Two Pieces In Today’s Far-Right Guardian By Saveed Miliband: 1. Why Literally Nobody Wants To Come And Live In The Racist, Literally Fascist, UK; And 2. Why We Remainers Must Not Totally Despair, Despite The Hard-Right Dyson’s Vicious Plans For Expanding In Britain, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And I’m pleased to say that I have written a couple of pieces in the Far-Right Guardian today, which are reproduced below for your enjoyment [Ha! J.C. Oh Jeremy! Don’t be such a literally wet blanket!L.].

The first is my detailed critique of the utterly vicious way in which Britain treats Our Asylum Seekers; the second is about the distressing news that the Hard-Right Dyson is viciously investing in the so-called UK economy, which this totally unelected Tory Government has literally destroyed, and is now making even worse with its plans for vicious Hard-Right Brexit.

As ever, I’ve provided a link below each piece which takes you to the original article and my comment, and to any replies to my comments.

Britain is one of worst places in western Europe for asylum seekers

Friends! This article proves beyond a peradventure what we on the Progressive Left have been arguing for many years, literally in the teeth of Hard-Right, racist elements, e.g. Frank Field and Kate Hoey.

Namely: that Britain – which Thatcher literally destroyed – is easily the most viciously racist and unwelcoming country in the entire world, and indeed elsewhere!

No wonder, friends, that literally nobody wants to come and live here!

Dyson shrugs off Brexit fears with massive UK expansion plan

Friends! Naturally, this latest piece of news is extremely disappointing to those of us in the Remain Camp, who, it must be conceded, are somewhat shell-shocked by the sheer amount of disappointingly positive news regarding the British economy in the past few months, despite Brexit.

But none of this in any way detracts from the fact that Hard-Right Brexit – which, never let it be forgotten, hasn’t happened yet – is a total disaster for the British economy!

Even if not all of the promises that we in the Remain Camp made during the Referendum about the immediate consequences of a Leave vote – e.g. a deep recession; massive job losses; a collapse in consumer confidence and the Stock Market; steep hikes in interest/mortgage rates; massive public spending cuts and tax rises, etc. etc. – have come true, the Leave Camp cannot forever run away from the fact that the only reason why a tiny handful of 17,410,742 Hard-Right bigots and racists voted Leave was because of all the Leave Camp’s LIES during the Referendum campaign!

I think you may all know what I’m referring to, friends! But just in case you’ve forgotten – we Remainers hardly ever mention it, after all – here’s a little reminder!

Namely: a great big LIE in the shape of an absolutely firm promise that, in the event of a vote for Leave on June 23rd, then – and I’m quoting here what I clearly remember what the wording was – “from June 24th, we in the Leave Camp do solemnly swear that a minimum of an extra £350 billion will be spent on Our NHS every single day. No ifs, no buts”, emblazoned on the side of a distinctly Far-Right omnibus – a total and utter LIE!

Until this firm promise – underwritten as it was by all leading members of the Leave Camp, literally in blood – is implemented, then no amount of so-called “good news” about the so-called British economy – which Thatcher totally destroyed – can make up for the fact that the Leave Camp LIED about Our NHS!

And yet, when we Remainers make this perfectly reasonable argument to Hard-Right Leavers, they just laugh in our faces and make ludicrous claims, such as “a slogan on a bus is not the same thing as a firm promise”; that Remainers “seem obsessed about this”; and even that “you Remainers told a whole load of porkies about the immediate consequences of a vote for Brexit, so you’re hardly in a position to complain about a slogan on the side of a bus”!

Really, words literally fail me, friends! [That’ll be the first time then, Saveed! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! That was my closing sentence, and now you’ve gone and literally ruined it! Hey ho! Great performance at PMQs today, by the way! You really floored Bullingdon Bully Boy May about whatever it was you floored her with, didn’t you? S. No comment!J.C.]




18 thoughts on “Two Pieces In Today’s Far-Right Guardian By Saveed Miliband: 1. Why Literally Nobody Wants To Come And Live In The Racist, Literally Fascist, UK; And 2. Why We Remainers Must Not Totally Despair, Despite The Hard-Right Dyson’s Vicious Plans For Expanding In Britain, Friends!

