Part 9 Of Saveed Miliband’s Greatest Hits in The Far-Right Guardian, Friends! Pieces From Feb. 2016 On: Why So-Called Criminals Are Actually Victims; The Print Closure Of The Hard-Right Independent Newspaper; The Hated Bullingdon Bully Boy Johnson’s Vicious Backing For Brexit; And Jeremy’s Impressively Consistent Record Of Backing Our EU, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And a – literally – warm welcome to you all for Part 9 of Saveed Miliband’s old pieces in the Far-Right Guardian!  These all come from February last year, and, in addition to a couple of pieces on Our EU, cover the literally thorny topic of prison numbers, as well as a – literally – penetrating analysis of why the Hard-Right Independent‘s circulation had fallen so far, that the print edition was closed.

As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.


If Cameron really cared he would cut prisoner numbers (article by Polly Toynbee, 8.2.16)

Well said, Polly, although it’s depressing to see you can’t resist a predictable attack on Our Jeremy, this time by totally failing to mention him at all. He is, after all, about to become our next Prime Minister, you know!

As all enlightened people like myself realise, so-called “criminals” are actually victims of our unjust, racist, neoliberal, dog-eat-dog society, in which the 1% and the Banksters own well over 100% of all the wealth in the world and elsewhere, whilst the rest of us sink in to ever-greater poverty, working on zero-hour contracts in compulsory Foodbanks whilst struggling to pay back our student loans and ever-higher Bedroom Taxes.

The true criminals in our so-called society are, in any case, the Banksters and the 1%, who should all be put on trial, using People’s Courts, and then locked up for crashing the world’s banks, e.g. Northern Rock, thereby ushering in the Great Crash, which in any case started in America.

Of course, once Our Jeremy is in charge, and true Socialism has been introduced in to the UK (on the lines of that highly successful economy, Venezuela – the envy of the world!), and all criminals, e.g. Tories, etc. democratically liquidated, all criminality will disappear, in the way that it always does when True Socialism is ushered in to any country.



Independent and Independent on Sunday print closures confirmed (report, 12.2.16)

The only reason that the Independent has lost readers is that it has totally swallowed the Far-Right, racist, neoliberal agenda, and failed to support Our Jeremy in the way that any truly “independent” newspaper should.

Hopefully, those few Indy journalists who show some fairness and balance in their writings, e.g. Alibi Yasmin-Brown and Robin Fisk, along with that superb satirist Mark Steele whose brilliant witticisms about Thatcher, neoliberals, Tories, Kippers and Red Tory Traitors like Hilary Benn etc regularly have all of those of us on the True Left in stitches, will be snapped up by the Guardian, whose only hope of long-term survival is to abandon its totally predictable craven support of racist neoliberalism and Fascism, and support those literally tens of billions of us on the Democratic Left who believe that life can be better for those of us who are not Bullingdon Bully Boy Banksters in the pay of the 1%.


Boris Johnson backs Brexit after ‘agonisingly difficult’ decision – as it happened (report, Observer, 21.2.16)

So another Bullingdon Bully Boy has totally predictably come down on the side of the Little Englanders – the Fascist, racist neoliberals who have a visceral hatred for the modern Democratic Europe that we on the Progressive Left are engaged in building, and whose blinkered and xenophobic views will be totally rejected on 23rd June.

Contrast Bozo’s totally opportunistic flip-flopping on this matter with Our Jeremy’s totally consistent and principled stance as a pro-European statesperson, which he has unwaveringly stuck to ever since soon after becoming Labour Leader.

Thank goodness for Our Jeremy, whose firm and decisive pro-European leadership will inspire the Remain campaign, as the British people resoundingly reject xenophobia, racism, imperialism and Fascism, and instead embrace internationalism and socialism, which are an integral part of modern Europe.


Free spirits? The Brexit brigade are just another bunch of elitists (article by Polly Toynbee, 23.2.16)

Well said, Ms Toynbee, though as ever you couldn’t resist a totally predictable attack on Our Jeremy, viz.:

It matters greatly that Jeremy Corbyn has opted for in, as the ultimate life-long outsider – though he sounds unlikely to barnstorm his supporters to the polls.

This is another tiresome smear on Our Jeremy, which needs to be dispelled.

I have, naturally, talked long and hard with Jeremy about the predictable smears perpetuated by the Far-Right media, e.g. the BBC, in which it has been alleged that he is actually a long-term campaigner against the EU, who has merely changed his stance for purely opportunistic reasons.

Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth. Jeremy assures me that his 40-year campaign against EU membership was “a brief moment of madness”, explaining that this was in any case all “a very long time ago, in very different times”, and that his previous comments about the EU being “a rich man’s club, designed to prop up a totally predictable neoliberal hegemonistic paradigm, in which the Banksters and the 1% profit at the expense of the 99.9%” have been “totally taken out of context by the Far-Right Murdoch-controlled monopoly media”, e.g. the Guardian, of which Ms Toynbee is a leading light.

Furthermore, Our Jeremy has, ever since shortly after becoming Labour Leader last September, been a totally consistent and long-term supporter of what he and I call “A People’s Europe”, in which all Bedroom Taxes etc will be abolished, and this totally unelected Tory Government democratically overthrown (leave that to me).

I hope this puts the record straight, and that we will henceforth hear no more of these totally disgraceful smears and misrepresentations of Our Jeremy’s position on Europe, which as I have demonstrated, has been as every bit as consistent over the past 40-odd years as that of the Labour Party.

My Piece In Today’s Far-Right Guardian, In Which I – Literally – Support Our Polly To The Hilt, By Helpfully Providing A Couple Of Past Quotations Of Hers, Which Clearly Demonstrate That, Just In Terms Of Sheer Perceptiveness And Insight Alone, She Is Truly “The People’s Columnist”, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And here is my latest piece in the Far-Right Guardian, in which I – literally – waded in to the Mass Debate [I’d rephrase that particular term if I were you, Lefty!J.C. But Jeremy, you are not me! And kindly stop telling me what I should write here! Whose Blog is it anyway?L. No comment!J.C.] on Our EU, which the Hard-Right Bullingdon Bully Boy May is, tragically, planning to literally destroy tomorrow, with her vicious plan to trigger Article 48%, as I have renamed it after Our 48%, who after all represent the overwhelming minority of people in Britain, as demonstrated [Groan!J.C. Oh for heaven’s sake, Jeremy! That wasn’t even intended to be a pun!L.] on Saturday when, according to figures I’ve just made up, and which at least 97% of Climate Scientists agree are an underestimate if anything, well over 50 million people marched on London in support of Our EU, and were viciously censored by the Hard-Right so-called BBC which is a neoliberal, racist disgrace, and which the Far-Right Tories are literally attempting to destroy, even though Our BBC is the envy of the world, and indeed elsewhere, e.g. Strictly Our Great British Bake-off.

Puzzled, friends!

I have to confess, friends, that I am at a loss to understand why Jeremy didn’t attend the March, given his impressive pro-EU credentials, which stretch all the way back in time to those far-off days when he became Labour Leader. Whenever I ask him why he didn’t attend, he always says “No comment!”, which I do find rather unhelpful. Perhaps, Jeremy, you would care to take the opportunity here, in this Blog, to explain exactly why you didn’t go? [No comment!J.C.]. You see now what I’m – literally – up against, don’t you, friends?

Hey ho, friends – some mysteries will always be mysterious! Anyway, enough of all this Hard-Right banter! [Some mistake surely, Lefty?J.C. Oh Jeremy! There are never any mistaks in this Blog!L. No coment!J.C.] Here’s the piece: as ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with replies to it, is provided under the piece.

Now the battle line is drawn before Theresa May’s car-crash Brexit

Well said, Polly.

Friends! Brexit will undoubtedly be at least as bad for the British economy as Britain’s failure to join Our Euro has been.

As Polly so wisely pointed out in 1997:

It won’t be enough to rely on frightening voters with the dangers of being left out of the single currency. Nor will it be enough to sell the immediate advantages – lower interest rates, lower mortgages, exchange rate stability, and the like.

And, of course, let us not forget Polly’s remarkable comments about Our Gordon, made in 2007:

Twice a year Gordon Brown fills his party’s sails with pride. His tornado of facts and figures magics up images of untold national wealth and success. Sixty per cent more personal wealth! Most chancellors sound as if chunks of their speech are penned by officials, not quite convincing in their grasp of macro or micro details. But here is the man who studies everything, consuming documents with the speed of a shredder. Standing at the dispatch box, the towering superiority of his brain makes intellectual pygmies of his opponents.

And yet, friends, Hard-Right elements claim that such quotes “just show that Polly Toynbee hasn’t the faintest idea what she’s talking about”! Talk about delusional!

Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 19th-26th March

Hello, friends.

And I expect you’re all feeling as – literally – exhilarated as I am by yesterday’s Progressive Left March For Our EU, aren’t you, friends? Wow, that was – literally – something else!

Literally thousands of people attended, and despite Catastrophic Climate Change – which, of course, friends, has literally nothing to do with weather – the weather was fabulous, proving that even the viciously Hard-Right God – who, well over 120% of Climate Scientists agree, doesn’t exist, unlike Catastrophic Climate Change – was literally smiling upon us!

