Part Two of Saveed Miliband’s Old Guardian Pieces, Friends! Comments On: Why We On The Progressive Left Must Defend The Far-Right BBC; The Need For Labour To Ditch The Hard-Red Tory Traitors; And Labour’s Literally Stunning Victory In The Oldham West By-Election!

Hello, friends.

And a – literally – very warm welcome to you all, for the second part of my round-up of my Saveed Miliband pieces in the Far-Right Guardian.

The three pieces today all come from December 2015 and cover, respectively, the Hard-Right BBC; the need for Labour to rid itself of all the Far-Right Red Tory Traitors in its ranks; and Labour’s – literally – stunning by-election victory in that notoriously solid Tory seat, Oldham West.

As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.


Strictly Come Dancing is a success story that could only work at the BBC (article by Jonathan Freedland, 18.12.15)

Well said, Mr Freedland.

The BBC is now one of the few bulwarks left in this country against fascist, racist neoliberalism, and as such should be defended by all Socialists.

The Licence Fee, by charging everyone exactly the same (with only a small increase for those who choose not to pay a year’s worth at a go) is an example of true Socialism in action. No wonder Right-wingers want to abolish it, as part of their evil plan to inflict hardship and austerity on the most vulnerable people in our society.

Only Tory Trolls, Ukippers, n’er do wells and deeply reactionary, subversive trouble-makers could possibly object to paying such a tiny amount for quality shows like Strictly Come Dancing and Snog, Marry, Avoid. And how could our youngsters possibly grow up as rounded, socially-aware adults without CBBC?

I personally would be prepared to pay double the current level of the Licence Fee for Strictly Come Dancing alone!


Labour party may need to split to survive, says key ex-Blair adviser (report in the Observer, 20.12.15)

The sooner Labour splits, the better.

Once we have purged our Great Movement of all the lickspittle Red Tories – those racist, fascist neoliberals who have rendered Labour unelectable by dragging it to the Far Right – then there will be a great opportunity for true Socialists to build a truly Progressive Alliance.

What we need is to work together with other progressive elements – Greens, feminists, gays, Communists, Trotskyists, students, refugees, the unemployed and victims of Austerity and the widely-hated Bedroom Tax, along with our friends in Hamas, Hezbollah, Sinn Fein and Isis – to achieve a truly Socialist Britain: the Venezuela of Europe, no less!

In order to achieve the kinder, gentler Socialism that the overwhelming majority of people in Britain desire, it will be essential to smash all forms of intolerance, whether it be racism, fascism, support for the Bedroom Tax and Austerity or neoliberalism. Any supporters of such vile policies will be quickly dealt with, in a fully democratic and accountable fashion, of course.

Of course, the 1% and the Banksters, together with the Bullingdon Bully Boys and Red Tory Traitors e.g. Hilary Benn and Angela Eagle, will fight us all the way, aided and abetted by the extreme Right-wing media, e.g. the Guardian and the BBC.

But we, my friends, have the numbers! Led by our widely loved and respected, charismatic and popular Leader, Our Jeremy, flanked by working-class heroes and tribunes of the people like Seumas Milne, Billy Bragg and Charlotte Church and backed by overwhelming numbers of students and other members of the working class, e.g. the unemployed, we can move confidently forward to a truly memorable landslide victory in 2020.


A hundred days in, Corbyn has shown he is no Dave Spart. But what now? (article by Hugh Muir, 21.12.15)

The Tories are absolutely terrified of Jeremy Corbyn, and they are right to be so.

Labour’s recent landslide victory in the highly-marginal Oldham seat says it all. For those naysayers and moaning minnies who claim that Our Jeremy is not an election-winner, here are the key figures:

Tories: 2596 votes
UKIP: 6487 votes
Labour: 17209 votes

Now, my analysis of these figures, which only the dimmest Tories, Kippers and assorted n’er do well’s would dispute, shows that if this result were reproduced at the next election in all 600 seats, Labour would win by the biggest landslide in history.

OK, OK … I know that the results may not be quite so favourable in 2020. Jeremy is enjoying his honeymoon period as Labour Leader, and it’s unlikely that his current extreme level of popularity can be maintained, especially with the Right-wing media (e.g. the Guardian and the BBC) constantly attempting to smear Jeremy by quoting speeches which were made several years ago, and which in any case have been totally taken out of context.

