Part Three of Saveed Miliband’s Old Guardian Pieces, Friends! Comments On: Why The Progressive Left Must Back Jeremy; The Absolute Bargain That Our BBC Licence Fee Represents; And Why The Level Of Immigration Has Literally Nothing To Do With The Housing Shortage!

Hello, friends.

And I hope you have all – literally – survived the Climate Chaos of last night, in which ferocious gales, with some gusts reaching up to 30mph, literally battered Britain.

And to think that there are Hard-Right Climate Deniers who claim that “this is all quite normal weather for February”, friends! Words – literally – fail me! [If only, Lefty! J.C. Oh Jeremy! There you – literally – go again! By the way, are you looking forward to today’s by-election results, in which Labour will literally crush all the Hard-Right elements opposing it?L. No comment!J.C.]

Anyway, here is this week’s installment of Saveed Miliband’s comments from the Far-Right Guardian. Today’s pieces are from December 2015 and January 2016 and are, respectively, about the need for the Progressive Left to literally crush the Far-Right Red Tory Traitors (etc.); the viciously low level of Our BBC’s Licence Fee; and a carefully-argued reply to another Progressive Left poster explaining in quite some detail about how immigration cannot possibly aggravate the housing shortage.

As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.

Labour people are optimists, but this time I see no hope (article by Polly Toynbee, 22.12.15)

Totally predictable article by the arch neoliberal Red Tory cheerleader Toynbee.

This country is suffering under the yoke of the most extreme Right-wing Government in history, even worse, unbelievably, than the widely-hated and wildly unpopular Thatcher regime – at least Thatcher didn’t introduce the Bedroom Tax, whilst cutting the top rate of tax to 45%, enabling the 1% (who, as we all know, already paid no tax whatsoever) to pay even less.

Jeremy should ignore the splitters and the Right-wing traitors – they can just go and join the Tories! – and concentrate on building a mass democratic grassroots movement, with genuinely democratic participatory structures.

We need a Popular Alliance that campaigns against the entrenched power of the 1%, who recent figures show now own more than 100% of all the wealth, while the 99% steadily descend further in to extreme poverty and destitution.

Our policies should include: the abolition of all immigration controls, which are inherently racist and fascist; an end to all Austerity; taking all major industries in to public ownership, including transport, telecommunications, energy, pharmaceuticals and media; a minimum wage of at least £30/hour, so that working people no longer have to choose between eating and other essentials of life, e.g. Sky TV; a top rate of tax of at least 100%; the total elimination of the private rented housing market; a commitment to building a minimum of two million council houses per year; a Wealth Tax on total assets of more than £250,000; the abolition of the totally unnecessary so-called “Armed Forces”; and the full implementation of the Leveson Report so that unrepresentative Monopoly Media Moguls are no longer able to foist their unpopular and deeply unrepresentative opinions upon us.

Who can doubt the popularity of such policies, and the landslide election result that would follow from a truly Socialist platform like this? Everyone I speak to in my local Labour Party agrees with me about this; most of them are students, so can hardly be described as being out of touch with popular opinion, whatever the Right-wing media (Guardian, BBC etc.) may claim.

For those who want evidence of Jeremy’s popularity: the largely unreported result of the Oldham by-election where Labour won 62% of the vote. Yes, 62%! All Labour has to do is achieve that sort of result in at least 300 constituencies in May 2020, and victory is ours!

No wonder Red Tories like Polly Toynbee are terrified of Our Jeremy!


Former BBC chief attacks secret government licence fee deal (report, 24.12.15)

At a footling £145.50 per year, the BBC licence fee is the greatest bargain that can be found in the whole of the United Kingdom – indeed in the World.

The beauty of the licence fee is that it not merely underpins the greatest broadcaster in the world, but that it upholds the Socialist principle of equality – everyone pays an equal amount, except of course that feckless minority who choose not to pay a year’s worth upfront and consequently pay a little more for the extra administrative costs they create, which would otherwise be carried by the rest of us.

The BBC is truly one of the UK’s National Treasures which, like Our NHS, is the envy of the World, and indeed the Universe.

