Part Five Of Saveed Miliband’s Old Pieces In The Far-Right Guardian, Friends! Comments On: Hard-Right So-Called Opinion Polls, Which Literally Can’t Be Trusted; And The Vicious Way In Which The 1% Have Literally Stolen More Than 100% Of The Wealth From The Rest Of Us!

Hello, friends.

And today’s two pieces from the Far-Right Guardian come from those far-off days of January 2016, when the – literally – nightmare of Hard-Right Tory Breggggggggsit was but a distant nightmare in the future, and one which, of course, all experts – and those of us on the Progressive Left always listen to experts, friends, unlike Hard-Right elements who, ludicrously, claim that “experts often get things wrong” – assured us was no more possible than the election of the totally unelected Far-Right Trump.

As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.

Blog warning [Groan!J.C.], friends! 

At the risk of depressing certain Hard-Right elements who read this Blog, I had better warn you all that I have now compiled all my Guardian pieces which haven’t already been published here … and there’s another 31 blogs’ worth!  Can you – literally – stand this, friends? [No.J.C. Oh Jeremy! Typical of you to literally pop up here and pour literally cold water over me, like a damp squib that’s literally gone up the creek without even a couple of bad pennies to rub together!L.]

If I publish them all at weekly intervals, it’ll take till mid-October (and that doesn’t even allow for any holidays). Who knows what may have happened by then? Friends, I could even be Labour Leader by then! [Over my dead body, Lefty! J.C. Oh Jeremy! No-one’s actually suggesting such a drastic remedy! L. You’ve obviously not been listening to what certain members of the Shadow Cabinet have been saying, Lefty! – J.C. Jeremy, I literally don’t know who any of them are, so how could I? – L. Trouble is, nor do I! – J.C.]

Hey ho, if you can literally stand it, I may just sometimes publish two selections per week …

Anyway, here are the two pieces in question:

Now if only I had followed my own advice about opinion polls… (article by Andrew Rawnsley in the Observer, 17.1.16)

Opinion polls are merely a neoliberal construct designed by the 1% in a totally predictable attempt to maintain their hegemony of power and wealth.

Fortunately, those of us on the Left have many, far more accurate, ways of measuring public opinion. Here are just a few:

1. We know that 250,000 odd people voted for Our Jeremy last September – so widespread was his popular appeal, even quite a few Tories voted for him, apparently. Unless you are going to claim – ludicrously! – that all these people are somehow not representative of the population at large, that is surely a better guide to public opinion than a few neoliberal so-called opinion polls?

2. Recent editions of the BBC’s notoriously Right-wing discussion programme Question Time. Although, as usual, the panel has been preponderantly (and predictably – this is the BBC, after all!) Hard-Right in its composition, the audience has contained many progressive elements, e.g. last week’s edition where many members of the oppressed working class, i.e. junior doctors, were able to voice their anger at this evil Tory Government’s attempt to privatise Our NHS by turning it in to a 7-day service for the public, totally ignoring the devastating effect this would have on its already overworked staff, and the fact that it already operates a 7-day service in any case.

3. The Oldham by-election – where, despite the obvious handicap of a Right-wing candidate, Labour pulled off a stunning landslide victory in an ultra-marginal seat.

It is increasingly obvious that the Tories are utterly terrified Our Jeremy, and however much they and their Bankster friends may try to smear him by quoting his past speeches (totally out of context, of course; and in any case most sensible people agree with everything he’s said) they cannot disguise their fear of his popular appeal.

And the reason for this is that Our Jeremy is the most principled, decisive, charismatic, dynamic and above all popular Labour Leader in history. Everyone I speak to at my local Labour Party meetings says the same thing, and being preponderantly students and other people in the front-line against Tory Austerity, e.g. public sector workers, they are obviously an accurate guide to mainstream public opinion, which has shown itself time and time again to be heartily sick of this evil Government and all its anti-working class measures, e.g. Trident, NATO membership, compulsory Food Banks, the Bedroom Tax, Tax Giveaways to the 1% etc.

There are going to be a lot of shocked people on 8th May, 2020!

We’ve been conned by the rich predators of Davos (article by Aditya Chakraborrty, 19.1.16)

Well said, Aditya.

We live in a so-called world where the 1% own considerably more than 100% of the wealth, while the rest of us starve in compulsory Foodbanks whilst struggling to pay the Bedroom Tax, oppressed by the most vicious Tory Government in huperson history, which takes money from the poorest to spend on its rich friends in the shape of Tax Giveaways for the Banksters, who in any case pay no tax whatsoever.

We need a totally different sort of Government: one that puts need ahead of greed! The so-called “free market economy” which is actually nothing more than Fascist, racist, neoliberal monopoly capitalism, must swiftly be replaced by the sort of Democratic Socialism which has been so successfully implemented in Venezuela in recent years, and is the envy of the World and elsewhere.

Fortunately, we on the Left now have a Leader who articulates the widespread desire in this country to see a kinder, gentler type of politics which will, of course, necessitate the complete removal of all the Hard-Right Red Tory treacherous scum from the Labour Party, democratically implemented of course, as part of our quest to smash all forms of intolerance and to usher in a truly Democratic Socialist state from which no return to neoliberalism will be possible.


3 thoughts on “Part Five Of Saveed Miliband’s Old Pieces In The Far-Right Guardian, Friends! Comments On: Hard-Right So-Called Opinion Polls, Which Literally Can’t Be Trusted; And The Vicious Way In Which The 1% Have Literally Stolen More Than 100% Of The Wealth From The Rest Of Us!

  1. I was immediately reminded of the far-left fable of the tortoise and the hare, with the neo-fascist hare never really being able to catch up with the trotskyite tortoise. The tortoise always just managing to add a little more ground covered – such a intrepid (and insipid) testudinidian.

    Will we ever come to the end of this trail of Tsarist tears? – this cacophony of tweets and blogs? There will always be just one more logic trial-by-combat to withstand, and then another and another. The people cry out in pain, requesting relief (except in Dimitri’s collective of Merthyr Tydvil) where they eat them with their cornflakes. Who will rid us of this troublesome blogger?

    😈 😥


  2. If only we had known of the first anniversary of this classic intervention Saveed(nudge, nudge!) . I think that finally the world is ready to listen-surely on the anniversary of all your prophetic declamations as you deign to release them-we here should pledge to stand at our laptops and weep tears of unalloyed joy at your genius, your brio.
    Am more than happy to sift those who reply to you, and keep them on my lavender list-either for follow up administrative jobs in the coming new Government.
    Or to send them to the Gulag Community Experience that the girls and I are busy furnishing just outside Corby. Soft furnishings are all blood red, and mascara is not to be tearproof-you need to see our tears as we weep for the joyous triumph of Socialism.
    Must ask though-did Anidiotya only NOW get out with his dispatch from Davos? That MUST be global freezing surely. And does he know that all Davos Daleks wanted us to STAY in our beloved E.U. So he`s set for the Gulag, nobody gainsays the Davos Darlings and gets away with it.


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