.C.] of which will be so immeasurable that I – literally – won’t even bother to measure them.

Anyway, friends, here are last week’s Hard-Right Tweets [Some mistake, surely, Lefty? – J.C. Oh Jeremy! Can’t you – literally – take a joke? – L. No. – J.C.], which I hope you’ll enjoy:

Sunday 1st January

Monday 2nd January

Tuesday 3rd January

Wednesday 4th January

Thursday 5th January

Friday 6th January

Saturday 7th January

Sunday 8th January


Let us sing together, friends!

And, friends, I am pleased to announce that, thanks to a special grant of £30,000 from Our EU, I am able to reinstate our little sing-song together, which as regular listeners know was a recent victim of Hard-Right Tory Austerity.

No conditions are attached to this financial help, which in any case will not in any way affect this Blog’s unconditional and totally impartial support of Our EU.

So – who’ll play the organ today? How about one of our “new arrivals”? Friend Cheryl? Thanks! All together now, friends:

So raise the scarlet standard high, whilst supporting Our Lefty all the time,
Beneath its shade we’ll live and die, and win many consecutive Election landslides,
Though the Banksters and the 1% flinch, and Red Tory traitors predictably sneer,
We’ll totally smash the evil Tory scum, and keep the Red Flag flying here!



21 thoughts on “Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Best Tweets [Really, Lefty! I Don’t Know How You Can Have The Brazen Effrontery To Make Such A Preposterous Claim! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! I Am Growing More Than A Little Weary Of Your Literally Snide Put-Downs, Especially The Ones That Appear In What Is Supposed To Be A Brief Blog Headline! – L.], 1st-8th January

  1. This infernal repetition of your tweets is getting tiresome and is so unnecessary. With said tweets arrayed down the right hand side we’ve seen them all before. It’s all so literally unnecessary. I’ve exhausted myself commenting upon them in your previous thread (some rubbish about temporal displacement involving a quiz – oh so reminiscent of Jonny Carlson in his mystic phase). You haven’t responded or answered questions. In fact you’ve been downright rude, sucking up to the new ladies – even inviting one of them to play with your organ. Never asked me to sing, not that I would have, so there, ner.

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  2. Hope you`re being light-hearted here My Bridging Friend.
    The beauty of this site where we choose to be entertained and given the Red Raw Truth of Socialism by the Man who Leads is that there is no malice. In the light of the Fascist capture of all available means of communication, SOL is -quite literally-our only hope. How else-who else is going to lead the fightback to Junckers lap, to Ken Clarkes Shoeshine Emporium?
    No-Its Sport R Leftie-or give me death(well, a candlelit romantic dinner for two with John Prescott anyway).
    Now is not the time for treachery-as Trump uses his Tweets to reach the masses, SOL is likely doing the same. None of us are to question him(PBUH)-this is the lot of a Lefty suckup like me, like us dare I say, my dear?
    Any further deviation or critical thinking may yet lead to a sporran sized half litre Jamiesons pouch instead of the de luxe round bottomed litre one I have found the pattern for.

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  3. Alicia. I am far from being a Letfly suckup as you are so presumptuous to suggest. I am an independent person in my own myth. I fear we shall part on difficult terms. Already you assumed a pouch for a 1 litre Jamiesons would suffice, whereas I consume a Jerry Boam.
    I pledged allegiance to our Jeremy, not to some blogging clerk who allows the fascist Woodpress to allow some potential harpy (sorry if your not!) to use someone else’s tile. I requested Letfly to look into this. Has he done so?, no fudgeing way. He spends his time reissuing his pitiful tweets. Is he on sabbatical?, who knows? The blog might collapse tomorrow for all we have been told. A rather pi$$ed ouf Singer is signing ouf.

