Lefty’s Literally Best-Ever Songs Title Game Is Officially “On”, Friends! Please Join With Me In – Literally – Inserting The Word “Literally” In To – Literally – As Many Song Titles As You Can Literally Think Of, As The Number Of Song Titles With “Literally” In Them Is – Literally – Scandalously Miniscule, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And as you may have shrewdly inferred from the title of this Blog, I am more than a little disturbed [You said it, Lefty! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! Please quit making literally cheap jokes at my expense!L.] at the sheer lack of songs in this Hard-Right world – and indeed elsewhere – that contain that literally favourite word of mine, i.e. – literally – “literally”!

And so, to help rectify this literally deplorable state of affairs, I am pleased and proud to announce that I am today – literally – launching Lefty’s Literally Best-Ever Song Titles Game, simultaneously – literally in stereo, friends! – here on the racist neoliberal Hard-Right WordPress, as well as on the Far-Right neoliberal racist Twitter!

Rules, friends!

Rules are strictly – and indeed literally –  for tiresome Hard-Right pedants, friends! But here are some Guidelines:

  1. Insert the word “literally” in to song titles, but only if it makes sense. For instance, I Want To Literally Hold Your Hand is fine, whereas, e.g., Literally Michelle – literally – ain’t much good. (But see Rule Guideline 5, which shows a way of getting round the problem with the latter type of song.)
  2. “Literally” can be used literally as many times as you want within any song title, if it works – e.g. Literally Everything She Literally Does Is Literally Magic.
  3. “Literally” can be placed in different places in the same song, e.g. you could have a variant of the example in 1., viz I Literally Want to Hold Your Hand. Or, going on from the example in 2., you could have I Literally Want to Literally Hold Your Hand.
  4. Using dashes (or, indeed, any kind of punctuation) for added impact is also fine, e.g. We Are – Literally – The Champions, as opposed to We Are Literally The Champions. Or even a mixture of the two, and indeed following on from point 2, We Are Literally The – Literally – Champions.
  5. I am going to let you all – literally – “cheat” a bit, friends! Some song titles really aren’t – literally – capable of incorporating “literally”, so to expand the number of possible songs in this game, you may use a line from the song, provided the line includes the song title in it. For instance, ELO’s Livin’ Thing is not really a suitable title for adding “literally” to; but there are lines in it in which “literally” would literally go very well, e.g. “It’s a – literally –  livin’ thing! It’s a – literally – terrible thing to lose!”. 
  6. Giving the artist’s name would be helpful, as one person’s famous song is another’s obscure number! But for anyone having to work within the Far-Right Twitter’s vicious 140-character limit, this Rule Guideline is generously waived, if necessary.
  7. If the artist’s name is used, “Literally” may also be used in their name when it works, e.g. Literally The Police: Don’t Literally Stand So Literally Close To Me.
  8. Any kind of song is permitted! (The lack of “literally’s” in songs is not literally confined to Far-Right pop songs, friends!) For instance, Hard-Right Classical Music fans are also encouraged to contribute, e.g. the viciously militaristic and imperialistic I Am – Literally – The Model Of A Modern Major General, or indeed, A Policeman’s Lot Is – Literally – Not A Happy One.
  9. Album titles may also be used, e.g. Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Literally Here, or Genesis’s The Lamb Literally Lies Down on Broadway .
  10. There is no point 10, friends. [There doesn’t seem to be any point to this whole bloody thing, Lefty! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! Stop being such a literally damp squib!L.]
  11. It will not be assumed that using any particular song in this game means endorsement of it. For instance, I would not want anyone to think that, were I suddenly to literally blurt out You’re – Literally – Beautiful, this meant I was literally a fan of the Hard-Right Blunt. [Who’s Blunt, Lefty? Is he on our List Of Far-Right Red Tory Traitors For Deselection? – J.C. I’ll explain later, Jeremy. Am rather busy at the moment.L.]
  12. Feel free to re-use any of the examples given here if you wish, but obviously they will not be eligible for the prize (see below).
  13. Anyone breaking any of the above Rules Guidelines, especially Rule Guideline 10, will be – literally – shot. (Only – literally – joking, friends!)

Prizes, friends!

The person who, in my – literally – totally impartial opinion, makes the best contribution(s) will win a free copy of my forthcoming tome, Lefty’s Literally Little Read Book Of Literally Literary Delights, personally rubber-stamped signed by Yours Truly.

My decision will be – literally – final. No appeal against it will be allowed, as the last thing this Blog needs is a whole load of literally appealing people, literally appealing against it.


Let us literally *not* sing together, friends!

Friends, time is – literally – of the essence! We need to get this game – literally – off the ground as soon as possible!  So, if you’ll forgive me – and indeed, even if you literally won’t – let us literally skip our traditional sing-song today, and instead – literally – get down to the business of doing what this Blog has today set out to do, whatever it is (I have to confess, friends, that I have – literally – forgotten! My memory is – literally – not very good!).