  1. Another masterclass Memsahib.
    The House of Lords has -of course-spoken for those of us who simply lack the words, the will and the consciousness to tell the elite that we desire MORE Europe, MORE Corbyn and MORE well, more of you Great Leader.
    Hope Corbyns master class in working his magic through the Lords to ensure a crushing victory for us in 2020-and a permanent and unbreakable bondage to the blessed EU Project-will fortify you further into writing your thoughts of us. I quite literally have nothing to say until I`ve seen what the Lefty line is on all and any topics. Indeed-it would be racist to question you, and hope you spin your own clothes and have a nice pair of pre 1966 NHS glasses for the poster you surely will need for leading us to victory in Gorton.

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  2. Daffyd I note with considerable pleazure your supportive post in that virtual fish n’chip wrapper – the Guardian. I also saw that you are still being identified as Woolwich, instead of your writeful designation of Bermondsey with its bedecked soviet Tank.
    Pity the darstardly Guardian will not print your missives of progressive nihilism in their original high Russian.

    Доброе утро, пока мы не встретимся снова

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  3. Friend Singer it seems that the Guardian will continue to refer to Dave as a failed bank or a redundant ferry. We have to assume it is part of it’s hard right mindset.
    We assure you that it is nothing to us and makes us all the more determind to turn the shining town of Merthyr Tydfil into a progressive haven for the true heroes of neo Bolshevism . Are you with us or not ?

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    1. Your supreme logness. You are mightily misinformed if you believe sailings across the Woolwich hellispont have ceased. It is true that the immense steam engines of the original paddle-wheelers have ceased their endless toil, but the new and mighty Voith-Schneider propelled juggernauts still ply their troth, their 500bhp 7-cylinder Mirrlees National diesel engines spreading P2.5s in their considerable wake.

      We singers have repeatedly propositioned Transport London for a replacement bridge, but without success. It would seem East Londoners are tone deaf.

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  4. Dear log. To you Merthyr may seem to be your neo Bolshevik heaven (but I suspect you may be delusional), but to me, one of the mythical, it is the land of my competitor – the rugby loving dragon (the Tir y Ddraig). I dare not enter your Russian dream (or nightmare as some call it) and Welsh bridges are wet and cold. Now, if you would transfer your efforts to sunny Spain, that would be a quite different matter.

    I note with some amusement that, although you have offered our Jeremy an invitation, you don’t seem to want your Letfly to visit. Is it because he viciously wears a right boot?

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  5. Friend Singer . Lefty is always welcome along with all who literally cannot wait for the glorious neo Bolshevik revolution to commence.
    Little Dimitri 54 inches of progressiveness in extreme form has literally devoured with his corn flakes the very pages of the printed out tweets and writings of He who shines like a truly Soviet red star over our hard right betrayed land of Wales and England.
    Little Dimitri under the wise guidance of Derek Pufflet, head of the governors, has instituted readings of Lefty’s wisdom to his classmates. Every single day at least ten times a day.
    Between lessons in subversion, rioting with effect and correct Bolshevik thinking.
    So have no fear that our friend Lefty is unwelcome.

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    1. Your Logness, is there now a dearth of hedgehogs in the vicinity of Merthyr Tydvil?

      Does petit* Dimitri, the scourge of sonichood, read his Letfly cornflake accompaniments in their original blandnese, or are they translated for him into Russian?

      * 54 inches is quite some waist measurement!

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      1. Sadly friend Singer I literally feel that you are not the right stuff for our neo Bolshevik crusade.
        Little Dimitri has discussed your insult ( the 54inches one ) with his comrades and declared you a non person and that is not even a Trot.
        Furthermore and far more serious is your reference to the prickly ones. They fear it is evidence of far more than Trot deviationism and shows such hard hard right Brexit loving fascist tendencies that you are urged to seek counselling from Lefty himself whose wisdom will hopefully put you on the correct path.
        Hail Lefty. Hail Jeremy and hail the memory of Lenin .

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      2. Your logness,
        whatever possessed you to think I am a person? I cannot be un-personed. I think you need indoctrination lessons (avec thumbscrews) in socialistic mythology (with extra helpings of stalinistic tribology). Only then will you and your nihilistic quasi-bolchis come even close to an understanding of true sinisterism. Don’t come close to my bridge unless you are prepared to exhibit due reverence and grovel.

        As for retraining by Letfly, perish the thought. I consider this proposal a gross insult akin to a blood libel (yours, not mine).