Above all, friends, Our March was – literally – one in the eye for that tiny handful of 17,410,742 Hard-Right racist bigots who viciously refused to do what they were told last June,  voting instead for Hate rather than Hope!  As I so wisely remarked in one of my Tweets yesterday, they must be feeling – literally – pretty small now!

Anyway, here are last week’s tweets:


Sunday 19th March

Monday 20th March

Tuesday 21st March

Wednesday 22nd March

Thursday 23rd March

Friday 24th March

Saturday 25th March

(Thanks to Friend DiscoDroid for kind permission to reproduce the above)

Sunday 26th March

Part 8 Of Saveed Miliband’s Greatest Hits in The Far-Right Guardian: Two Pieces From Jan./Feb. 2016 About Why It Would Be Literally Catastrophic For Britain To Leave Our EU, Which Is – Literally – The Envy Of The World, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And here are a couple more of Saveed Miliband’s early pieces in the Far-Right Guardian, for your enjoyment [Ha!J.C. Oh hello, Jeremy! You do seem remarkably cheerful, considering that Bullingdon Bully Boy May is going to be viciously triggering Article 50 in five days’ time! By the way, are you coming on the March For Europe tomorrow?L. No comment!J.C.].

They were written early last year, and both are passionate, campaigning pieces that – literally – pleaded for Britain to stay in Our EU, and which, judging from the Referendum result, probably swayed quite a few people in to changing their votes – or at any rate, would have, had they done so.

As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.

Let’s rally round the campaign to stay in Europe (article by Andy Burnham MP, 30.1.16)

Very well said, Mr Burnham.

The very thought of Britain leaving Europe is utterly terrifying. Europe is the only protection that we on the Progressive Left have left against crazy Right-wing neoliberalism and fascism. And being part of Europe is our main protection against racist immigration controls, which would prevent some of the most highly qualified scientists, engineers and doctors in the world from enriching and diversifying our society.

No wonder the 1%, the Banksters, the City of London and the neoliberal multinationals and the Tories are all so eager for Brexit. They know that, outside Europe, Britain would be back to the situation it was in prior to 1973, when it was totally at the mercy of extreme Right-wing Governments such as those headed by Harold Wilson and Edward Heath.

The forthcoming Referendum is, of course, a totally undemocratic, totally predictable distraction from the real issues facing our society, i.e. neoliberalism, zero-hour contracts, the illegal Bedroom Tax, mass poverty, compulsory Foodbanks, the Tories etc. Nevertheless we on the Progressive Democratic Left – and there are many of us, compared with the 1% – must now campaign wholeheartedly to stay in Europe.

Needless to say, the Far-Right Murdoch monopoly media, egged on by their Right-wing cheer-leaders in the BBC, will be trying to brainwash the population in to leaving Europe, by all kinds of scare stories, e.g. claiming that Our Europe, far from being (like Our NHS) the envy of the world and elsewhere, is just a bunch of unelected power-crazed troughers, usually failed ex-politicians, doing very nicely for themselves at the expense of everyone else.

We must confront such Tory/Kipper lies with the truth: that modern Europe is a totally progressive and democratic institution which works for the interests of the 99%, against those of the 1%.

A final thought. Thank goodness that we on the Progressive Left have a principled and totally consistent pro-European leader such as Our Jeremy! With his support, how can we possibly lose?


David Cameron got a good deal on the EU. Just look at the fine print (article by Martin Kettle, 5.2.16)

Well said, Mr Kettle – although it’s a shame that you couldn’t resist your usual totally predictable snide swipe at Our Jeremy, this time by not mentioning him at all and thereby totally ignoring the excellent case that he, as a longstanding and dedicated pro-European, has been subtly making for Europe over recent months and indeed years.

It terrifies me that there are so many delusional people who think that Britain could possibly manage to survive outside the EU! We are, after all, merely a tiny island, battered by the constant effects of Person-Made Catastrophic Climate Chaos, beset by institutional racism and sinking further and further in to extreme poverty.

Only the EU can save us from becoming another Norway or Switzerland, totally bereft of influence and steadily losing any significance in the world, whilst still subject to all the rules and regulations of the EU (which of course are all a figment of the Right-wing Press’s imagination, and all totally essential for the smooth and efficient running of Europe in any case).

Friends, we need to lift our eyes and look at the bigger picture! We must cast away our racism and xenophobia, and work towards building an International Socialist State of Europe! With Our Jeremy at the helm, plus his inspired Shadow Team, with their considerable experience of working in the real world and elsewhere, we can rebuild Our Britain as a true People’s Democracy, the pinnacle of a New Socialist Europe!

