Some Of My – Literally – Greatest Hits [Ha! – J.C.] From The Far-Right Guardian, Friends! Part One: Pieces From December 2015 On The Hard-Right “Question Time”; Left-Wing Humour; Why The Progressive Left Must Defend Our EU; Terrifying Man-Made Climate Change; And Vicious Attacks On Jeremy By The Far-Right Media, e.g. Our BBC!

Hello, friends.

And, as promised, here is the first of a series of some of my old pieces in the Far-Right Guardian, which I shall publish at roughly weekly intervals. Obviously, some of them (particularly ones dealing with day-to-day politics) are somewhat dated; but hopefully you’ll enjoy them anyway. They are all from December 2015, and are about, respectively, the Hard-Right Question Time; the great sense of humour that we on the Progressive Left naturally have; why the Progressive Left must back Remain; the ongoing modern-day terror that is known as Man-Made Climate Change; and the vicious attacks by the Far-Right Media (e.g. the so-called BBC) on Jeremy.

Some of you may notice that a certain word is – literally – absent from these ancient pieces, for which I can only apologise from – literally – the bottom of my heart.

As with my other Guardian pieces here, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.

It’s time to smash the cosy Question Time chumocracy (article by David Lammy, 4.12.15)

Question Time is nothing more than a bunch of racist neoliberals discussing the best way to prop up a totally rotten capitalist system, chaired by an extreme Right-wing patsy and cheered to the rafters by an audience which is quite self-evidently drawn from the 1%.

The occasional appearance of mildly Left-of-centre social democrats like Diane Abbott, Ken Livingstone and Mehdi Hasan is pure tokenism. In any case, they never get a fair hearing as they are constantly interrupted by Dimbleby, and barracked by the bankster-sympathising audience.

We need a People’s BBC and a Question Time which genuinely represents the vast majority of people who support Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell et al., and who are sick to death of the evil Tories and all their works.


Corbyn’s ‘new politics’ means the self-righteous left wallows in its cruelty (article by Nick Cohen, 5.12.15)

” … you never hear a rightwing political comedian on Radio 4 … “

But that’s only because there is no such thing as a “rightwing political comedian”! The term is an oxymoron! Rightwingers – with their ludicrous belief in neoliberalism, their love of racism, their worship of the widely-discredited Thatcher, their unbridled hatred of the poor and unswerving, slavish support of the 1% and banksters – by definition could never be funny.

By contrast, we on the Left have a marvellous sense of humour. Our jokes – about Thatcher, the 1%, the banksters, the Evil Tories, the racism and neoliberalism of the Right, their narrow-mindedness and intolerance, their hatred and constant use of ad homs instead of rational argument – are legendary.

Needless to say, the fact that the Right are unable to appreciate the sheer dazzling wit of Left-wing comedians, only underlines their total lack of any sense of humour.

We, after all, can – and always do – laugh at them. Why can’t they do the same?

(NB: This piece was later expanded and adapted in to a blog, A Warm Hello To The Right-Wing Fans Of This Blog!, which can be found here.)


David Cameron’s cabinet saboteurs are pushing him to Brexit (article by Polly Toynbee, 8.12.15)

The very thought of Britain leaving Europe is utterly terrifying. Europe is the only protection we have left against crazy Right-wing racist neoliberalism and fascism.

No wonder the 1%, the Banksters, the City of London and the neoliberal multinationals and the Tories are all so eager for Brexit. They know that, outside Europe, Britain would be back to the situation it was in prior to 1973, when it was totally at the mercy of extreme Right-wing Governments like those headed by Harold Wilson and Edward Heath.

We on the Progressive Left, having failed in our democratic desire to prevent a referendum on this matter, must now put all our energy in to achieving a “Stay” result, which of course will lead to the immediate collapse of this vile Tory Government and the repeal of the Bedroom Tax and the end of mass poverty, foodbanks etc.


Do little, hide the evidence: the official neglect that caused these deadly floods (article by George Monbiot, 7.12.15)

It’s truly terrifying, the level of denial on this thread. As George has pointed out, without urgent action to tackle Catastrophic Climate Change, we face a future where rain, snow, sunshine, droughts, wind and all manner of other freak climate occurrences will become commonplace.

No doubt, some Deniers here – all, of course, Right-wing neoliberals in the pay of Big Oil, and members of the widely-hated 1% – will claim, against all the evidence, that the planet is not frying, that the Antarctic ice-caps are not melting at a terrifying rate, that literally billions of people are not dying on a daily basis as a result of Climate Chaos. And then they are affronted when we call them Deniers!

When well over 100% of scientists now agree that Catastrophic Climate Change is a reality, and the evidence of it – rising sea levels, floods, snowfalls, droughts, heatwaves, earthquakes, tsunamis etc. etc. – all around us – isn’t it about time to take action for the sake of us all (the 99% I mean, not the 1% who of course profit from Man-Made Climate Chaos), and our children, and our children’s children?

Surely the total closure of all carbon-based industry in the UK is a very small price to pay, to save this planet of ours?

(NB: This piece was later expanded and adapted in to a blog, Catastrophic Climate Change: The Facts, which can be found here.)


How can we have a more balanced debate about Jeremy Corbyn and Labour? (article by Owen Jones, 15.12.15)

While Britain’s so-called “free press” and the so-called “BBC” are nothing more than full-time propagandists for racist, fascist neoliberalism, serving exclusively the interests of the 1% and banksters, there is no hope for a balanced debate on Jeremy Corbyn.

Which is an absolute tragedy, because Jeremy is that rarest of politicians: one who will put the needs of students and other members of the working class, e.g. the unemployed, above the greed of the ruling class who have oppressed the rest of us since the beginning of time.

No wonder the Tories are terrified of him!


4 thoughts on “Some Of My – Literally – Greatest Hits [Ha! – J.C.] From The Far-Right Guardian, Friends! Part One: Pieces From December 2015 On The Hard-Right “Question Time”; Left-Wing Humour; Why The Progressive Left Must Defend Our EU; Terrifying Man-Made Climate Change; And Vicious Attacks On Jeremy By The Far-Right Media, e.g. Our BBC!

    1. It is these slurs on Lefty that make me wonder about your commitment to our Jeremy and have driven my mate Dave literally insane . Between you and Lefty’s comments in that Guardian bit what seemed to suggest he was in fact hard right and mocking the greatness of our EU, Jeremy, and the heroes of socialist endeavour it looks like Ron and me are the only true progressives left .
      The Guardian is so hard right it is impossible for us working men to understand. This Owen Jones. Is he along with this Polly a new rising force in progressive thought? I think not. They make the May junta look reasonable.
      Lefty has put my mate Dave into a straitjacket and fueled his obsession with stealing refuse vehicles.
      I am off to Wales to rescue him tonight.

      Liked by 1 person

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