        A 54in girth for a micro bridge singer would go unmentioned. Your Dimitri must be a featherweight pussycat.

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  6. Did I read somewhere on this sainted scroll of superbity that you were having a four day sabbatical between your fearless marches into the oppositon marshlands of the Gurneyan and your next tablet of truthiness?
    If so, hope you`re getting ministered too, we women of the cloth missed you today at chapel…ah, Eric. Remember THAT rightist scourge of “Big Hearted Arthur”?
    I was a miners wife in all but name-but who wasn`t?
    This is a rich seam of comedy Saveed Jeffrey…I sew the seams together in a seamless quilt of acceptance and it seems like a great day for centralised democratism. But you`re missed-we were all of a tizz and discordant today without your wondrous orchestrations and pitch perfect coverings of the road to Wigton Peer…Lord Melvyn Bragg of Billytown. We count the days until your resurrection.
    Until then-my husband does all my thinking for me, and it`s not good. Sound like Jenni Murray.

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    1. Dear Jerri Murray clone, rejoice for today Letfly literally resumes his literally pointless task. The regime of literally resurrecting his literally former literary “glory” resumes. I’m literally packing my bags.

      Literally, literally, literally – a few spare, cannot literally stuff them all in.

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      1. Please come to Merthyr Tydfil. After a short trial presided over by our Little Dimitri his father will beat some sense into you while the words of Lefty are played over the sound of your unhappy moaning. You know it is the progressive way .

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      2. No snap for YOU Mr Bridges!
        Nor will I run the hip bath for you, you can get your own tea tonight for daring to belittle our very own “Big-Hearted Arthur”- our Scargill, sans wig, sans vanity and focussed only on the REAL revolution.

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      3. Cheryl baby. When did I ever belittle King Coal? I would never ever do that thing and I have much respect for he who created homes for my cave-dwelling (now mine occupying) singing brethren.
        Please do not deprive me of my essential Structurally Nanoengineered Antimicrobial Polypeptide Polymers, they lubricate my larynx (along with the copious Jamiesons). Do not be cruel.


  7. Dear logjam, so ver¥, ver¥ tempting but I must decline ¥our oh so kind offer. I do think ¥ou are somewhat delusional if ¥ou you think Igor (or his arm¥) could subdue a full¥ grown bridge singer. I have alread¥ explained that Wales is verboten to us m¥thics and I am not inclined to suffer the cold and damp of the Principalit¥’s bridges. Do you suffer from ADD? For your temerit¥ ¥ou are banned from m¥ bridge – unless ¥ou bring tributes of Jamiesons.

    I do think ¥ou have been watching “A clockwork orange” too much and repeated repetitions of Letfl¥’s bilge would constitute cruel and unusual treatment.

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    1. Running your bath and a nice hot pot on the go as I type.
      That we`re on the same side in the worship of the LeftMeisterGeneral is a source of great joy. Are you OK with Irish whiskey and a Kimberleys biscuit, St Patricks Day is coming and a Riverdance moment is due.

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      1. So kind but I must decline.
        I must defend my bridge against Igor, his russian henchmen and henchwenches, and their Welsh quasi-Bolshi (or is it Bolshoi in the case of that miniature wimp Dimitri?) hangers-on.

        I only eat goat stew, although the Irish whiskey would be highly acceptable (but do you have enough?)

        I wouldn’t tear up your flooring by Riverdancing, although if you wanted your garden turned over…

        Many thanks for your kindest offer which I shall forever remember (alongside your womanly fickleness). I presume the hip bath was for my Jamiesons.

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  8. We are but skittish and flighty creatures.
    On this International Womens Day, I have offered to make my Noble Lord Heseltine a suitably hand made pie to thank him for keeping the lower order out of any decision making re the leaving of the NHS and the further privatisation on the EU.
    I can`t help but be putty in the hands of an unelected old grandee who seeks that I be put into bandage by yet another unelected grandee-only one based in Brussels and not his tree house in Northants.
    The stories I could tell you about THAT weekend-Tarzan DID have his own teeth then I can tell you!
    But that will require a bit more than a medicinal Blackmills I should cocoa!
    Hope our Leftward Star oversees our badinage-I pine for his strong leadership at such times, and feel that harmony may soon reign at this Blessed House…oh, Sid James eh…another one I may yet tell you of, if you continue to swear fealty to our Leader!

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