So, friends, let’s – literally – get going!


49 thoughts on “Lefty’s Literally Best-Ever Songs Title Game Is Officially “On”, Friends! Please Join With Me In – Literally – Inserting The Word “Literally” In To – Literally – As Many Song Titles As You Can Literally Think Of, As The Number Of Song Titles With “Literally” In Them Is – Literally – Scandalously Miniscule, Friends!

  1. Message from the redoubt: the civil war continues but I am forced from my foreward bridge outpost by hoards of Letfly guerrillas masquerading as gorrillas (at least one). So I was right and the sing song is now a faded dream. Perhaps, like the Trumpster, art-easts are giving Letfly the bum’s rush.
    Cannot understand why St. Jerome (aka our Jeremy) still converses with the vulgate swine. Perhaps its all in my head or the result of imbibing too much of the Irish nectar. Nevertheless, I have foreswarn futher use of the “l” word in prose or verse.

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  2. Frank Zappa – literally – reveals the Great Chancellor’s fiscal aptitude:

    Literally – A Pound for – literally – a Brown – literally – on the bus

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  3. Literally dreaming my literal dreams with you- Waylon Jennings .And one specially for lefty
    Literally I’ve always been literally crazy – the late great Waylon again.
    Literally so long Marianne literally- Leonard Cohen
    Literally save the lase literal dance for me literally- The Drifters and others

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  4. Literally poetry in Momentum; literally a song about Jezza: The Dopey Blokey

    You literally put your left leg in, literally your left leg out, literally in, literally out and you literally shake it all about; you literally do the Dopey Blokey and you literally u-turn around, that’s literally what he’s all about.

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  5. Let you love literally flow – Bellamy Brothers
    Two minutes to literally midnight – Iron Maiden
    Stairway to literally heaven – Led Zep
    Midnight literally lady -Sutherland Bros & Quiver
    A Horse with literally no name – America
    The man literally from the planet marzipan – Marillion

    Must literally get out more – feargal the cat 😉

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  6. Literal Children-Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas.
    Literal Things-Dave Berry
    A Literal Love and Understanding-Gilbert Bacaud
    Literal Red Rooster-Rolling Stones
    A Literal less love,a lot more conversation-Elvis(RIP Mix)
    A Literal Respect-Erasure
    A Literal Bit Me , A Literally Bit You-Monkees
    Literal Arrows-Leapy Lee
    A Literal Bit of Soap-Showaddywaddy
    Literal Drummer Boy-David Bowie and Clive Dunn.

    Have I done good SOL?…or do I have to go and serve at Paul Gambaccinis soiree this weekend, seeing as he gave me most of these? He`s a hard man to please, and his Lloyd Grossman impression is not as good as he thinks it is. But I`M not going to tell him. Would you?

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    1. Friend Alicia! That was a most innovative list, and for that you deserve a prize! If LLLRBOLLD ever – literally – sees the light of day, you will definitely receive a gratis copy :).

      Not sure, though, that I dare to tell the Hard-Right Gambaccini that appalling bit of news. He’s very thin-skinned, you know, as well as being a Far-Right Blairite. So, the good news is that you literally do not have to serve at his soiree!


      1. My sincerest commiserations Alicia. You could always use it as a fire-starter, but I suppose with Letfly’s brain washing, you will treasure it.

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      2. What a literally brave soul you literally are. No fear of all those ghosts that are literally compiling “your” Lefty’s Literally Little Read Book Of Literally Literary Delights. Literally literal alliteration holds no fear for you, even by proxy.

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  7. The people’s flag is literally deepest red
    It shrouded oft our martyred dead
    And ere their limbs literally grew stiff and cold
    Their hearts’ blood dyed to every fold

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  8. Would liked to have let this go-but how can i?
    1. Was MIchael Stipe literally “Losing His Religion”?-or are we walking hyped fakery here?
    2. Did John Paul Jones REALLY think that “Love Was Literally In the Air”-or was this mere hyperbole for grandiose effect.
    When you go through all the songs-they`re ALL exaggerated-how many song titles would pass as “Literally true” as a proposition? Hardly any.
    Bullshitting popsters-no wonder we didn`t listen re Brexit.

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  9. Friend Alicia!

    1. The Hard-Right Stipe was probably – literally – lying through his hind legs on this.

    2. The viciously Far-Right John Paul Jones [Smith, Lefty! – J.C. No, Jeremy, you’re confused here! I guess it’s because you are no longer Young!L. Groan!J.C.] was apparently playing keyboards and bass guitar for the Hard-Right Led Zeppelin in the late 70s when he suddenly decided to write that literally sugary ballad. But as he didn’t want to damage his – literally – street cred, he changed his last name. Until now, amazingly, he managed to keep this disgraceful episode secret, until you – literally – spilled the beans on this Blog today. Unbelievable, eh.


