My Guardian Piece Today Re The Need For Labour To Challenge The Vicious, Far-Right And, Above All, Untrue LIES Peddled By The Leave Camp; And Why We Should Let Our Judges Decide Against Hard-Right Brexit, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And here is my piece in today’s Far-Right Guardian, in reply to the very wise and original article by Anne Perkins, who seems to have – literally – taken a leaf out of my book in telling Labour to challenge the lies – or, as I prefer to call them, LIES – of the Hard-Right Brexiters. As ever, there’s a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, below this piece.

It’s time for Labour to be bold and challenge these Brexit lies

Very well said, Anne. I couldn’t put it better myself, which is why I – literally – didn’t.

Friends! As Anne has so wisely pointed out, the whole Leave Camp’s campaign was based on LIES! And the biggest LIE – which, for some strange reason, Anne didn’t mention, even though it was a colossal LIE – of all was the one, emblazoned as I recall all over the side of a Far-Right omnibus of distinctly bigoted, racist and reactionary tendencies, which claimed, and I’m quoting exactly what I remember it said, viz:

If there is a vote for Leave on 23rd June, we on the Leave side do solemnly swear that from 24th June a minimum of £350 billion per day extra will be spent on Our NHS.This is a firm pledge, literally signed in blood by all leading figures in the Leave Camp. No ifs, no buts.

– a flagrant, despicable LIE!

And, given that all these vicious LIES – which were in no way equalled by anything said by the Remain Camp, whose scrupulousness with the facts was notorious – were literally swallowed by that tiny handful of 17,410,742 Hard-Right bigots and racists, who literally didn’t know what they were voting for, last summer’s Referendum was – literally – jolly unfair.

Referendums are, in any case, a weapon of demagogues and dictators – i.e. Camoron – and should never be employed for important decisions like this, which should be decided by qualified people, i.e. Our MPs.

Unfortunately, however, it appears that – with the honourable exception of Our 114 MPs, who bravely voted against Brexit last night – Our MPs are not qualified to make the correct decision on this either. (What a spineless crew those 498 MPs are, viciously voting for Brexit, and betraying Our EU, eh, friends!)

Our Judges, friends!

Fortunately, though, friends, there is one group of wise, informed, and impartial people in this so-called country – which Thatcher totally destroyed – who are ideally qualified to make an informed decision to stop Brexit!

In case any of you have forgotten, there have already been two Referendums held of these good people – the first back in November, and the second last week – in, respectively, Our High Court, and then in Our Supreme Court. And the good news is that both these Referendums resulted in overwhelming majorities in favour of Remain!

Surely, friends, we can leave things – literally – there? Our Judges have already made their views clear, and since by their behaviour last night, MPs have shown that – with the honourable exception of The 114, who will go down in history as heroes, along with Our 48% – they are quite unable to make the correct decision, why should we not let Our Judges make the final decision?

That is, after all, what Our EU would have wanted.


12 thoughts on “My Guardian Piece Today Re The Need For Labour To Challenge The Vicious, Far-Right And, Above All, Untrue LIES Peddled By The Leave Camp; And Why We Should Let Our Judges Decide Against Hard-Right Brexit, Friends!

  1. We live in such a blizzard of LIES, Friend Lefty, that you just want to clasp your head in like Edvard Scream’s “The Munch”.

    Matthew Parris sez that the 17.4 million knuckle-grazing Leavers voted because racism, but even this is a LIE. The truth is worse. Much worse. They voted Leave because the NHS. More exactly, the voted after they had pointed, like gormless peasants, at the £350 billion LIE on the side of a bus. Or should I say … BUS ?!?

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  2. The tap of tat runneth seemingly for literally ever. How many times must it be pointed out to you Letfly that there are literally multitudinous and multifarious mechanisms whereby any sane person can see, or preferably avoid, your drivel?

    Next we’ll be able to learn what luxurious food items the inveterate tweeter had for his meals (Big Mac, meatball toastie, tofu a la ronge, sweet n’sour pig’s trotter). Warning, don’t eat with him – you’ll pay the bill.

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  3. When a lie is literally at the end of the day and in the main literally all things being equal and literally not unhelpful or inapropriate despite hard right attempts to derail debate we progressives know our duty and call upon our judges, literally to smash the May junta and her minority of 17 plus millions of lets face it scum
    Our dumpster is being repainted eu blue and ron has made lots of stars. What glories literally await when our eu crushes the scum like the hard right cockroaches they are.