Only Right-wing neoliberals, trouble-makers, n’er do wells, cynics and Philistines could possibly object to the tiny sums paid in remuneration to the BBC’s hard-working executives who are being used as scapegoats by the Fascist Right and the 1%, who are desperate to blame the current crisis of neoliberal capitalism on the BBC and working people, as a way of deflecting attention from the Banksters who, along with the Tory’s [sic] are totally responsible for the Great Crash, which in any case started in America.

Any attempt to scrap the licence fee should be resisted by all working people as yet another attack on their living standards and part of the plan for permanent Austerity which this Government is determined to impose on the 99%, along with the Bedroom Tax and compulsory Food Banks, accompanied by massive tax cuts for the rich, who in any case don’t pay any tax whatsoever.


Rob the poor and give to the rich – housing policy for 2016 (article by Aditya Chakrabortty, 5.1.16)

In reply to a comment by the Progressive Left panchozecat:

Obviously immigration has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with housing.

Only extreme Right-wingers, neoliberals and racist xenophobes could possibly believe that net immigration of over 300,000 people per annum could in any way affect demand for housing.

Building two million council houses per year, funded by a Landlord Tax of 100% on all rental income, would in any case solve Britain’s housing problem.

Let us hope that, when Our Jeremy cruises to victory in 2020, he will not be deterred by the Red Tories from adopting such a bold, yet fair, policy.



25 thoughts on “Part Three of Saveed Miliband’s Old Guardian Pieces, Friends! Comments On: Why The Progressive Left Must Back Jeremy; The Absolute Bargain That Our BBC Licence Fee Represents; And Why The Level Of Immigration Has Literally Nothing To Do With The Housing Shortage!

  1. I see these as Michelangelo-type tryptichs, each one a perfect paean to the embalmers art-or is that chronicler of our times.
    Quite magnificent, and will look grand when I am restored to my palace-from which i`ve been temporarily removed and told not to approach up to 1 mile radius.
    But this is surely temporary. Each one a “Greatest Hit”- and Lord alone knows what ELSE lies in that vaulted memory of yours.
    All I need now is a framer-do any of your girls here at this site do things like polishing, framing and setting of your masterpieces?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Letfly, did you have writer’s cramp or were you lpsomehow caught short at the beginning of January 2016? Or perhaps it was the tail end of a New Year’s Resolution not to write at length. I also note that our 1) Jeremy had no reason to interrupt your flow and 2) not a single “literally”. Whatever the cause you were uncharacteristically brief when writing about immigration and housing. Pity you recovered or broke your resolution.
    Heh ho…


  3. As I write we progressives await the inevitable glorious triumph of our Jeremy in the by elections. Even if the hard right criminals declare victory on the grounds of more votes it means nothing. We neo Bolsheviks are on the right side of history and victory is ours. I Dave am back and literally on fire with Bolshevik fervour.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, and by the way, welcome back, Friend Dave! We’ve all – literally – missed you! But fear not, Friend Ron – who seems, unaccountably, now to have disappeared – has kept us informed literally every inch of the way about your (a) mental condition and (b) whereabouts and pie-making activities in the Hard-Right Principality.


      1. Friend Lefty do not worry about Ron. He is in Stoke to feel at one with the atmosphere of total victory over the hated far right May Junta and other vile fiends like that very hard right Nuthatch creature.
        I Hope he will then be joining me in the Bolshevik ( neo ) haven of Merthyr Tydfil . There to breathe the pure air of socialism untainted by hard right rubbish from the BBC/Guardian/ whatever you fancy righties .
        Here only the sort of fairly right wing Morning Star is on show in the boarded up ( Thatcher’s legacy of hate for honest Welsh working people) shops in our mean and meaner still after Brexit streets.
        Our pies do not contain shop bought meat. We are too poor and pure for that . Socialist meat is roadkill meat and all the better for it. I am a fine shot with a variety of weapons and so what if the odd sheep makes the ultimate sacrifice for the working men and women and children of the town. The hard right May junta would steal the very food from our mouths if it could.
        Next week I am to visit the truly legendary Derek Pufflet a boot maker extraordinary. He is so committed to the progressive cause that he will only sell a boot for the left foot. He cannot bear to make a right foot boot and I for one applaud as all we progressives must do such purity of vision.

