My Piece In Today’s Far-Right Guardian, In Which I Explain Why Marching Against Literally Everything That Is Wrong – i.e. Hard-Right – In This World, And Indeed Elsewhere, Is The Right [Groan! – J.C.] Thing To Do, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And here’s the piece I wrote in response to Carmen Fishwick’s [Who on earth is she, Lefty? – J.C. Oh Jeremy! Literally everybody’s heard of Karen Fisher! Where have you literally been?!L.] very heart-warming piece in today’s Far-Right Guardian about the need for literally everyone to protest about literally everything, by dint of going on Protest Marches against this totally unelected Tory Government, which has viciously banned them, which is the reason why there are all the riots in France, which are just another Far-Right LIE made up by the Murdoch-Controlled Monopoly Media, e.g. Our BBC, whose coverage of these non-existent riots is a totally sickening neoliberal disgrace!

As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, together with any replies, is provided below the piece.

You won’t feel alone if you go to a protest on your own

Well said, Carmen.

I daresay that people who have read my posts here, and on the Far-Right Twitter, will not be surprised to hear that I have been marching against such “isms” as Fascism, racism, sexism, Trumpism, anti-EUism and Thatcherism since – literally – before I was born, and indeed even earlier than that.

Indeed, I have now totally abandoned that entirely bourgeois and neoliberal activity, “walking” altogether, in favour of marching. I now march to the shops, march upstairs, march to the kitchen, march to the toilet … you name it, I – literally – march to it! All the while, of course, I hold up whatever seem to be the most appropriate placard for the situation: for instance, “Trump Hates Hope” is my particular favourite for when marching to the shops, although unfortunately I have several times been a victim of a Hate Incident whilst engaging in this particular activity, e.g. the woman outside Aldi’s this morning who gave me a funny look while I was shouting “Evil Tory scum!” at her.

Satisfying, friends!

There is something deeply satisfying about marching, friends. Even if I am not always totally – or even at all – in agreement with the particular aim of the march in question, it is always immensely cheering to know that one is protesting against the vicious injustices of this so-called world – which Thatcher totally destroyed – and indeed elsewhere. Above all, marching is a marvellously effective way of letting other people know that one is a deeply concerned, compassionate and above all caring individual.

No need for friends, friends!

And as Carmen says, there is really no need to worry if one’s friends do not attend these marches as well. Indeed, I would go further. So-called “friends” are generally a neoliberal nuisance; they are people who seem to take a perverse, not to say reactionary, delight in quibbling with the views of Progressive people, e.g. me. Fortunately, though, for some reason which admittedly completely eludes me, most of us on the Progressive Left are not encumbered with too many of these troublesome people; and in any case, the only true friends one can have are those enlightened people who are broad-minded enough to agree with Progressive opinions. And, thankfully, there is no shortage of such people on Our Protest Marches, which, due to Tory Austerity etc. seem, hearteningly, to be becoming more and more popular.

So, friends, be of good cheer! Protest marches are – literally – here to stay! And as long as we are suffering under the yoke of this totally unelected Tory Government, Hard-Right Brexit and Far-Right Trumpery, those of us on the Progressive Left (and there are still quite a few of us, friends, despite the tragically premature passing of Our Fidel, the People’s Dictator) will continue to be – literally – revolting!


3 thoughts on “My Piece In Today’s Far-Right Guardian, In Which I Explain Why Marching Against Literally Everything That Is Wrong – i.e. Hard-Right – In This World, And Indeed Elsewhere, Is The Right [Groan! – J.C.] Thing To Do, Friends!

  1. Lefty I have never known you literally more inspirational. I am marching as I write. Down in the valleys my mate Dave has just called me. Yes he can now speak again despite the progressive fervour that grips him.
    The Neo Bolshevik Pie cooperative is making pies while on the march. Wonderful pies that speak of true socialist endeavour.
    I did speak to him about this tractor business. Nothing will convince him that the song is about John Peel and hunting so I have given up.
    He says he needs a tractor ( a green one to salve his conscience) because he is now the chief provider of roadkill or as it is sometimes known streetmeat for the friends .
    His definition of streemeat or roadkill is any living thing within range of his weapon whatever it happens to be . As he is a vegetarian I have pointed out the contradictions here but he says that a true progressive must make sacrifices and his is to kill any small furry thing in range.
    What about the sheep for which Wales is well known you might ask. Well they have to make sacrifices for the progressive cause as do we all.
    March or die. Is there ever a more inspirational slogan? We march you die. That is the message we progressives must give to the hard right fascist scum that infest our world. Stalin would have been proud of you lefty.

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