But after years of Austerity, Food Banks, the Bedroom Tax and fascist, racist neoliberalism, who can seriously doubt that in May 2020 there’s going to be a landslide?

In my updated version of my favourite song:

“Though the 1% flinch and Red Tory scum and traitors sneer,
We’ll keep the red flag flying here.”

(NB: This piece was later adapted and expanded in to a blog: Political Analysis: Why Is Our Jeremy So Popular?, and which can be found here.  This post also marks the first-ever appearance of my adaptation of the Red Flag chorus, which I later expanded and which now often features as the closing song for the Blog).


10 thoughts on “Part Two of Saveed Miliband’s Old Guardian Pieces, Friends! Comments On: Why We On The Progressive Left Must Defend The Far-Right BBC; The Need For Labour To Ditch The Hard-Red Tory Traitors; And Labour’s Literally Stunning Victory In The Oldham West By-Election!

  1. Friend Singer! My main reason for keeping this Blog going is, as you full well know, so that you have somewhere to post your Hard-Right, Climate-Denying thoughts. Why have you viciously failed to post anything today?


  2. Letfly, don’t mind me, I could literally find other locals for my literal spleen.
    Nor do I deny climate, and all who sail in her.
    I am now nearly constantly amazed by the flip flop alliances that literally occur here, and I still haven’t received my Jamiesons magnum bottle holder that I was promised.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dave.
    Y canwr o dan bontydd here.
    How are you doing? I suppose if you can read this you have sufficiently recovered to withstand the literally awful pressures that Letfly’s past literary misdemeanours can inflict on the human mind.
    Has repeated force feedings of the welsh version of scampi n’tatties rotted your vocal chords, or will you be called upon to render Letfly’s chorus line again?

    *Salutations to Ron


    1. Ron here Singer. Dave is literally so energised with progressive fervour that he can no longer speak. Literally his thoughts are all consuming as to how he can best serve our Jeremy and his new friends.
      It is his great wish that our Jeremy joins him in Merthyr and in the making of true socialist pies rediscovers that fervour that once impelled our friend Lenin to eternal glory.
      Perhaps Lefty could become our Che to a nearly Fidelised Jeremy.
      The hard right media and the BBC /Guardian axis of fascist lies implies that Putin is interfering in our affairs. Fake news indeed.
      Igor and Olga and their friends are true Bolshevik heroes and intent on recreating a socialist haven in Wales . Their numbers are growing and from pie shops and boot shops great things will come.
      Soon our Dave will be moving on to Derek Pufflett’s boot shop in Pontypridd. His Trabant awaits and I expect many a tale will be sung of his boot selling forays in the Rhondda and down to Bridgend .
      I hope he will speak to us all soon when the fervour has died down a bit and his power of speech returns.
      PS Word reaches me that Dave is now obsessed with John Deere tractors. He must have a plan .

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ron. Good news about Dave. I see him as a reincarnated Dic Penderyn, who stabbed a soldier in the leg during the Merthyr workers’ revolution and riots. I trust he doesn’t share the same fate because the role of being the first industrial martyr (the martyr of Merthyr) has already been taken.
    I see the Dave Saga in epic theatrical terms – a melange of Starlight Express (with tarted up dumpsters criss-crossing the stage), Les Miserables (with Olga and Igor looking after our Dave) and the Life of Brian (“he’s just a naughty boy”). It will be mega!!!!! Perhaps we could get Charlotte Church to play his grieving mum?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ron, Ron, my mind’s afire. I see you, centre stage, multiple spotlights pinning your every gesture, doing a rap version of “Bring him home”. Not a wet eye in the house. Mega!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Singer I have to say you too could do with the medicinal attentions of Madame Olga and the 22 stone Igor. I detect hysteria looming. Concerning this John Deere obsession Dave has. He has mistakenly thought that Do You Ken John Peel is really Do You Ken John Deere. A song in praise of tractors. ( full words to follow he says but who knows. No doubt a carefully administered flogging will help him remember the real words.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ron. A highlight of the production will be Olga bellowing out the chorus to “Don’t fry for me Merthyr Tydvil” surrounded by the mass ranks of the boot-sellers collective cracking their whips of dutiful chastisement. Sales of MP3s (the only ones left loyal to our Jeremy) will be massive boyo.

    Liked by 1 person

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