My Piece In Today’s Far-Right Guardian, Which Has Been Viciously Censored – My Piece, That Is, Friends, Not The Far-Right Guardian – About Why We On The Progressive Left Must Now Support Our George, Formerly The Far-Right Racist Neoliberal Gidiot, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And here’s a – literally – first: a piece I wrote for the Far-Right Guardian this afternoon, which has been viciously censored! I guess that my Progressive Left message was – literally – too much for those Hard-Right racist neoliberals! It was in response to Zoe Williams’ typically intelligent and thoughtful piece, in which she argued that those of us on the Progressive Left should – literally –  back Our George [previously the Hard-Right racist neoliberal Gidiot] all the way, and I merely amplified her very wise points.

The – literally – Fascist Guardian is obviously getting pretty rattled by my Progressive Left message, isn’t it, friends? Still, thanks to this Blog, you can still read it!

Anyway, as usual, I have provided a link which takes you to my (deleted) comment – it was taken down so quickly, I guess there probably wasn’t actually time for anyone to reply – along with the original article itself.

George Osborne’s new role means we may find ourselves agreeing with him

Well said, Zoe. I agree with everything you’ve written, whatever it was.

Friends! It is now time for those of us on the Progressive Left to reappraise the widely-hated Far-Right racist neoliberal Gidiot, who literally devastated the so-called British economy – which Thatcher totally destroyed – with Hard-Right Tory Austerity, in which Government spending was slashed to its highest level ever, as can be seen today with the National Debt still falling well short of £2 trillion – typical Tory penny-pinching there, friends, which the next Labour Government will rectify with its plans to borrow £500 billion to invest in essential public services, e.g. dangerous Climate Change.

For year after year, the hated Gidiot literally slashed and burned the public sector, wasting literally billions of pounds on Tory Austerity, i.e. the Far-Right Trident, along with tax giveaways to his Bankster friends, e.g. Blair, who in any case paid absolutely no tax whatsoever.

But to be fair to Osborne, he did correctly predict the devastating effects of a Leave vote last summer, for which he was viciously sacked by Bullingdon Bully Boy May before he was able to present his Emergency Budget which, by dint of the spending cuts and tax rises he had promised us in the wake of a Leave vote, would have enabled Mr. Osborne’s forecasts to come true.

And now it is clear that George Osborne is going to courageously oppose Hard-Right Brexit via the Far-Right Evening Standard, we on the Progressive Left should, as Zoe suggests, put aside our trivial ideological differences with George, and back him – literally – all the way!

Our George, along with our other new Progressive Left allies who are literally fighting with us shoulder to shoulder – e.g. Our Hezza, Our Tony, Our Peter, Our Tim, Our Nicola, Our Gina, Our Judges, Our House Of Lords, etc. etc. – in defence of Our EU, will surely persuade all but the most bigoted and reactionary racists that we on the Progressive Left speak for the overwhelming minority of British people who are sick and tired of Hard-Right Tory Brexit, and who believe that a better world can be created if Far-Right politicians would only stop interfering with Our EU, and allow it to get on with the job that it was unelected to do.


9 thoughts on “My Piece In Today’s Far-Right Guardian, Which Has Been Viciously Censored – My Piece, That Is, Friends, Not The Far-Right Guardian – About Why We On The Progressive Left Must Now Support Our George, Formerly The Far-Right Racist Neoliberal Gidiot, Friends!

    1. We are pleased to report that Ron has raided all the newspaper outlets in Merthyr Tydfil and down as far as Pontypridd ( the domain of the truly legendary Derek Pufflet hero of socialism and purveyor of left boots to working men and women only) and destroyed all the copies of the Guardian he could find which sadly amounted to only 3 and one half and they left by mistake instead of the Racing Post. . This to avenge the insult to our hero Lefty. He whose words the hard hard right Guardian fascist scum have erased from human view.
      Stay strong our Lefty. Our Jeremy needs your wise words and we in our neo Bolshevik haven need them too.

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      1. Thank you, Friends Ron and Dave. I have now switched to the Independent – or, rather, would, were it not for the fact that, no matter how early I go to my newsagent, it’s always sold out. It’s obviously very popular – presumably that’s because it is somewhat more enlightened in its political views than the – literally – Fascist Guardian?


      2. Funny that Letfly, around our bridges the News of the World, that erudite paragon of virtuous reportage, is constantly sold out. Sunday fish n’chips never tastes the same.

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  1. You will be pleased to hear that Derek Pufflet the most perfect progressive ever ( our Lenin excepted) has taken direct action against that hard right rag the Guardian.
    Together with his favourite midgets he has driven in the Trabant to Cardiff buying up copies of the vile rag on the way. Setting up a stall outside the hard right Welsh Assembly he and the midgets gave away the paper. Those who took it, by definition hard rightists , were noted for dealing with by our KGB when we take power.
    Never let it be said that we neo Bolsheviks forgive or forget.

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  2. Dave and Ron. The Guardian report an enormous surge in sales in the Welsh Valleys. “Was it something we wrote” they said.

    Will you be celebrating Earth day by turning off all your lights, or celebrating Lenin’s birthday by turning them all on? Those on my bridge will be flashing on and off in time with La Bamba.

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    1. @!_£:/++?”””££-_!!!!!!!==66’888%%]¥¥¥€™{>><<««¥*****%%%%%||¡¡¡¡¢¢¢¢<«£3(#####🔱💮💮🚼🚩🚩🔟💯 🐯🐸 zzzz🐐

      GCHQ translation : Great hairy-tentacled one, we have observed lights going off all over Earth, except for the slatey bit the one-shoed inhabitants call De Cymru. This shines like a beacon. We shall invade this powerhouse first. [End translation]


      1. It will literally be an honour to be invaded by alien beings who will certainly be progressive and assist we neo Bolsheviks in our sacred battle.


  3. Are you so impoverished that you (Derik Puffinette), Daffyd the misbegotten, Ron the torso obsessed, Log the pencil and God knows who else (I suspect Letfly) can only afford just the one blog-tile between you all? Do you take turns on a timeshare basis?

    Good to know that your benighted group would ally yourselves with hairy-tentacled monsters against the rest of humanity because of their presumed Bolshevik views. What if their aims are to glorify Mussolini and get single operated trains to run on time?


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