My Guardian Piece, Which Fully Supports Our Archbishop Of Canterbury’s Opposition To Vicious Hard-Right Brexit, Which As He Correctly States, Is Literally Sheer, Unmitigated Fascism, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And a – literally – very happy Hard-Right Valentine’s Day to you all! Let’s hope we can all – literally – massacre [Groan!J.C. Oh hello, Jeremy! How’s that Shadow Cabinet reshuffle going, by the way? Have you managed to find out who any of these people that you must sack actually are, yet? L. No comment! J.C.] all the Hard-Right elements who are literally destroying this world, and indeed elsewhere, with their literally vicious neoliberalism!

Hope you’ll all enjoy this – if I may say so – rather thoughtful piece I wrote in the Far-Right Guardian this morning, in support of Our Archbishop of Canterbury. I guess you could say I wrote it Justin time [Groan!J.C.] for publication! (Not a bad little joke there eh, friends! And to think that Hard-Right elements claim that we on the Progressive Left have no sense of humour!).

Anyway, here it is, friends. As ever, there’s a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, provided below the piece.


Archbishop of Canterbury suggests Brexit ‘in fascist tradition’

Friends! Not for the first time, Our Archbishop of Canterbury has – literally – hit the nail on the head, although sadly, as happens all too often, he has rather spoiled his comment with the sort of understatement that we have come to expect from him.

The vote for Brexit last year was, it hardly need be said, a typical display of Fascism, with a tiny handful of 17,410,742 Hard-Right bigots and racists – who, let it never be forgotten, represented absolutely nobody but themselves – viciously voting against Our EU, because they (a) literally didn’t know what they were voting for, and (b) had been totally taken in by the flagrant LIES of the Leave Camp, i.e. £350 billion/day for Our NHS to be paid from 24.6.16 onwards, which as we all now know was a great fat LIE!

And if anyone doubts that this was sheer, unmitigated Fascism, just consider this. Despite Our Petition, which contained several million signatures from all over the world, and indeed elsewhere, this totally unelected Tory Government has rejected the idea of a Second Referendum, which after all is one of the most longstanding and indeed sacred traditions of Our EU for those all-too-frequent occasions when a first Referendum has delivered the incorrect result.

Puzzled, friends!

One thing puzzles me, friends. Given that Our Justin clearly speaks for us, The 48% – which, let it never be forgotten, is a clear majority in all but the mathematical sense – why is it that the Church of England suffers from “declining numbers”? Or is this just a typical smear from the Far-Right Guardian?

I guess the answer has to be that (like Our Labour Party), the problem is to do with the politics of the Church of England. 

They are, quite simply, not nearly Left-wing enough, friends! I sometimes hear, disturbingly, comments from senior Churchmen about strange, Fascistic concepts like the Hard-Right so-called “God”, who is a deeply patriarchal, sexist – dare I say? Yes, I do – Fascist character, who is no more elected than this totally unelected Tory Government, and yet who seems to think that He can just – literally – throw His weight about.

Given that He doesn’t even exist, this is pretty appalling stuff, friends! I do hope that in future, the Archbishop, and indeed the CoE, will steer completely clear of all this “religious” nonsense, and instead stick to the really important subjects: namely, how to (a) prevent Hard-Right Brexit, which literally nobody wants, (b) overthrow Trump, who as we all now know literally stole the election from Our Hillary, and (c) make sure that this totally unelected Tory Government is totally unelected as quickly as possible.

That, friends, would surely be the right – or should I say, Left [Groan!J.C. Oh Jeremy! You’re going to confuse Far-Right Guardian readers with another J.C.!S.] – thing for the Church of England to do.


13 thoughts on “My Guardian Piece, Which Fully Supports Our Archbishop Of Canterbury’s Opposition To Vicious Hard-Right Brexit, Which As He Correctly States, Is Literally Sheer, Unmitigated Fascism, Friends!

  1. I spread some fake news to the effect that Our Justin was the illegitimate son of George Formby, but the online community wsa havign none of it. One irate lady (“Foxoles”) said that he was in fact the illegitimate son of Churchill’s private secretary. So that was me told.

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    1. Wash your mouth! The impeccable and incomparable Joyce Grenfell would never consort with the likes of the Mr La De Dah Gunner Graham fellah, whoever he was. Were his parents stuck for a first name, or did he reject milk for a brandy snifter?

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  2. Friend Wiki tells me my ignorance once again stems from my sojourn in North America and Gunner la de da felt the heat whilst I was away beneath San Francisco’s bridges. My lack of British culture for that period becomes more and more evident, but one thing I know – Miss Grenfell would not settle for a common or garden gunner.

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  3. I have lost no time in putting a portrait of our Justin in pride of place next to our Jeremy and our Fidel( will we ever see his like again) inside the dumpster now sadly abandoned by my mate Dave for the Sovietised glories of Merthyr Tidfil.
    Truly our Justin is on his way to glory- not literally the Christian version but the progressive glory of the self righteous
    Hail Justin. Hail Jeremy and a special hail for Our Lefty.

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  4. Ron. A week ago you were my ally, blaming Letfly for Dave’s condition and even wondering where the real Letfly had gone. And your ami Dave was determined to crush him, like a cockroach, with a stolen dumpster. Now you offer him special Hails and he is your ami de jours.

    Shall be rendering multiple verses of “alone again” in b minor, beneath my bridge – currently the Seven bridge – I was on my way to help with Dave.

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    1. Singer. A week in politics is a long time and Lefty has been redeeming himself recently. He has shown true progressive ways especially his recent thoughts on our Justin’s wonderful speech. perhaps our Justin could take over the party we love. Poor Dave was just confused as often is the way with the true progressive.
      Dave can still get crushing but stick to those far right traitors in the labour party who are disloyal to our Jeremy.
      You will be pleased to hear that Dave is getting better. Regular thrashings by Madame Olga and her 22 stone husband Igor are curing him of his delusions. He is unchained and working hard at pie making.
      For the information of all us progressives I must inform you that the Russian infiltration of Merthyr Tydfil and South Wales is nothing to do with Putin but a splendid group of true USSR patriots who revere the memory of what true glory was and could be again,
      When cured Dave will be offered a new start at Derek Puffett’s Boot shop in Pontypridd funded by the Kruschev Memorial Cooperative. .Car provided and that will be the literally wonderful Trabant a true socialist masterpiece. I hope for more news soon.

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      1. Thank you, Friend Ron. Please send Friend Dave my warm regards, and I do hope he’ll be fully recovered soon. Perhaps he’d like to regale us all here with an account of his literally traumatic recent experiences, when he’s – literally – 100%?


      2. So the Letfly – Ron/Dave axis is reforged anew and the threat of progressive civil war recedes to a mathematical punctum.
        I shall retreat amongst my beloved bridge spans, contemplate geometrical proofs, and sing my beloved Puccini arias under the thrall of copious Jamiesons.
        Don’t call me, I’ll call you.


  5. The River Seven is a river in North Yorkshire, England. It rises on Danby High Moor, in the middle of the North York, and not to be confused with the River Severn – a mistake often made by solipsistic control freaks and spelling obsessives.

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