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      2. I do so hope Daffyd that only the fascist and racist black-faced sheep succumb to your pie-filling depredations. Those pretenders to the ovid black and white minstrel show deserve all they get.

        I suggest, for the foot health of the valleys that you get Derek Pufflet to make half of his boots by looking at a mirror.

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  4. Too late, too late young Davewalker, the evil Empire sent in its stormtroopers and Copelandia is lost. How we could have used you and your green tractor with its beams of progressive power. Now the Empire will strike out with renewed dark force at the EU, the only true hope of the galaxy.

    Oh Copelandia, we grieve for thee, formerly a white haven you have succumbed to the dubious charms of the dark force and the terrifying shoes of May.

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  5. Sundays service will be a Funeral Rite for the Tories and the Fascist Left.
    St Jeremy Corbyn of Trumpton( will have to rename that!) is cunningly adopting a St Sebastian pose, hugging his sapling and taking the barbs and arrows of outrageous(quite literally) fortune as aimed at him by the Upper St Allotment-our very Garden of Gethsemane…when it will yet be a (literal) Eden on Monday.
    Jeremy has risen-Easter is coming, today is a Socialist Good-indeed Gooder, Greater and Awesome Friday.
    Have faith my congregation…as I shake Chianti upon the wicker coffin on Sunday, remember it is a Mourning Service.
    But Corbyn has risen….and SOL quietly is already planning the next phase….and hope to be able to bless all candles offered, and offer my ministrations to all ladies of a similar cloth here, should they want their curtains altered..indeed altared even.
    Join the Aisle High Club girls-educate your Archie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Friend Archie. I must say how nice it is to have your positive, constructive comments here, as an antidote to the literally non-stop neoliberalism from the carbon-emitting, viciously Climate Denying so-called Singer Under Hard-Right Bridges.


  6. Archie, how come your tile has changed from a pinkish purple to a sickly green? Was it the defrocking and was that painful? I blame the secret arm of GCHQ, otherwise known as WordPress, who censures and censors our posts without let or hindrance from Letfly.
    I see that, as before, you wish to defrock as many of your female followers as is possible. However, you have lost the attraction of the mitre.

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  7. Security whilst my case is being held at Maynooth Pier Pavilion.
    Am falling on hard times-but hoping they`ll yet be harder as I`ve already intimated to your organist.
    Smell the desperation of years of celibacy amidst all those housekeepers and convent novices?…neither do I! was painful but hope for some ladies fingers with my hotpot this weekend.
    Who`s mitre?…she one of our congregation?…or a mere cocktail spelt in Latin?
    Ra Ra Rasputeen…lover of the Lefts laydeez….
    This is olive teal my bridgy boy…and hope to be “restored to the purple” on appeal.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Sorry your oliveness, but do you think you have enough appeal to appeal your appeal? I suppose it depends on what ecclesiastical malfeasance you have been accused of. The possibilities are most pleasurable to contemplate so please keep us uninformed, as noticeably you have done. Keep your mitre up.

