Formal notice of closure of blog

Hello to everyone who reads this blog – it’s Jeremy Corbyn here. I hate to intrude, as plainly some of you are having a bit of fun here, but I have something important to tell you all.

Some of you may remember my announcement here, just over four months ago, to the effect that – and I quote my exact words – “I have had no choice but to relieve Lefty of his position as Chief Staff Writer for this Blog.”

In it, I explained in quite some detail the reasons behind this decision, which was not taken lightly, and indeed even with some regret. I do not wish to go over all this old ground again, especially as it’s a matter of public record that Lefty’s position had become untenable.

Naturally, after making this announcement, I supposed that Lefty would desist from writing here – especially as he was given a generous severance package, which many would consider over-generous, considering the circumstances of his departure, which for legal reasons I cannot go in to here, but which, believe me, were pretty damning.

Imagine, therefore, my surprise to discover the other day, that far from following the agreement to desist from continuing the blog, Lefty has continued much as before, and indeed even worse, as I see now that he regards regurgitating some distinctly oddball-sounding Tweets on a weekly basis, along with some ridiculous “game” concerning pop song titles, as an acceptable alternative to producing a serious blog aimed at working people in general, and the Labour movement in particular.

The fact that he is no longer being paid for his output is, frankly, neither here or there. An agreement was made, and it has not been honoured. I regard this as a pretty serious breach of faith.

I therefore have had no alternative but to take recourse to the law. I have applied to the High Courts for an injunction to be taken out against Lefty, which will forbid him from writing any more blog posts here. This will take effect immediately, and so you can expect to hear no more from him, at least so far as this blog is concerned.

Naturally, I regret having had to take what some of you may regard as a somewhat drastic step, but Lefty’s flagrant disregard of our previous agreement left me – to use one of his favourite words – literally no alternative.

The future

I have now decided, following extensive consultations with colleagues, that there is really no future for this blog, even now that Lefty has finally been removed from any role in it. Its reputation has been so badly tarnished by Lefty’s irresponsible and wayward behaviour that, if the Labour movement should decide at some point in the future to start a new blog, it would be better for this to be done from scratch.

I am naturally sorry if any of you are disappointed by this decision, but hope you will understand the reasons for it.

Best wishes,



22 thoughts on “Formal notice of closure of blog

  1. I am literally stunned. Jeremy has betrayed us literally. He is nothing other than a far right May junta stooge like that other fiend Trustan or whatever he calls himself.

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  2. The use of the initials indicates the conflation between Jeremy Corbyn, the man; someone we all admire and revere deeply; and Jesus Christ, Pantocrator, Redemptor and The Model for F H Bradley’s Absolute.

    This exegesis should identify His appearance on this very page as evidence of the Second Coming, where the wicked are called to account for their transgressions and then given special housing and a car by the State.

    Matthew the tax collector, Peter the Rock, Simon the Zealot, John son of Zebedee, and that son of Alphaeus called quite properly the Lesser, all these have spread The Message. What exactly the message is appears to be a matter of sub judice, subject to the even higher Authority of the Supreme Court, if we can really believe that Carter Ruck has literally been retained by the Almighty to fight His Corner.

    Despite the formidable array of forces assembled against the tireless Lefty, this Cosmic Globalism has got out of hand and the Powers That Be have failed to realised it. Time to bring matters back down to earth and recognise true effort, which can appear misplaced, is for the General Good – if only because of the Law of Unintended Consequences.

    Please use our hashtag to indicate the huge level of support for our tyreless champion, somewhere in a layby on the A34.

    Always remember that you can trust nothing you read on the internet – except on this page

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  3. Lefty I have to add that my mate Ron is at this moment literally enraged beyond all reason. He is smashing up the lifesize sculpture (did I mention he was a sculptor? along with being a complete waster( by Corbyn’s standards) ) of the vile Corbyn , formerly our Jeremy using the very hammer he had just forged to place in the said Corbyn’s hand along with the sickle ( not yet forged happily) .
    Who knows where this will end.

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  4. Bridges are closed to you JC, all you will hear beneath them are mournful dirges like “Happy Days are Here Again”! I shall go on a tweet-fast.