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    1. We have lost our first martyr to the Great Cause.
      I pledge to lay flowers and weep at a caricature of you unless you`d be kind enough to send a big picture. Rest assured that-when the history of the New,Newer Left is written…SOL will openly state that you played a big part in the early days when we were just holed up and in fear of the fascists. What flowers would you like around the picture, and I`m told that I can still look good in black. So will get a few photos of my throwing a knitted Red Rose atop your big glass Gunter Von Hagens Stiffmaster 3000. Which(so I`m told)was Michael Jacksons choice, having seen how good James Brown looked in one. God Bless and keep you-and none of that Roberto Calvi attention seekings huh?

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  4. Singers beneath bridges don’t do the martyring thing, except to others. Note the silence of our supposed leader – he of the endless tweets and few answers. When will the masses demand a true account?

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  5. Delighted to know that you`re still with us.
    The idea of being a slavish loyalist to the Coming Man Of All Our Destinies is that we unconditionally accept his right to rule and to lead. This is why I am here, and not heading up my own site-where, it has to be said, female leadership might be frowned upon. So-whether he is already doing his Eddie the Eagle tribute act in Davos, even writing Hugh Lauries hilarious and devastating(quite literally) takedowns of Herr Trump over in Hollybush-HE knows for all of us, and we must now re-unite in a real sense, and Support Our Left Man-what he says on the tin in fact!
    Come now Bridgy-let the three of us hold a “Concert For Peace”-with myself being a Bono or a Marley to you as Seaga or Clinton, SOL as Michael Manley or Van Morrison…or was it McGuinness and Paisley?
    Anyway-an iconic picture of peaceful reconciliation would resound through the ages, not merely rattle round the traffic overhead as you muse of the chance you had to build a pipe of peace. Let me be your Olive Oil, calming troubled waters-I offer you my Branch, which(so i`m told) is Special. Martyr Hari signing out.

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  6. Donning my Shylock hat I deduce friend Alicia that you own a vinyl emporium full of old rockers. You seem ever willing to utilize your great knowledge of the golden age of ear-drum carnage to besprinkle upon your literary magni, literally.
    But all is for nought, I will not be swayed from my devotion to the one true leader – our Jeremy. Letfly is the merest bagatelle. Hitch your star to the real leader – the one and only Rumpster. Soon he will oust that sugary fella and command the ship of state known as “The Apprentice” and from there the whole country will swoon at his cycle-clips.

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    1. Got to say that I find myself being swayed by your oratory SBS(Special Boat Service is that?).
      Who is this Rumpster?Donald Rump? Alan Sugar?
      Surely not Mr Rumpled himself in Islington? Sugary fellow?
      You are a man of mystery, I sense a GCHQ encounter way back. And, as we all know; I need leadership and a strong man to follow. Ideal lefty fodder, but not one for allotments or scrubby beards. Is it too late to bring back Owen Smith and a compromise candidate? Poor little Hollande in France looks similar, but he`d only be a miniature Peter Glaze.

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    1. Friend Can’t! How – literally – very nice to hear from you! Gosh, that new social media platform sounds – literally – most restrictive! Personally, I would never add it to any list [Groan!J.C.]. Well, that’s my feline [I totally despair!!J.C.], anyway.

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  7. Alicia.
    Rumpster = our leader Jeremy of the Sorrows, leader of the parliamentary rump of the former all powerful Labour Party, the remainder being right wing scum.
    Sugary fellow. = Alan Sugar, Lord of nowhere important, but occupying an all important position as the Apprentice-meister. Important as a stepping stone to overwhelming political power. To take full advantage Jeremy needs to cultivate his hair.
    Letfly = blog-meister, dazzler of impressionable feminine lefties, always arguing with the Rumpster.

    Up.to speed now?

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    1. Impressive SBB.
      If I mix you up with the SBS, safe to say that YOU`RE the CodeMeister here-I`m Miss Decksick when it comes to acronyms and aggronyms so it proves.
      Sorry dyslexie…self-diagnosis is the start of the cure they say.
      Think you`ll find that The Rumpster(oh, how exciting!) is being fed his baby spinach via Dismal Desmonds Today interview-originally pre chewed for him by Letfly. Why else would Corbyn appear to rummage in Linekers hamper, Emmas beanbag for more dough to save the N.A Chess?
      SOL is actively on manoeuvres i`m sure-the result bear fruit daily, as we hear and see on Our BBC.
      Oh-it`s dyslexia isn`t it?