Of course, and totally predictably, we will encounter many obstacles along the way, not least the assorted Red Tories and Far-Right scum, including those few who regrettably remain in the Shadow Cabinet (no names, no packdrill!), who of course will need to be democratically deselected. (Leave that to me.) We will also have to deal with the Far-Right Murdoch-controlled media, i.e. the so-called BBC whose bias on all matters European is obvious to even the meanest intelligence, e.g. myself. But then, who ever claimed that fighting the 1% and the Banksters was ever going to be easy, given that they own more than 100% of the media, including the internet?

The forthcoming so-called Referendum is, needless to say, a totally undemocratic, totally predictable distraction from the real issues facing our society, i.e. neoliberalism, zero-hour contracts, the illegal Bedroom Tax, mass poverty, compulsory Foodbanks, the Tories etc. But, friends, we can turn it in to a People’s Referendum! Led by Our Jeremy, and his hugely popular and charismatic team of able statespersons, e.g. Emily Thornberry and John McDonnell, we can achieve another landslide victory on the lines of the one recently achieved in that notorious marginal seat, Oldham West, and in the process totally destroy the Nasty Party and all its evil Right-wingers (the Tories, I mean) and put Labour even closer to that landslide election result that is ours for the taking in May 2020!

My Piece In Today’s Far-Right Guardian About Why We On The Progressive Left Are Naturally Happy People, Unlike Miserable Hard-Right Fascists Who Literally Have No Friends, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And I’m happy [Groan!J.C.] to say that a piece that I’ve written in today’s Far-Right Guardian appears to have escaped the attention of their Hard-Right censors, who you may remember viciously deleted my piece the other day, for reasons that still puzzle me.

Today’s piece is, as you may have shrewdly deduced, on the subject of happiness, which of course those of us on the Progressive Left know a great deal about, given our general joie de vrie, unlike Hard-Right haters who, experts have recently calculated, spend literally 26.4 hours per day just thinking about how they can make some of the poorest, weakest and most vulnerable people, e.g. Our Junior Doctors, in our society – which, never let it be forgotten, friends, Thatcher first denied the existence of, and then totally destroyed – pay for Tory Austerity, e.g. by literally slashing dangerous Climate Change.

As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided below.

Come on, this is Britain – we don’t like to be too happy

Friends! Fortunately for those of us on the Progressive Left – and there are still quite a few of us left [Groan!J.C.] despite the tragic passing of Our Fidel, the People’s Dictator, last November, and now Our Martin, the People’s Terrorist – there is rather a lot to be happy about!

First of all, we know that Hard-Right Tory Brexit will literally not happen, because (1) Our Gina will be taking court action to prevent it, and (2) Our Professor Grayling has promised that it won’t! So that’s – literally – one in the eye for that tiny handful of 17,410,742 bigoted people who viciously refused to do what they were told, last June!

Secondly, we know that people are literally sick and tired of this totally unelected Tory Government, as proved by a recent opinion poll in which, following the hated Hammond’s vicious so-called Budget, the Tory lead has been slashed to only 19 points or so.

Thirdly, and most important of all, there is also the fact, verified by 127% of Happiness Experts – and we on the Progressive Left always listen to experts, friends, unlike Hard-Right, literally Fascist, elements, e.g. Gove – that those of us with, dare I say, a rather more open-minded and enlightened outlook than certain people – e.g. that bigoted woman, the hated Duffy – tend to be much happier people than vicious Far-Right Fascists who read literally Fascist rags like the Daily Fail, and who spend their whole time ranting about things they know literally nothing about!

Unlike them, we are not mean-spirited, grudging people who don’t have a good word to say about anyone or anything! Au contraire, we love ourselves, because we know that, if you can’t love yourself, then it is – literally – impossible to love yourself.

So, friends, be of – literally – good cheer! We have nothing to fear but this totally unelected Tory Government, the totally unelected Trump, and Hard-Right Brexit itself, which in any case hasn’t happened yet.

My Piece In Today’s Far-Right Guardian, Which Has Been Viciously Censored – My Piece, That Is, Friends, Not The Far-Right Guardian – About Why We On The Progressive Left Must Now Support Our George, Formerly The Far-Right Racist Neoliberal Gidiot, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And here’s a – literally – first: a piece I wrote for the Far-Right Guardian this afternoon, which has been viciously censored! I guess that my Progressive Left message was – literally – too much for those Hard-Right racist neoliberals! It was in response to Zoe Williams’ typically intelligent and thoughtful piece, in which she argued that those of us on the Progressive Left should – literally –  back Our George [previously the Hard-Right racist neoliberal Gidiot] all the way, and I merely amplified her very wise points.