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  5. Hey guys (and guyesses) I have let a little water flow under my actual bridge and I now think this is actually a scam, perhaps Letfly is feeling a little unloved, or has the actual January blues. If you read the heading to this actual post “Formal notice of closure of blog. Posted on January 19, 2017 by SupportOurLefty”. Read the last bit and ponder. Has Letfly finally succumbed to those voices in his head?
    Come out, come out Letfly wherever you actually are. You’ve been rumbled (perhaps).

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  6. Schrödinger’s cat
    how do you explain the authorship of this post then?
    I’ve told you once before to stop making your eyes at me. literally hundreds of Gruff Bullies could have used my bridge while I contemplated your irises.

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  7. This is -will always be-the Mother Of All Blogs.
    I refuse to leave the Dear Leaders side, and will be providing poultices, TLC and a mobile counselling and therapeutic service to all affected.
    I call on all the girls who come to this site to rush to the aid of the Party-and the Man-who we`ve all long loved. A petition and a supportive motion at conference at the very least.
    I`m weeping rivers of tears already, and my sadness will never stop. Just as I still hold a candle and a fetching hemline for Dear Kim Jong Ill-who literally was DEAD-not ill at all!
    This blog facility has long been the ladies snug, where a Mackeson and a half were always available. We should chain ourselves to the railings now, and protest until SOL is restored to our Leading Man of All the Destinies.
    This is not a time for poetry-but a lament.

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  8. Cheryl. How about running under a racehorse (for Letfly) – that used to be good? A 3.30 at Borchester would hit the News headlines at 6pm (as well as the Archers). Alternatively at Aintree; I could be at Beechers to adminster a Mackeson and a supportive dirge.

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  9. Members of the literati, seeing your posts littered with alliterations, have long considered you illiterate-literally. So your fall from Grace (who you should never have been on in the first place), was inevitable. I say good riddance! Apres toi, le snowstorm, actually!

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  10. Colin. We have yet to hear from his Grace, who is probably on his perambulations ministering to the rich and well proportioned, supping and sipping with the intemporate, saving the besotted and commiserating with the miserablilatti. He may not even be in the country, but be enjoying the dutiful respect of Hillary’s fallen support troops, ready to administer the last rights to Trump, if ever called for.

    Meanwhile mon ami, what will you say when the tweeting wonder returns, invigorated by the support of the “girls” who administered lashings of Jamiesons (intended for moi)?

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  11. I seem to be alone here in Corbyn Cathedral.
    My dear disciple under assorted bridges would appear to make a good Verger should we be able to convince him of the need to stand in Copeland or Stoke.
    Copeland I think-the Lakes are nearby and I think him a Wordsworth type of poet. Stoke is more an earthy, funky kinda place-so we`ll need a bruiser there.
    Anyway_ I`ve been to the tomb where socialism has long been said to be buried.
    And it is empty-for Socialism is ALIVE!
    I am convinced that SOL is among us even today, benignly testing us all to see if we can withstand his absence for the Epiphany Season.
    Are we strong enough, my brethren and girlies?…I think so!

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  12. Will the tweeting wonder come forth this fine day and regurgitate for our edification and amusment his lean offerings of the last septimana. If that missive appears it may indicate that our Letfly is buckling under the strain (and his past misdemeanours may be excused), if it doesn’t appear it means our Jeremy is steelier than we ever thought possible (or Letfly is carousing with the protestors on the Washington Mall).

    Literally, literally, literally, literally, (distribute as you wish for added authenticity).

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  13. Your (Pre-)Lateness. Don’t you usually visit the tomb of the unknown socialist (actually the infamous Joe Bloggs from Cheam) nearer Easter to gather eggs and young chicks in all their bloomery? What’s the rush this year? Do you have designs on the holy C and you are getting your tales ready? The pallium will not suit your girth and the chasuble and lappets will be lost.

    (In respect for our absent host, dispensation of literallys will be suspended).

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    1. Mightily impressed with the ecclesiastical scattergun verbiage here SBB.
      Didn`t understand very much-but is this not the mystery of the Quotient (Book of Zeppelin, Page 3, Plant 1.15?).
      Maybe you`d care to get round to the Presbytery to meet the lovelies-no altar boys though seeing as they run my betting scams, my illicit hooch stills.
      I suspect that SOL is planning a Palm Sunday kinda entrance back here to us all-got the fronds ready and a Shetland pony he can care to ride into Margate-or indeed Copeland, should you win there?

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