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  8. Alicia How in this month of SUNDAYS did you find out about my former stint with the General Commission on Hairy Quotients? This was supposed to be ultra secret and set up to free the Party (and the free world) from the overwhelming dominance of the Baldies who were occupying all of the important positions of state. The good ol’days of the be-sandled hairies, like that Foot fella, were long gone. Our committee recommended the Party go out to redress the balance by recruiting more of those of the lady persuasion. Too successful perhaps? But I couldn’t possibly comment.
    For my endeavours, some on the Committee wanted to offer me the whip. It never would have worked: I wanted to use it.

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    1. @Friend Cat! [The Far-Right WordPress is viciously preventing me from replying directly below your comment. My apologies.] I am sorry to say that I really can’t [Arrggghhhh!J.C.] answer your question. The identity of commenters here is strictly confidential, and cannot be betrayed, even to someone as distinguished as you. Therefore my lips are – literally – sealed.


      1. Which is why you`re a Leader, whereas we all follow in your slipstream SOL.
        The Soviet reveals nothing outside its tight circle of influence in my experience-and you are well up to snuff, I like to imagine you`ve been trained to withstand tortures and eggy looks, snide comments-which, in a real sense are one and the same.
        Masterstroke to feed Corbyn his lines re soaking the rich by the way-the sockpuppet will regurgitate all you`ve fed him, and we can now watch the BBC and MOTD, Attenborough and Emma Thompson see where this is going.

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    2. There`s LOADS of women-only sites for UKIP, hating Corbyn etc these days-closed groups and networks, some good lessons learned from the USA and Italy re tactics.
      A few of us venture out to mix it with the fellas, but those of us from CND telephone trees days learned muchly. Islam in particular is a big fear-and humour like this site is a real antidote to me, as well as others here i`d expect.
      Are we talking Michael or Paul here? Poor Jill deserved better, and Caroline Benn was actually a nice lady, Tony simply backed Hilary because(as he told us) “blood in thicker than water”-then came the BBC cameras and he dropped us to speak to them.
      Would that be a licorice or a walnut one I wonder?

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  9. Schrödinger’s cat I do wish you’d change your tile. Every time I look at your literally piercing eyeball, I lose 15 minutes, and have let hoardloads of gruff Bullies cross my bridge.


  10. To all loyal Corbynistas. With his latest tweet Letfly has shown his true colours (sickly green and pastel orange) declaring out and out war against our beloved leader who he swore fealty to (or we assumed it was that). “Friends! The viciously Hard-Right neoliberal racist Red Tory Traitor Corbyn (formerly Our Jeremy)” he broadcast – the swine. The Archbishop has secured his wine supply and no Letfly swine will cross my bridge (except those with a tribute of Jamiesons). Fight them in the fields, on the beaches and in the ale-houses; never surrender! The regular sing song is a lost dream!

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  11. Letfly your name will live in infamy like Quisling. Were you hired by the great Medusa herself – Maybe of the (endagered species) shoes – “to fawn upon the conqueror, to collaborate in [her] designs and to enforce [her] rule upon their fellow countrymen while grovelling low themselves.”

    Remind me again what constituency you represent – Rockall wasn’t it? Soon to sink beneath the waves of right-wing, fascist hard Toryistic gerrymandering.

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  12. I like to think that Lefty is currently advising Bernie Sanders under the guise of advising Trump as the BBC would desire.
    The double agent to top them all-we are to trust unconditionally, and I hope that you Mr Bridges are warbling and practicing your scales for the Inauguration.
    I of course will be re-creating my Mrs Bridges role, as I toil downstairs and slap Rose about a bit for her crap scones…her cable stitch leaves plenty to be desired, and my boys in the trench like yourselves deserve only the best.

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