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    1. DaveS. Although I applaud your EU zeal with all of my hearts, please refrain from running amuck crushing far-right cockroach scum under-tyre. This will hardly endear those you miss to the cause of progressive nihilism. Instead equip the dumpster with triple X sound blasters and play Beethoven to them so they no longer can hear the blandishments of the Brexiteers. Might I also suggest you bedeck your EU with placards and hopeful messages like “UP THE JUDGES”.
      You may cross my bridges whenever you like, so long as you refrain from crushing leavers en-route. The sight of a one-armed Maggie aloft your dumpster, like a vengeful Boudica, will strike fear and loathing throughout the land.

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      1. Singer I cannot understand any mercy being shown to the cockroach brexiteers. Crushing is literally too merciful.
        We must call upon our great songsmith lefty to rewrite the now hard right national anthem and Land of Hope and Glory in praise of our EU

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  4. Ron if you are able to read this (put that blowtorch away and concentrate) try to get Dave into that cerise straight jacket – the one with the bright blue buckles we bought for a rainy day. He seems to be under the impression that half the population have transmogrified into cockroaches and need squashing beneath your dumpster. Killing 17 million is just a bit excessive, and we think Dave now has delusions of being his great hero Stalin. He can recuperate at his Bermondsey dasha.

    Love what you’ve done to restore your statue. Trouble is I get confused as to whether it represents Corbyn or Thatcher. The moustache doesn’t help.

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    1. Ron here. Dave is as a true progessive literally insane. He has been exiled with his cockroach collection which he thinks are real brexiteers. The statue is of our Jeremy. Sadly a group of hard right fascist scum hacked off his other arm. He is literally armless.
      We and jeremy will prevail. Who needs arms when you have progressive truths.

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  5. Ron. So pleased to hear Dave has been exiled (to his Bermondsey dasha – that Soviet tank on Mandela Street)? I would get that bit of Communistic culture repainted back to that oh-so-restful shocking pink it once was.

    You could probably get scads of euros if you sold your Jeremy de Milo to the Louvre. It could be placed next to Venus and labelled “Frustration of the Progressives”. The money you get from your sacrifice could then be put to good use – like pulping Letfly’s massive book of whoppers.

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    1. Singer you will be pleased to hear that Dave has literally gone into exile in Wales. He was last seen driving a stolen refuse truck across the old Severn bridge . Word has reached us that he is heading for a little known communist collective farm near Abergavenny. The Kinnocks Memorial Farm I think.
      I fear he will return full of progressive fervour and as a true insane progressive literally resume his destructive path in bringing about the progressive revolution.
      I blame lefty for inspiring the idiot . it is the songs that do it.

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  6. Ron. I’m sure he will be back soon, the refuse truck will crush many chwilodduon and he will become satiated. I’ll contact my bridge-dwelling dreigiau to watch out for him. The black dog (= gwyllgi) will soon leave him and his progressiveness will keep him safe.
    I’m sure you are right about Letfly, it was the request to Dave to play the organ, quickly followed by a total cancellation of the sing song yesterday that must have set him off.

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  7. Singer our worst fears are realised. Dave is back . The regime at the Kinniock collective was too much for him. Kinnock speeches every hour day and night and Biily Bragg piped 24 hours a day into every little place even the lavatory. He is literally raving and I have to report has hacked off our Jeremy’s legs. So our Jeremy is literally legless.- the statue of course not our Jeremy himself.
    After a severe beating Dave has confessed that the sacking of his hero Lefty by Jeremy has turned his mind literally insane ( His mother used to say born mad lived mad will die mad but there you go Mothers who needs them ).
    Is my mate literally the first victim of Lefty’s progressive tweeting or the first martyr?
    Can he be saved? Can Jeremy be saved or his statue welded back? These are weighty matters indeed.

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  8. Ron. You have our deepest sympathies. You will have to be honest with Dave and tell him that our Jeremy has not sacked Letfly. It’s all in Letfly’s approximation of a mind; our Jeremy has probably no idea that Letfly even exists. Rockall is hardly an important constituency. Dave is just collateral damage of Letfly’s paranoia. Your poor statue also seems to be a victim of friendly fire, but presumably can be repaired with a little hammer work. Dave will require much beating as well.

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