My Piece In Today’s Guardian About Why The Fascist Daily Fail Is Literally Fascist, As Well As Literally Failing, Friends! PLUS – Part 6 Of Saveed Miliband’s Greatest Hits [Ha! – J.C.]: Comments On Neoliberal Opinion Polls; Our NHS, The Envy Of The World; And Why Those Of Us On The Progressive Left Are – Literally – Revolting!

Hello, friends.

And today’s Blog is a little different from usual, being one new piece that I’ve written (about the literally Fascist Daily Fail) in today’s Far-Right Guardian, along with three old pieces, all from January 2016.

The reason for this is that today’s piece, being remarkably brief (at least, by my verbose standards), is not enough to justify a Blog all on its own, so I’ve added it to what was originally going to be purely an old selection. This means that this Blog is a bit longer than usual, for which I apologise.

As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.

TODAY’S (16.3.17) PIECE:

Mail Men by Adrian Addison review – inside the Daily Mail’s sanctimony and vitriol

Friends! As literally everyone knows, the Fascist Daily Fail – so-called, because it’s literally Fascist, and is literally failing – is easily the most unpopular Far-Right rag in the entire world, and indeed elsewhere!

Its vicious support for – literally – Hitler as recently as in the 1930s will never be forgotten by those of us on the Progressive Left, whose opposition to totalitarian mass-murdering dictators throughout the ages is notorious.

More recently, the Fascist Fail has made its name known for viciously attacking vulnerable minorities who cannot answer back, e.g. Our President Juncker, Our Gina, Our House Of Lords, and Our Judges, branding the latter as “Enemies of the People” when they were simply doing the job they were democratically unelected to do, namely blocking Hard-Right Brexit, which as we all know literally nobody voted for, apart from a tiny handful of 17,410,742 bigots and racists, who literally didn’t know what they were voting for, and who in any case were taken in by the LIES of the Leave Camp, i.e. “£350 billion per day extra for Our NHS, payable immediately in the event of a vote for Leave” – a great fat LIE!

Thank goodness, friends, that literally nobody reads this particular Far-Right rag any more, apart from a few million bigoted people who’ve been totally taken in by its predictable LIES!


The polls got it wrong. But so did Labour’s top team (article by Caroline Flint MP, 19.1.16)

The so-called opinion polls – those neoliberal tools of the 1% – actually understated, and continue to understate, Labour’s true support, as demonstrated by our recent landslide victory in that notoriously marginal seat, Oldham West and Royton.

Not many people appear to realise, brainwashed as they are by the Right-wing media (e.g. the Guardian and the BBC), that Labour actually won the May 2015 election by a comfortable margin.

The only reason we “lost” was because of the totally rigged electoral system, which contemptuously and undemocratically treated non-voters as of no significance. Once you take in to account the unassailable fact (and I have never heard the Tories dispute this) that non-voters were actually Labour voters who, disgusted by the neoliberal Ed Miliband’s extreme Right-wing policies, decided to stay at home, Labour actually won the last election.

Of course, totally predictably, the Tories are now attempting to gerrymander the electoral system still further, by introducing individual voter registration – and if that weren’t enough, they are further compounding this totally undemocratic measure by equalising constituency sizes! Am I really the only person to detect chilling echoes of 1930s Germany here?

Fortunately, though, the overwhelming popularity of Our Jeremy is such that the May 2020 election is going to be a walkover – literally! As long as Labour can rid itself entirely of all those Right-wing traitors and Red Tory scum – why don’t they just join the Tories! – and ensure as much prominence as possible for genuinely-loved popular figures with the common touch, such as Emily Thornberry, John McDonnell, Kat Smith, Diane Abbott and (last but by no means least!) Our Jeremy, along with vote-winning policies like cancelling Trident and leaving the warmongering NATO, instead opening constructive negotiations with our friends in ISIS; abolishing the hated Bedroom Tax and Zero-Hour Contracts; introducing a top rate of tax of 100% on the 1% so asking the people who caused this Crisis of Monopoly Capitalism to pay for it, rather than the victims, i.e. students and other members of the working class, e.g. the unemployed; taking into common ownership the means of production, distribution, and exchange, etc. etc.

Friends, we in the Labour Party have nothing to fear (apart from, of course, the Right-wing Murdoch-controlled media, the Red Tory traitors in our midst, and the total lack of democracy in this country as detailed above)! Let us rally round Our Jeremy, keep the faith and ignore the totally-rigged so-called Opinion Polls – and never forget: a landslide awaits us in May 2020!


What the NHS needs: just EU average funding – and a pinch of dynamite (article by Polly Toynbee, 21.1.16)

Our NHS is the envy of the world (and indeed elsewhere), as can be seen by the sheer number of other countries who are trying to copy it.

Our NHS embodies the true spirit of Socialism, which is why Tories hate it so much, and are determined to privatise it, e.g. by forcing it to provide a 7-day service, which it does already in any case.

There is absolutely no problem with the NHS that could not be solved by large enough amounts of cash. Fortunately, it is easy to see how these large amounts could be raised, without pain: a Bankers Bonus Tax, levied on the 1%, with a starting rate of 100%.

This would mean that, just for once, those who created the crisis in the NHS in the first place would pay for it, rather than the poor, sick and vulnerable who are already struggling to pay the Bedroom Tax whilst working on Zero Hour Contracts in compulsory Foodbanks.


Why I protest – five activists on the new age of dissent (article, 22.1.16)

We, the people, need to spend every spare moment of every day protesting against this Fascist, racist, unjust neoliberal, so-called society of ours, in which the 1% owns well over 100% of the wealth and yet pays absolutely no tax whatsoever, and is then given huge Tax Giveaways by this Government which is elected by no-one except a tiny minority of the electorate who in any case have been predictably brainwashed by the Right-wing media.

Meanwhile, the rest of us struggle by on Zero-Hour Contracts, whilst Gidiot forces us to pay ever higher Bedroom Taxes etc., and the Bullingdon Bully Boys sadistically and predictably gerrymander the electoral system even further, e.g. by introducing individual voter registration and equal constiutency sizes, which is yet another blatant attack on our fundamental human rights.

No wonder we on the Left are angry!


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