Lefty’s Double Edition [You Mean “Twice As Bad”, Lefty! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! Why Do You Have To Literally Ruin Everything? – L. Well, With Your Blog, Lefty, That’s Scarcely Necessary! – J.C.] Of Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 26th February-12th March

Hello, friends.

And I expect you’re all still literally reeling at the news of Our Owen’s departure from the Far-Right Twitter, aren’t you, friends? Must admit, I literally didn’t get a wink of sleep last night, as I literally tossed [Sic!J.C. Oh Jeremy! As the Hard-Right Harry H. Corbett used to say, you really are a dirty old man!L. No comment!  – J.C.] and turned, all the while literally sobbing uncontrollably at the news of this truly tragic tragedy.

Owen will be sorely missed as a leading Voice of The Progressive Left on Twitter and indeed elsewhere, friends! Fortunately, however, there is someone who is amply qualified to fill his shoes, although, alas, sheer modesty forbids me to name me this highly distinguished person.

Hey ho, I guess that’s what happens to someone who challenges Jeremy for the Leadership [For the millionth time, that was Owen Smith, Lefty! J.C. Oh Jeremy! Frankly, I don’t give a damn! It was an Owen! And for the millionth time, please stop exaggerating!L.], friends!  I did warn the widely-hated, widely-unknown Jones about the truly terrifying consequences that would flow from his literally fatal decision, at the time, in this Blog post, but alas, he didn’t listen. And now look what’s happened to him!

Anyway, friends, on to the main point [Ha!J.C.] of this particular Blog: the best part of two weeks’ worth of tweets [I’d say it was the worst part, Lefty!J.C. Jeremy, I am growing more than a little weary of your literally snide remarks! You’ll be going on my Little List at this rate, and sooner than you think! – L.]. And, without further ado, here they are:

Sunday 26th February

Monday 27th February

Tuesday 28th February

Wednesday 1st March

Thursday 2nd March

Friday 3rd March

Tuesday 7th March

Wednesday 8th March

Thursday 9th March

Friday 10th March

Saturday 11th March

Sunday 12th March

NB: Due to Tory Austerity, today’s sing-song has been viciously cancelled.


14 thoughts on “Lefty’s Double Edition [You Mean “Twice As Bad”, Lefty! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! Why Do You Have To Literally Ruin Everything? – L. Well, With Your Blog, Lefty, That’s Scarcely Necessary! – J.C.] Of Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 26th February-12th March

      1. Just more evidence of the hate from Singer. I have taken the liberty of showing the legendary Derek Pufflet this blog entry and the replies.
        As he is literally an immaculate progressive his words are as gold .
        In his opinion ( and an opinion from Derek Pufflet is as near to perfection as it is possible to get in this world) Singer is suffering from Midgetphobia.
        He hates small thing like small letters and small people and small animals.
        There is no known cure.
        Pity him.

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      2. Derik Puffinette does make mistakes, so is not immaculate. Use of capitals was used by me, not because I hate small letters, but because my ancient, steam-powered kindle, upon which my wisdom pearls are electronically laid down for all eterminity, seems to lack boldness and italicism. I believe this is why our Jeremy doesn’t interrupt me like he does that tweeteroo Letfly.

        So the diagnosis of microphobia is erroneous. Microphilia might be more apt – l would, from what I have learned, love to stomp all over the PETIT one.

        On another topic, why is Ron carrying his version of a bronze Black Knight?

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  1. What a joy to see this compilation of all that is good in contemporary thought.
    The inevitable march of history in tiny kitten heeled steps-or indeed Doctor Martens for the meatier women who visit this site. Being somewhat simple and led about by my “partner”-who forces me to read Socialist tracts from Frank Dobsons old eyrie in Red Lion Square(but where else?)-it`s a joy to be taught properly and in bite size pieces what steps towards our destined path to Greatitude The Corrs has taken.
    Let Ooer Jones stand as a monument to shame-I am getting ready “a little white board”(c/o Tommy Steele) to hang about his nack before we drag him behind the disability scooter to the Field Of Corrections…where a Guardian charge sheet will be read to him before we -well what say you Dear Leader.
    My cat says that I`m Madame Mao…the third one anyway…and if Jones is not Deviant Monger of the Masses~1…then it`ll be me who gets the gyp if he is not corrected and rebooted to factory settings.

