Lefty’s Sunday Selection of Tweets, 12th-19th February; Plus Saveed Miliband’s Short Piece In Today’s Guardian, In Which He Totally Condemns This Literally Fascist Government For Literally Banning Smokers From Giving Up Their Habit, Due To Hard-Right Tory Austerity, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And today, as a special treat [Ha!J.C.], in addition to my usual round-up of last week’s tweets, I am copying my good friend Saveed’s passionate tirade re this vicious Tory Government’s ban on allowing smokers to give up their habit, which appeared in the Far-Right Guardian this morning! So, I shall start with that, along with the usual link to the original article and comment provided below:

Smokers trying to quit hit by postcode lottery as GPs ration help

Friends! So now this totally unelected Tory Government is choosing, cold-bloodedly and with malice aforethought, to murder victims of a habit which was literally foisted upon them against their will!

So – never let this be forgotten, friends – tonight, thanks to this literally Fascist Government, literally millions of smokers will go to bed, cold, hungry and poor, having been literally forced to choose between heating and eating – and all because the Tories are viciously refusing to allow them to give up their smoking habit.

And STILL Hard-Right elements claim to wonder why those of us on the Progressive Left are – literally – revolting!


And here are last week’s tweets:

Sunday 12th February

Monday 13th February

Tuesday 14th February (Hard-Right Valentine’s Day)

Wednesday 15th February

Thursday 16th February

Thanks to Friend MikeofLondon for kind permission to reproduce his tweet:

Friday 17th February

Saturday 18th February

Sunday 19th February


Let us sing together, friends!

Friends, I – literally – feel a song coming on! And as I’m sure you’re all as literally thrilled as I am that Our Tony (formerly the widely-hated  Far-Right Red Tory War Criminal Bliar) has now – literally –  lent his support to Our Remain Campaign, I have adapted my chorus of the Red Flag as a special tribute to him. [I really can’t believe this, Lefty – you treacherous snake, you!J.C. Well, Jeremy, I’m sorry to say that you’ve literally brought this upon yourself, by not supporting Our EU enthusiastically enough! Do you know, I sometimes even wonder if you’re truly committed to Our EU at all! L. No comment!J.C.]

Who’s going to play the organ today? Friend Ron, could you just drag yourself away from Friend Dave and his socialist pie-making activities in the southern Principality for literally just one second, and – literally – lend a hand here?  Thanks! All together now:

So raise the scarlet standard high, whilst supporting Our Tony all the time,
Beneath its shade we’ll live and die, and let Our House Of Lords decide,
Though Kippers flinch, and  anti-Our EU traitors predictably sneer,
We’ll totally smash the evil Leaver scum, and keep Our EU Flag flying here!

16 thoughts on “Lefty’s Sunday Selection of Tweets, 12th-19th February; Plus Saveed Miliband’s Short Piece In Today’s Guardian, In Which He Totally Condemns This Literally Fascist Government For Literally Banning Smokers From Giving Up Their Habit, Due To Hard-Right Tory Austerity, Friends!

  1. No Letfly, your lyrical skills will not be required for “The Song of Dave”. We have returned your chimps as they can’t scan either.
    We are currently writing “Jeremy Corbyn Superstar”, but can’t find a backing group.

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  2. Very, very occasionally there is an alignment and you can experience the estimable joy of reading one of Letfly’s tweets in stereo. Doesn’t improve it any.

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  3. Always a pleasure to call by to claim a cyber cup of tea with my boys.
    Support Our Leftys raids on the Guardians CiF page( you see, that`s a cleaning fluid to me) are always stimulating tittivating and make me want to sing out.
    There is obviously a market here in guerilla raids on the left in their empty citadels, and I like to think that , Mr Bridges, you could document SOLs thoughts and collate the feedback from the responses, so I could use my best telephone manner and contact them all so we embrace them to the collective bosom of this site.
    I always wanted to be a Harriet the Spy kinda gal-and sense now that (following the death of Gordon Kaye of `Allo, `Allo` fame) there is now an opening for a Renee and Renato double act “Underneath the Arches”-where we compose(and decompose) Songs Of Praise to the Dear Leader who steers us on towards victory.
    Thanks for the cuppa….and “keep up the bantz” as you lads say.

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  4. Thank you, Friend Cheryl. Some great suggestions, which I hope Friend Singer will consider, although I am not optimistic. I think he may literally be a chimp [Groan!J.C.] off a distinctly Hard-Right old block, who prefers shopping at Waitrose [Arrgghhh!J.C.] to the red beds [I totally despair!J.C.] of a literally Socialist Paradise, e.g. Our Venezuela.

    BTW, would you be prepared to take a turn at the organ for next Sunday’s sing-song?


    1. Would be honoured to join the roster of musical talent..give me the time, I`ll park the husband and kids and play both keyboards-then guitar for the folkie songs.
      Animal Caracas (in my soup)
      Labour With Love
      This Chavez Man
      Ortega Bay
      Corbyn be-that`s really Free.

      Sing up there at the back Mr Bridges!….looking forward to your homily Support Our Lefty!

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  5. Friendess Cheryl. You carelessly wrote:

    “I’d like to think that , Mr Bridges, you could document SOLs thoughts and collate the feedback from the responses, ”

    That way madness lies.

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    1. Singer, my dahling!
      Madness?…I think not, just the necessary revolution that I thought we ALL wanted.
      Hope you`ve not been hacked by the Russians-I sense a less that obsequious approach at times, and this is counter revolutionary…heck, this could yet involve a show trial and serious counselling here at the Spa…
      Let`s get behind SOL-he is close now to tipping it all over, and we need to be able to grab the goodies…

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      1. Alright Cheryl?
        Seem like a game bird to me….hoping we can meet up at the Frog and Toad Inn or at least have a bell on the dog and bone, so we can go through the order of worship.
        Yes I`ve been defrocked-but I`ve still got my purple helmet and ( don`t listen to the rumours will you love?)-I`m a Bish on a Mish as we say at Youth Club(well we used to, before the bloody All Ireland God Squad got into my laundry list).
        You want a Civil Different Sex and Genders Sanctification Ceremony-do great rates for the lookers and hookers.
        But I divest.
        Fallen on hard times-would you like to fall on harder ones dearie?
        About time the Far Left had a Dating Meetings Site for the Ecclestiastical catches to visit…
        Priest Release Me? Sang that one as I was escorted out of the Manse-or was it Seminary-who checks?
        Bishop Rick?…utter pish Bish, you can stuff your Bishopric where the blowhole used to shine.
        An Ecumenical Matter?…sorry love, just look your Sunday best, drop `em for me in the sacristy and we`ll get to work…the family I mean of course!


  6. Glad to see my threat of bone crushing was effective.
    Are you trying to suggest that WordPress viciously thought my wisdom pearls were Spam, SPAM!!!!?
    Don’t believe a word of it. It was the vicious GMHQ and Letfly is its agent. Who’d have thunk it?


    1. Hi there.
      Used to be a bishop , been defrocked for disappointing reasons.
      But happy to lead the 11 am service coming up if that`ll be a regular gig…getting a bit tired of wandering around Bethnal Green ministering to old vicars who are on the run from the law.
      I have an old fag in my gob, I drop ash all over their psychic woulds and smell of wee and old communion wine-and is there ANYBODY out there who deliberately smears old egg yolk on my old Knack narrow tie?


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