The – literally – Fascist Guardian is obviously getting pretty rattled by my Progressive Left message, isn’t it, friends? Still, thanks to this Blog, you can still read it!

Anyway, as usual, I have provided a link which takes you to my (deleted) comment – it was taken down so quickly, I guess there probably wasn’t actually time for anyone to reply – along with the original article itself.

George Osborne’s new role means we may find ourselves agreeing with him

Well said, Zoe. I agree with everything you’ve written, whatever it was.

Friends! It is now time for those of us on the Progressive Left to reappraise the widely-hated Far-Right racist neoliberal Gidiot, who literally devastated the so-called British economy – which Thatcher totally destroyed – with Hard-Right Tory Austerity, in which Government spending was slashed to its highest level ever, as can be seen today with the National Debt still falling well short of £2 trillion – typical Tory penny-pinching there, friends, which the next Labour Government will rectify with its plans to borrow £500 billion to invest in essential public services, e.g. dangerous Climate Change.

For year after year, the hated Gidiot literally slashed and burned the public sector, wasting literally billions of pounds on Tory Austerity, i.e. the Far-Right Trident, along with tax giveaways to his Bankster friends, e.g. Blair, who in any case paid absolutely no tax whatsoever.

But to be fair to Osborne, he did correctly predict the devastating effects of a Leave vote last summer, for which he was viciously sacked by Bullingdon Bully Boy May before he was able to present his Emergency Budget which, by dint of the spending cuts and tax rises he had promised us in the wake of a Leave vote, would have enabled Mr. Osborne’s forecasts to come true.

And now it is clear that George Osborne is going to courageously oppose Hard-Right Brexit via the Far-Right Evening Standard, we on the Progressive Left should, as Zoe suggests, put aside our trivial ideological differences with George, and back him – literally – all the way!

Our George, along with our other new Progressive Left allies who are literally fighting with us shoulder to shoulder – e.g. Our Hezza, Our Tony, Our Peter, Our Tim, Our Nicola, Our Gina, Our Judges, Our House Of Lords, etc. etc. – in defence of Our EU, will surely persuade all but the most bigoted and reactionary racists that we on the Progressive Left speak for the overwhelming minority of British people who are sick and tired of Hard-Right Tory Brexit, and who believe that a better world can be created if Far-Right politicians would only stop interfering with Our EU, and allow it to get on with the job that it was unelected to do.

Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 12th-19th March

Hello, friends.

And a literally very warm welcome to you all for this week’s selection of Tweets. Unfortunately, due to Hard-Right Tory Austerity and fears about Brexit, many of the usual features of this Blog – the snappy headline, the helpful subheadings, the highly-informative introductory piece, the closing sing-song, and indeed even Jeremy’s interventions – have had to be – literally – axed. They will be reinstated just as soon as as this totally unelected Tory Government has been unelected, and Brexit reversed. In the meantime, here are the tweets:

Sunday 12th March

Monday 13th March

Tuesday 14th March

Wednesday 15th March

Thursday 16th March

Friday 17th March

Saturday 18th March

Sunday 19th March

A Short Piece In The Far-Right Guardian Re The Hard-Right Evening Standard’s Vicious Decision To Appoint Gidiot As Its Editor, Friends! PLUS – Part 7 Of Saveed Miliband’s Greatest Hits! Comments On: Why We On The Progressive Left Must Protest About Literally Everything; And Why We Must Literally Back Jeremy To The Hilt!

Hello, friends.

And today’s Blog is a short piece in today’s Far-Right Guardian about why we must boycott the Hard-Right Evening Standard in protest against its appointment of Gidiot as its Editor, by dint of not buying a single copy until the decision is reversed; along with two rather ancient pieces from January 2016, which personally I don’t think read particularly well, but which I include for anyone who might be interested in how my style has evolved over the last year or so.

As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.

TODAY’S (17.3.17) PIECE:

George Osborne appointed editor of London Evening Standard

Friends! This is utterly appalling news!

We need to make our voices heard about this truly outrageous decision, and the best way is to hit the Hard-Right so-called Evening Standard where it literally hurts – in its wallet!

Therefore, friends, I propose that each and every one of us on the Progressive Left – and there are still quite a few of us, despite Brexit (which hasn’t actually happened yet) and the totally unelected Trump – should refuse to buy even a single copy of this Far-Right rag, until this decision is reversed.


There’s so much to protest against. How to keep up? (Article by Barbara Ellen, Observer, 24.1.16)

Barbara is totally correct – there is quite literally no end of things to protest about.