    1. Oh dear, That HRT seems to have messed with her memory doesn`t it?
      Indeed El Presidente-it WAS Aussie Bard John Paul Young-who had further success when he became just Luton cobber Paul Young-who serenaded us all over the Snakebites and pina coladas during the riots of 1981.
      It`s grand when we have a leader who fearlessly steps in when the likes of Toyko Rose gets her knickers in a knot.
      Leadership is male dearie!

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      1. Friend Cheryl! It is not just Friend Alicia! I am often confused [You said it, Lefty! J.C. Please, Jeremy, stop literally interrupting me when I am literally in mid-flow!L.] by all these so-called pop artists, who all look and sound – literally – the same.

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  10. Time to literally Glam up Friends!

    Fox Literally on the Run.

    The Lies Literally In Your Eyes

    Burn Literally On The Flame

    I Love To Literally Boogie.

    Mama Weer Literally All Crazee Now

    Cum On Literally Feel The Noize

    We’ll Literally Bring The House Down

    Skweeze Me, Literally Pleeze Me

    The Man Who Literally Sold The World

    Boys Literally Keep Swinging

    This Is Literally Not America.

    The Hearts Literally Filthy Lesson

    We Are Literally The Dead.

    Panic Literally in Detroit.

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  11. The Beatles:

    We Can – Literally – Work It Out

    Please – Literally! – Please Me

    Can’t Literally Buy Me Love

    I Literally Saw Her Standing There

    Here, There And Literally Everywhere

    I Am – Literally – The Walrus

    All You Literally Need Is Love

    While My Guitar Literally Gently Weeps


  12. Lefty – Off the subject but i find that when adding comments on various blogs I am unable to stop myself literally trying to conform to your wonderful style so that I
    1-Make little sense any more
    2. have no real convictions other than a criminal intent to deceive.
    3. Sound literally barmy.
    Is this what happens when our Jeremy and your good self start to literally take over political discourse in the land. ?
    I feel the need for a manifesto from you and Jeremy and a lie down.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Friend Dave! Fear not! These are just the – literally – birth pangs of a new Progressive Left Enlightenment, which is [*are*, Lefty!J.C. No, Jeremy – I’m referring to the Progressive Left Enlightenment, which is singular, not the birth pangs.L.] now literally sweeping this country, and will soon literally take over the entire world, and indeed elsewhere!

      As this literally great Enlightenment literally takes over your mind and body, you will progressively [Groan!J.C.] find that everything that once seemed like nonsense, now seems like – literally – just straightforward commonsense.

      My Little Read Book will make everything – literally – clear.

      I trust that this little explanation literally helps. Friend Singer and Friend Alicia are literally on hand to help, should you need further advice.


      1. Many thanks. I do feel enlightenment coming on. My family noticed this . I keep calling them”‘Progressive Rebecca” etc.
        Now I am on the way to enlightenment we must avoid the dreaded faction splitters.
        Devotion to Jeremy is the only course for me now.
        Your book is going to make us all literally superhuman .
        Onward to glory .

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  13. Letfly, just how do you do it – brainwash by blog? Fortunately us trolls are immune, or do I only think I am?
    Nah – the book’s still rubbish, and it’s not me hearing the saintly Jeremy in my head!!

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    1. Singer , None of us are immune now. In our dreams we see our Jeremy gliding through London on his bike as the lights change on his approach and the black cabs literally vanish in front of him. it is the literal genius of Lefty that has bought this about.
      And the BOOK .It will be the literal truth.

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      1. DaveS, Oh you poor, poor sod. He’s infested your dreams now has he? Take care, don’t go anywhere near South Kensington where the V&A has just fallen to the quiz-ling (not an allusion to this literally fantastic song contest) , and the Potteries are now threatened by the undead kippers. No longer will we be able say with confidence that our Party is going to pot with our saintly Jeremy.


  14. Literally, there’s antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium, and hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and rhenium,….and literally every other blxxdy element.


  15. Letfly, I note with literally great dismay that the contribution from our fraternal Italian comrades to this competition (see above), expecting equa considerazione (= fair consideration) has been met with zero mi piace (= zero likes). Do you really want Momentum to be banned from Cafe Nero?

    Zero mi piace for a Puccini masterpiece is a disgrace, especially in connection with our now difficult relations with the EU.

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  16. Letfly, a message from our Italian brothers/comrades but no longer friends: “You thought “Che gelida manina – Letteralmente” one of the most beautiful arias ever written of a man displaying his grande passionata for his beloved Mimi and her cold hands, you thought this masterpiece was a coded political message. Bastarda, zat is an ‘ate crime. No longer will we infest zis site of profound philistinehood”.

    Can’t say I blame them.

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