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  2. Even more evidence of Puffinette’s failings – his endorsement of Letfly as a socialist EU adorationist. Under the guise of his nom-de-twit “Leftyliesrefruited” and reposted here Letfly wrote ” It’s articles like Nick Cohen’s that give us Hard-Right Leavers endless joy!”. US HARD RIGHT LEAVERS no less (if my hard right kindle would let me I would boldify and italicralize this).
    You have a viper at your bosom, and Puffinette’s judgement is as naught. Cleave to the true socialist fervour of our Jeremy who loves the EU with a true vision. Abhor the falseness of Letfly and the false teachings of your fallible idol Puffinette – he who has unnecessarily caused lop-sidedness throughout the Valleys.

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    1. The Supreme Soviet of Merthyr Tydfil has had to meet to consider your latest deviations. It is noted that your attempts to explain away your Midgetphobia are neo reactionary in the extreme.
      Midgets are in the van of socialist endeavour here and Derek Pufflet has literally made every effort to be inclusive and will not tolerate such hard right prejudice as you display.
      As to Ron and his odyssey that is really no concern of yours. We believe that at present he is delayed in a village close to Hereford by the blandishments of a particularly large but very progressive lady of some vintage whose devotion to our Jeremy and to the great Lefty himself has persuaded her to open a resting place for pilgramaging progressives on route to the growing Soviet collective here.
      Have no fear he is but delayed and with what remains of our Jeremy will soon arrive.

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  3. The Supreme Soviet heh? Who’s that then – jones the icecream seller, Davies the drains, Davies the sheep strangler (no relation), Igor and yourself Log, the pencil? You seem to be spending so much energy on a mythical beast. Perhaps if you spent more time listening to your chief of secret police (Daff the daff isn’t it? Not so secret) you might smell the roses. Letfly, by his own hand (the right one!) has revealed his own perfidy – his claim to be a hard right leaver. This you ignore in favour of threatening my good self, who has never said a bad word against our one and true leader – our Jeremy. Even my concern for the deranged Dave and the torso-obsessed Ron is turned against me.

    My bridges are now festooned with “Righties have the right to right boots”, “Taffy Go Home” and “Nuke Merthyr Tydvil” signs. There will be no surrender. The Bermondsey Soviet Tank now guards the main approach to my trolldom. Bring forth the diminutive one, whose name escapes me, already – he is no future King Dafydd (the stone).

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    1. Singer you have avoided dealing with the charge of Midgetphobia. Typical of a deviant rightist. Look how the hard right Guardian and the BBC evade the same question. By never mentioning it ever.
      2017 is the year when we progressives of the Western Soviet confront and deal with those who use the avoidance of confronting midgetphobia to protect themselves from serious criticism of what is now a major issue .
      Yes Dave is deranged and so is Ron. Is it any wonder when hard rightists like you affect concern for them and then undermine their devotion to Lefty and our Jeremy .
      As we write Igor is busy flogging them both ( Ron has at last arrived minus the remains of our Jeremy’s statue which he has left with Estelle ( the large progressive lady from an unknown village close to Hereford ) as a token of his devotion to her and her cause) and by doing so expects to beat socialism into both of them .

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  4. Log the pencil. Gosh you’re making it all up. Last night I sent in my wyre-ferrets to recon Merthyr Tydvil and they report nothing happening as per usual. Everyone wearing pairs of shoes, kids showing few signs of brainwashing (other than by the ubiquitous iphone madness). No banners, nobody flogged, no foreign dumpsters, no warthog cars. The whole thing is a tissue of nonsense.
    Then I looked at your communications and noted something I should have spotted before, you, Dave and Ron all use the same tile – you are all one and the same nutter, perhaps even an alter ego of Letfly himself to boost his blog.
    I shall waste no more of my precious drinking time on you. Sir Jamieson awaits.

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  5. Fake news Singer. Who would have been able to find a Bolshevik in St Petersburg in 1915? You are a typical far right fake news peddler I’m afraid. We Bolsheviks are few in number but we are there and growing in influence.
    Return to your drink sodden life and cease insulting Lefty and any stray midget who happens to be around.

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  6. What a nasty person Dave, Ron, Log (Lefty?) (Uncle Tom Cobly n’all) you’ve turned out to be. Farewell deluded ONE.
    My bridges are closed to all your ilk.
    Hail Jeremy, may your cycle clips gleam in reflected glory and withstand Bolshi bollux!!!
    Fake news!! Oh my giddy great aunt (twice removed – but she keeps coming back). I fell off my bridge and spilled my Jamiesons. You will pay, thrice.

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