Top of the list, of course, is Person-Made Catastrophic Climate Chaos, along with the evil Deniers who claim – against the firm beliefs of well over 100% of Climate Scientists that the Science is settled – that recent snow, rain, cold spells, warm spells, sunshine, droughts, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes etc are just part of a continuously changing climate and not part of what all of us (or at any rate, those of us not in the pay of Big Oil, or part of the hated 1%, or banksters) know is PMCCC. Our planet is literally frying, yet these people are more concerned about making a fast buck than about the rest of us literally drowning!

Second, and obviously most important of all, is Racism. We now live in an alleged world where immigrants are forced to wear wristbands so they can eat! Some people claim that saying this is Fascism is pure hyperbole, to which the obvious answer is: it’s actually worse than Fascism, because not even Hitler went this far.

Then there is the BBC Licence Fee, which of course is far too low. This Tory Government has deliberately, as part of its plan to impose Austerity on the 99%, held down the licence fee for several years at the ridiculously low level of £145.50. If it had been kept in line with inflation, it would now be well over £200. This is all part of the Tories’ attack on Public-Service Broadcasting, because they hate the BBC’s alleged “Left-wing bias” which in any case is totally ridiculous because the BBC is in fact nothing more than a mouthpiece of the 1% and banksters, happily parroting Tory lies and spins, e.g. Question Time which is a notoriously reactionary platform for Far-Right neoliberals etc. to espouse their totally racist beliefs.

I could go on and on … the list is literally endless! The vicious Tory attacks on Our NHS, the best (and indeed only) Health Service in the world; the widely-hated Bedroom Tax, which literally millions of people struggle to pay; compulsory Foodbanks; tax giveaways to the 1% who own well over 100% of all wealth, and who already pay no tax whatsoever; attacks on working people, e.g. students who are literally forced to take on huge debts so that they can then work on Zero Hour Contracts for the rest of their lives on poverty pay …

And yet, there are people who claim that things are somehow not quite as bad as portrayed here! What kind of delusional world do they live in?


The Corbynistas are already preparing their alibis for defeat (article by Andrew Rawnsley, Observer, 24.1.16)

Another totally predictable attack on Jeremy Corbyn by a lickspittle Red Tory journalist, slavishly peddling a neoliberal agenda from the increasingly far-Right Guardian.

It is increasingly obvious that the Tories are absolutely terrified of Our Jeremy – and they are correct to be!

The idea that he “cannot win an election” has been comprehensively disproved, what with Labour’s recent landslide victory in that ultra-marginal seat, Oldham West, and indeed in the Leadership Election, where 250,000 odd people voted for him, including, apparently – such was the breadth of his popular appeal – quite a large number of Tories.

And this is why the Tories have now gone in to total panic mode, desperately attempting to smear Jeremy by quoting his previous speeches, many of which were made several years ago, and which in any case have been totally taken out of context.

Under Our Jeremy, Britain has entered a new era of kinder, gentler politics, where all forms of intolerance will be smashed, which necessarily will involve democratic deselection of certain Hard-Right elements in the Labour Party (e.g. Hilary Benn, Angela Eagle etc) and the removal of this so-called Government, given its total undemocratic hold on power with the support of only 24% of the electorate, who in any case have been totally brainwashed by the Right-wing media, e.g. the BBC and the Murdoch Press.

We must build an alliance of the Progressive Left, including Greens, feminists, gays, Communists, Trotskyists, refugees, students and other enlightened working people, e.g. the unemployed, victims of Austerity and the widely-hated Bedroom Tax, along with our friends in Hamas, Hezbollah, Sinn Fein and ISIS – to achieve a truly Socialist Britain: the Venezuela of Europe, no less!

Who can seriously doubt that, if we have the courage to stick to our new policies, the General Election of 2020 will result in a landslide?

My Piece In Today’s Guardian About Why The Fascist Daily Fail Is Literally Fascist, As Well As Literally Failing, Friends! PLUS – Part 6 Of Saveed Miliband’s Greatest Hits [Ha! – J.C.]: Comments On Neoliberal Opinion Polls; Our NHS, The Envy Of The World; And Why Those Of Us On The Progressive Left Are – Literally – Revolting!

Hello, friends.

And today’s Blog is a little different from usual, being one new piece that I’ve written (about the literally Fascist Daily Fail) in today’s Far-Right Guardian, along with three old pieces, all from January 2016.

The reason for this is that today’s piece, being remarkably brief (at least, by my verbose standards), is not enough to justify a Blog all on its own, so I’ve added it to what was originally going to be purely an old selection. This means that this Blog is a bit longer than usual, for which I apologise.

