Part Four Of Saveed Miliband’s Old Pieces In The Far-Right Guardian, Friends! Comments On: Why The Tories Are Literally Terrified Of Jeremy; The Tories’ Vicious Attack On Children’s Centres, Whatever They Are; And Why We On The Progressive Left Must Rally Round Jeremy!

Hello, friends.

And first, just a quick reminder that, due to Hard-Right Tory Austerity, my usual Sunday Selection of Tweets will not be appearing this Sunday [That’s the first bit of good news I’ve heard all week, Lefty! J.C. Oh Jeremy! I don’t know how you can say that! Hard-Right Tory Austerity is – literally – no laughing matter.L.] But a bumper edition [I knew there’d be a catch!J.C.] will appear on Sunday week (12th March), as well as another selection of Saveed’s old pieces on Thursday or Friday next week. And, who knows, maybe Saveed will also be writing some new material too! So – there’s plenty to look forward to! [Plenty to dread, if you ask me, Lefty! J.C. Just as well I’m not asking you then, eh, Jeremy!L. No comment!J.C.]

Anyway, here’s another trip down – literally –  Memory Lane, friends! Today’s selection of Saveed’s old pieces in the Far-Right Guardian all come from January 2016, and cover, respectively, the need for the Progressive Left to rally behind Jeremy; the vicious attacks by this totally unelected Tory Government on Children Centres, whatever they are; and a rant protest against the Hard-Right Guardian‘s viciously biased survey of the Labour Party’s grassroots that viciously purported to show whatever it was viciously purporting to show.

As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.

Let a year that began with Labour’s tribulations end with Tory chaos (article by Owen Jones, 7.1.16)

The Tories are increasingly terrified of Our Jeremy – and no wonder!

He has an unprecedented persondate from more than 250,000 supporters, who fully represent the British people’s overwhelming desire to rid us of this unjust, fascist, racist, neoliberal Government, which has sunk to unprecedented depths of unpopularity, as demonstrated by its landslide defeat in the recent by-election in that ultra-marginal seat, Oldham West.

Now that Jeremy has reshuffled the Shadow Cabinet, with popular working-class tribunes of the people like Emily Thornberry taking prominent roles, it is profoundly to be hoped that the Hard-Right Traitors and Red Tory scum, e.g. Hilary Benn and Angela Eagle, will obey the democratic will of the Party and start fighting the Tories, rather than continuing to support policies that oppress students and other members of the working class (e.g. the unemployed) like Austerity, the Bedroom Tax, compulsory Food Banks, Zero-Hours Contracts, tax giveaways to the 1% and Banksters (who in any case already pay no tax whatsoever), and blanket refusal to engage with freedom fighters around the world, e.g. our friends in Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS etc.

Only 4 years and 4 months to go until the next General Election, comrades! By which time, Our Jeremy’s popularity levels will be at unprecedented levels, and for the first time ever, Labour will be fighting on a truly Socialist platform! Who can seriously doubt that the result of that election will be a landslide?


How does cutting support for families help the poor? (article by Polly Toynbee, 12.1.16)

Well said, Polly.

This Fascist, racist, neoliberal Government is deliberately targeting the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society, by closing children’s centres. This is sheer wicknedness – something that even the widely-hated Thatcher regime didn’t do!

Children’s centres are part of the fabric of British society – one of our most fundamental Human Rights, along with Our NHS, the envy of the World and beyond – and any attack on them is an attack on us all.

All working people (e.g. students and the unemployed) must resist this latest attack on their fundamental rights, by immediately withdrawing their labour. That would quickly bring this Tory Government to its knees, ushering in a truly Socialist Government led by Our Jeremy, which would spell an immediate end to Austerity and the widely-hated Bedroom Tax.


Revealed: how Jeremy Corbyn has reshaped the Labour party (survey, 13.1.16)

Another totally predictable attack on Our Jeremy by the increasingly neoliberal Guardian.

Over the past four months, Jeremy has shown himself to be a massively popular Leader, who has got the Tories seriously rattled – which is why they keep attacking him!

As even Far-Right media outlets, e.g. the Guardian and the BBC, are now reluctantly conceding, he appeals to the overwhelming majority of working people in this country (e.g. students and the unemployed) who are totally sick of this Fascist, racist, neoliberal so-called Government which, as Labour’s recent landslide victory in the ultra-marginal Oldham seat shows, is now more unpopular than any Government since the Peterloo Massacre.

Labour’s new policies – an end to all immigration controls, leaving NATO, abolishing Trident and the Bedroom Tax, taking essential public services in to public ownership so that they can be run as efficiently and humanely as Our NHS, building a million council houses per year, etc. etc. – are proving to be massively popular. Only a tiny minority of Hard-Right Red Tories (no names, no packdrill!) disagree, as is of course their democratic right to do so, and they will be dealt with swiftly when the time comes.

Jeremy has shown us the way, friends, and we must all rally round him! The Far Right are desperately trying to stage a counter-attack, and we must defeat them by democratic argument, i.e. deselecting them at the appropriate time as part of the new, kinder and gentler politics, where intolerance will be smashed and democratic debate upheld (although obviously not if this involves Hate Speech of any kind).

Less than 4 years and 4 months till the next General Election, friends! Who can seriously doubt that the result will be a landslide?


4 thoughts on “Part Four Of Saveed Miliband’s Old Pieces In The Far-Right Guardian, Friends! Comments On: Why The Tories Are Literally Terrified Of Jeremy; The Tories’ Vicious Attack On Children’s Centres, Whatever They Are; And Why We On The Progressive Left Must Rally Round Jeremy!

  1. When oh when did you start being credible? The complete absence of literallies is noticeable at this early stage in your career. When did you have your Damascene moment and start plugging literaries in like sugar plums? The literallies index is currently (please do not ignore the fruity puns) slipping badly. Are you running out, having squandered those you were given by the secretariat?

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  2. I found this ambush as akin to the Dead Sea Scrolls.
    What a joy to find it preserved in syrup, sent forth and brought down from our Lovely Butter Mountain by Saveed, Our Moses who dared to walk upon the wine lake of Tory hegemony.
    And stilled all waves of injustice.
    And how refreshing to see so many fellow believers in our Saveed “getting” (or digging as we hippies say) the vibe, the joke and the trip.

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