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  9. Ta Bridgeward Cantor Bellendi!
    Your encouraging ministrations are most welcome, and I can cut you in as my wayside verger puppet…sorry wayside pulpit pusher, pitbull poshing bishop….oh, you know….!
    This Church of the Boyz n Mind is one we man can ALL relate to-and how apt that Boy George was the first to sing its praises, long before Bishop Left came along to bless our huts, spit mud into our plasterboard mix and to generally give us a village. Does it not take a village to raise a child?…Hillary Clinton said so-and now, along with Cressida Dick and Lady Nugee of Shamibottabad-we have a feminine yen to our yamyamz.
    My appeal is going very well-quite a few ladies of the cloth came by to give succour and more to my weary tubes, and -now that blokes are at home making their own butties for the week-it means that I stand proud in some influence . You call them nuns-I call them Birds of Pray!
    Bishop Left of Wessex, Mercia and the Weald is my putatative pastor and mentor alright-his word is wholly writ round here in Red Itch-but like to think that I can bless the Corbyn beret, note his endless victories and berate Giles Frazier for being way too religious for OUR new church of Red Robbo Robins.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Does anyone really understand any of this? I begin to have some cognoscence of the wherefores of the defrockment. Suggest you apply for the tenure of Letfly’s political stronghold – Rockall – where you will find a fine spiritual (if not spirit) avian fanbase.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It`s a spiritual thing SBB. It`s not for all of us to understand the psychic and spiritual world.
        Yet I absolve you.
        Some may know “Rockall” about the Coming Man Of Destiny that is our Leader.
        But we are without excuse because he comes here from the mountain to dispense his wisdom, And some of us are more receptive than others.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. A delight to stop by SOL.
        Indeed I am a regular supporter of all your ways and means, but use other cover for some of my trickier work deep in the bowels of the NHS and school systems.
        Bear with me Friend…you`re doing just fine, and it`s all comedy I assure you.
        Well remember the Daily Mirror sending Chalkie White around the seaside towns of the country when I was a kid, and you`d claim a £5 prize if you spotted him.
        Imagine that would be a Ginsters pastie and a Che Guevara beret these days…but in any event you have done well Glasshopper!

        Liked by 1 person

  10. Thank you, Friend Cheryl! And btw, many thanks for literally taking a turn at the organ the other day. Shame that the effect was rather spoiled by a certain singer [Groan!J.C.] who was distinctly out of tune, and who kept heckling from the back. I don’t like [Arghh! J.C.] that kind of behaviour at all – it was beneath [I totally despair!J.C.] contempt, wasn’t it?


  11. Letfly. You are raving, I wasn’t even there. I’m keeping incognito since Daffyd was released. Ron has disappeared (very suspicious), Daffyd threatened to run me down and put the (left) boot in, and I cannot abide an off-key organ. All good reasons for absenteeism.


  12. Singer. You sound very disturbed. Ron is in Stoke. Dave is back to some form of normality as Lefty has sounded literally very progressive recently. Derek Pufflet is making boots ( left foot only ) and igor and his little son Dimitri ( probably the most progressive of us all ) are ensuring that Merthyr Tydfil is once again truly socialist ( neo Bolshevik ) in honour of the 100th anniversary of the glorious revolution.
    You are in no danger at all except from your own deviant non progressive thoughts.


    1. SS MVC, your logness

      Ah, but they said that to Trotski.

      My thoughts are mine own and their degree of progressivism is a matter of rank conjecture. Many has been the time I have tackled a Gruff Bully professing loyalty to the mighty Brexit deity. Progressive refusniks, (left) boot lickspittles, and reformed dumpster maniacs hold little threat for a fully grown bridge singer with a penchant for Puccini. Bring it on.

      Thanks for the warning about little Dimitri (16 stone?)


      1. Friend Singer. We fear Trotsky is too near to you now. Little Dimitri is a quite exceptional child. Far from being obese he is small and wiry and only 12 years old. However true progressiveness is built into every inch of him. He has led a successful campaign to have teaching in his school carried out in Russian only. English is banned as it is the language of the old ruling elite and Welsh is banned as it has neo bourgeois connotations and is much favoured by that class of hard right elitists who infest the government classes of Wales.
        We all look to the day when Merthyr and it’s environs is solely Russian speaking and the works of Lenin and Marx ( in Russian) are the very first books a young worker reads.


      2. Your logness.
        Do you all wear white apparel, fastening at the back? And does “the collective” mean you are all collected together?

        You speak riddles (doublespeak so beloved of times past?). What does “Friend Singer. We fear Trotsky is too near to you now” mean? It could be reassurance or a threat (or both?).

        You are also are being tricked into learning Russian. It should have been German so that you could read ‘Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei’ in all its original glory. Marks and Engles are veritable dynamos in their graves. Highgrove must be experiencing multiple tremors.

        Is Pontypridd leaning Chinese, and Port Talbot Albanian? You could set up your own Cominturn.


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