As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.

TODAY’S (16.3.17) PIECE:

Mail Men by Adrian Addison review – inside the Daily Mail’s sanctimony and vitriol

Friends! As literally everyone knows, the Fascist Daily Fail – so-called, because it’s literally Fascist, and is literally failing – is easily the most unpopular Far-Right rag in the entire world, and indeed elsewhere!

Its vicious support for – literally – Hitler as recently as in the 1930s will never be forgotten by those of us on the Progressive Left, whose opposition to totalitarian mass-murdering dictators throughout the ages is notorious.

More recently, the Fascist Fail has made its name known for viciously attacking vulnerable minorities who cannot answer back, e.g. Our President Juncker, Our Gina, Our House Of Lords, and Our Judges, branding the latter as “Enemies of the People” when they were simply doing the job they were democratically unelected to do, namely blocking Hard-Right Brexit, which as we all know literally nobody voted for, apart from a tiny handful of 17,410,742 bigots and racists, who literally didn’t know what they were voting for, and who in any case were taken in by the LIES of the Leave Camp, i.e. “£350 billion per day extra for Our NHS, payable immediately in the event of a vote for Leave” – a great fat LIE!

Thank goodness, friends, that literally nobody reads this particular Far-Right rag any more, apart from a few million bigoted people who’ve been totally taken in by its predictable LIES!


The polls got it wrong. But so did Labour’s top team (article by Caroline Flint MP, 19.1.16)

The so-called opinion polls – those neoliberal tools of the 1% – actually understated, and continue to understate, Labour’s true support, as demonstrated by our recent landslide victory in that notoriously marginal seat, Oldham West and Royton.

Not many people appear to realise, brainwashed as they are by the Right-wing media (e.g. the Guardian and the BBC), that Labour actually won the May 2015 election by a comfortable margin.

The only reason we “lost” was because of the totally rigged electoral system, which contemptuously and undemocratically treated non-voters as of no significance. Once you take in to account the unassailable fact (and I have never heard the Tories dispute this) that non-voters were actually Labour voters who, disgusted by the neoliberal Ed Miliband’s extreme Right-wing policies, decided to stay at home, Labour actually won the last election.

Of course, totally predictably, the Tories are now attempting to gerrymander the electoral system still further, by introducing individual voter registration – and if that weren’t enough, they are further compounding this totally undemocratic measure by equalising constituency sizes! Am I really the only person to detect chilling echoes of 1930s Germany here?

Fortunately, though, the overwhelming popularity of Our Jeremy is such that the May 2020 election is going to be a walkover – literally! As long as Labour can rid itself entirely of all those Right-wing traitors and Red Tory scum – why don’t they just join the Tories! – and ensure as much prominence as possible for genuinely-loved popular figures with the common touch, such as Emily Thornberry, John McDonnell, Kat Smith, Diane Abbott and (last but by no means least!) Our Jeremy, along with vote-winning policies like cancelling Trident and leaving the warmongering NATO, instead opening constructive negotiations with our friends in ISIS; abolishing the hated Bedroom Tax and Zero-Hour Contracts; introducing a top rate of tax of 100% on the 1% so asking the people who caused this Crisis of Monopoly Capitalism to pay for it, rather than the victims, i.e. students and other members of the working class, e.g. the unemployed; taking into common ownership the means of production, distribution, and exchange, etc. etc.

Friends, we in the Labour Party have nothing to fear (apart from, of course, the Right-wing Murdoch-controlled media, the Red Tory traitors in our midst, and the total lack of democracy in this country as detailed above)! Let us rally round Our Jeremy, keep the faith and ignore the totally-rigged so-called Opinion Polls – and never forget: a landslide awaits us in May 2020!


What the NHS needs: just EU average funding – and a pinch of dynamite (article by Polly Toynbee, 21.1.16)

Our NHS is the envy of the world (and indeed elsewhere), as can be seen by the sheer number of other countries who are trying to copy it.

Our NHS embodies the true spirit of Socialism, which is why Tories hate it so much, and are determined to privatise it, e.g. by forcing it to provide a 7-day service, which it does already in any case.

There is absolutely no problem with the NHS that could not be solved by large enough amounts of cash. Fortunately, it is easy to see how these large amounts could be raised, without pain: a Bankers Bonus Tax, levied on the 1%, with a starting rate of 100%.

This would mean that, just for once, those who created the crisis in the NHS in the first place would pay for it, rather than the poor, sick and vulnerable who are already struggling to pay the Bedroom Tax whilst working on Zero Hour Contracts in compulsory Foodbanks.


