Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Best Tweets [Ha! They’re A Load Of Tat! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! Can You Never Say Anything Nice About My Blogs? – L. No. – J.C.], 5th-12th February

Hello, friends.

And it’s been rather a depressing week, hasn’t it? The Third Reading of the vicious Brexit Bill has gone through the House of Commons; and despite non-stop Mass Marches against him – many held, and attended, by myself –  the widely-hated Trump is still viciously occupying the White House.

But here’s a comforting thought for you all:

There’s at least as good a chance that we on the Progressive Left can prevent Brexit as there is of us defeating Trump. So – literally – don’t despair, friends!

Anyway, on that cheering note, here are last week’s tweets:

Sunday 5th February

Monday 6th February

Tuesday 7th February

Wednesday 8th February

Thanks to Friend DiscoDroid for kind permission to reproduce these 2 tweets:

Thursday 9th February

Thanks to Friend DiscoDroid for kind permission to reproduce this tweet:

Friday 10th February

Saturday 11th February

The 10 Perils of Brexit tweets collected together in a post on Guido Fawkes:

Sunday 12th February


Let us sing together, friends!

And, friends, since for various reasons connected with Brexit and Trump, we haven’t had a little sing-song together for what seems like literally forever, let us have one today!

I am hoping that this Blog’s favourite BTL commenter, Friend Singer Under Bridges will – literally – conduct the choir today, so as to avoid a SUB [Groan! J.C. Oh Jeremy! I really thought that wasn’t a bad little pun!L. It wasn’t bad, Lefty – it was atrocious!J.C.] standard performance – thanks, Singer! And Diane’s apparently recovered sufficiently from her migraine to play the organ – thanks, Diane!

Let’s support Our EU in our song today, OK?  (All is not literally lost! Our House of Lords may yet rescue us!)  All together now, friends:

So raise the scarlet standard high, whilst supporting Our EU all the time,
Beneath its shade we’ll live and die, and let Our House Of Lords decide,
Though Kippers flinch, and  anti-Our EU traitors predictably sneer,
We’ll totally smash the evil Leaver scum, and keep Our EU Flag flying here!




5 thoughts on “Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Best Tweets [Ha! They’re A Load Of Tat! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! Can You Never Say Anything Nice About My Blogs? – L. No. – J.C.], 5th-12th February

  1. You asked me to lead the choir so here goes – all together now – to the Archers theme tune
    Tat, de tat, de tat, de tat; tat de tat de tat, tat de tatity tate, tat de tatity tat ….

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  2. Tweets of genius Lefty. Ignore Singer’s bile. Poor Dave went literally insane contemplating your brilliance.
    His love of progressiveness and ourEU and our Jeremy twisted his reason.
    He has been found . Chained to an oven in a Russian owned pie and chip shop – the V.I. Lenin – four miles north of Merthyr Tydfil on the Brecon road.
    He says he feels safe there.
    Salute a martyr to progressive ways.
    I have lost a friend for now. Will you ask our Jeremy to intervene ?
    Is Putin literally interfering in the Welsh chip shop trade or is he going to colonise Wales?

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    1. Friend Ron! Thank you for your very kind comment, and btw may I apologise for the vicious spelling correction made to your recent post by a Hard-Right element who hacked in to my account the other day? This was someone who apparently styles himself as “Leftyliesrefuted” on the Far-Right Disqus and who is notorious for his racist neoliberalism, as well as for being a spelling/grammar Nazi.

      I’m glad to hear that Dave has been found, but am sorry that he is undergoing such a literally tough time. I just hope he won’t become too chippy [Groan!J.C.] as a result of this. I regret to say that Jeremy claims he is “too busy” to intervene. Well, he may have a point – he has got a lot of work to do in sacking several Shadow Cabinet members, a task made even harder by the fact that before he sacks them, he has to find out who they actually are.

      There is, alas, literally no limit to the evil Far-Right Putin’s (formerly Our Vlad’s) vicious imperalism, Friend Ron, which may [Groan!J.C.] or may [I totally despair!J.C. Oh Jeremy! Those weren’t even intentional puns! I think you may (Arrrggghhhh!J.C.) have Bullingdon Bully Boy May – literally – on the brain!L. No comment!J.C.] not extend to chip shops in the Principality. Even now, he is propping up the discredited Trump, although I am attempting to counteract this by casting several million more votes for Our Hillary on a daily basis.


  3. I owe Letfly an apology (my fingers literally ache as I type this). I was w r o n g (this is so so difficult). Letfly’s repeats or reruns of his body of “w o r k” (I can hardly go on, it’s so so difficult) are not T A T. When I consulted my friend Wiki, I discovered that “Tat” is a colloquial term for cheap and tasteless trinkets, and of course tweets have no substance.

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