Tweets, 29th January-5th February

Hello, friends.

And first of all, I apologise for the shorter-than-usual heading for today’s Blog, which has been caused by a shortage of letters [Groan!J.C.], due to adverse weather conditions as a result of Far-Right Climate Change – which, never forget, friends, has absolutely nothing to do with weather – plus Hard-Right Brexit, and Far-Right Fascist Trumpery.

Anyway, here are last week’s Tweets:

Sunday 29 January

Monday 30th January

Tuesday 31st January

Wednesday 1st February

Thursday 2nd February

Friday 3rd February

Saturday 4th February

Sunday 5th February


Let us march together, friends!

Friends, I’m sorry, but for various reasons I am not in the mood for singing today. May [Groan! J.C. Oh Jeremy! Please stop seeing puns literally everywhere!L.] I suggest that instead, we hold a Mass March Against Literally Everything? It will be attended by myself, so even the Far-Right Murdoch-controlled Monopoly Media, e.g. the BBC, will not be able to claim it “wasn’t well attended”!

Do please feel free to join me! It literally kicks off at noon (meet by the Hard-Right lions at the Far-Right racist imperalist Trafalgar Square), and I literally look forward to seeing you – literally – all there!


2 thoughts on “Tweets, 29th January-5th February

  1. As you know I successfully trial-ran an invisible post using a modification of your new tweeting system (hidden away in the depths of the archives where no one ventures). However trolls don’t tweet so I cannot tell if the hidden characters in your invisitweets™ count. Can you get away with using more than 140 characters?

    Are there more than 140 characters left in the Loyal Labour Party or have they gone home “with a headache”?

    The fascist BBC failed once again to afford you the recognition you deserve. Your mass protest failed to be headline news at one o’clock. Sorry I wasn’t there, I had a headache.

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  2. Letfly, a very worrying tweet today:
    “Friends! As a protest against Trump and Brexit, I am – literally – going to become a woman!”
    Not to be too crude about it, you will also need a “Supportourrighty.”

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