Why I protest – five activists on the new age of dissent (article, 22.1.16)

We, the people, need to spend every spare moment of every day protesting against this Fascist, racist, unjust neoliberal, so-called society of ours, in which the 1% owns well over 100% of the wealth and yet pays absolutely no tax whatsoever, and is then given huge Tax Giveaways by this Government which is elected by no-one except a tiny minority of the electorate who in any case have been predictably brainwashed by the Right-wing media.

Meanwhile, the rest of us struggle by on Zero-Hour Contracts, whilst Gidiot forces us to pay ever higher Bedroom Taxes etc., and the Bullingdon Bully Boys sadistically and predictably gerrymander the electoral system even further, e.g. by introducing individual voter registration and equal constiutency sizes, which is yet another blatant attack on our fundamental human rights.

No wonder we on the Left are angry!

My Piece In The Far-Right Guardian About Why Hard-Right Dogs – And, For That Matter, Far-Right Cats, Too – Literally Cannot Be Trusted As Reliable Political Allies For Those Of Us On The Progressive Left, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And my piece in today’s Far-Right Guardian is in response to a very wise and thoughtful article by Felicity Croake, who has written the sort of piece that has given that Hard-Right rag the kind of reputation for literally penetrating analysis that it has today.

I couldn’t help but notice that Felicity did not touch on the subject of dogs’ – nor indeed, cats’ – political affiliations in her piece, which is why I was literally compelled to cover this literally vital aspect of their characters.

As ever, a link is provided to the original article and my comment, together with any replies to it, below the piece.

Dogs aren’t just man’s best friend – they’re man’s least honest friend

Well said, Felicity.

For literally years, I have been pointing out that so-called “dogs” are nothing more than the running-dogs [Groan!J.C.] of Far-Right, racist, neoliberal elements, who cannot be trusted (the dogs, I mean, friends. We surely already know that Far-Right, racist, neoliberal elements cannot be trusted).

Furthermore, friends, dogs are remarkably unenlightened creatures who seem to have remarkable difficulty in understanding even the simplest economic/political concepts, such as the fact that – as proved conclusively the other day by Will Hutton in these pages – Hard-Right Brexit is going to be easily as disastrous for the British economy as was Britain’s failure to join the Euro a decade and a half or so ago, as was also pointed out by Mr Hutton at the time.

Even widely-known and widely-understood objective facts – e.g. the total failure of the Far-Right neoliberal paradigm, and its literally indissoluble relationship with the breakdown of neo endogenous growth theory, which has now dissolved utterly – seem to be beyond the comprehension of these poor, dim-witted creatures, who in some ways seem to be almost as badly educated as Brexit voters, although the latter are more prone to utter Hate Speech than our canine companions, who fortunately seem to be more immune to the LIES of the literally Fascist Daily Fail, whose fervent support for Hitler as recently as in the 1930s will never be forgotten by those of us on the Progressive Left.

And therefore, Guardian readers who are expecting dogs to provide them with stimulating, original and Progressive views are liable to be disappointed. So would a cat be a better alternative, I can hear you all ask [Voices in your head again, Saveed! You really need help!J.C. Oh Jeremy, kindly button your lip! I am growing more than a little weary of your literally cheap remarks! S.].

Alas, friends, I have to tell you that, for those of us with a Progressive bent, so-called cats are even worse than dogs! My Hard-Right cat, for instance, is a remarkably selfish creature, who absolutely refuses to accompany me on my frequent Mass Marches against the totally unelected Trump and Hard-Right Tory Brexit. He wasn’t even prepared to accompany me on my International Women’s Day March last week, preferring instead to lie around in my flat in a semi-comatose state for most of the day, waking only briefly to munch his way through the tin of lightly-cooked Kangachunks that I had caringly prepared for him that evening. He seems to be remarkably uninterested in the – literally – burning topics of the age, e.g. the riots in Sweden – another of the Far-Right Trump’s LIES, friends, and which in any case were all the fault of the notoriously Hard-Right Swedes – and I have a nasty feeling that, were he to be given the vote, he would be more likely to vote for Hate (Tory/UKIP) rather than Hope (Labour/Green).

And therefore, in conclusion, friends, I would not recommend either dogs or cats as steady and reliable political allies. Unfortunately, the same can also be said about so-called human beings too, given their recent track record in (1) re-electing this totally unelected Tory Government less than two years ago; (2) voting for Brexit, even though they literally didn’t know what they were voting for; and (3) perhaps worst of all, voting for the widely-hated Trump, who was so unpopular, literally nobody actually voted for him.

And then, after all this, friends, Hard-Right elements actually dare to ask why those of us on the Progressive Left are – literally – revolting!