Part 8 Of Saveed Miliband’s Greatest Hits in The Far-Right Guardian: Two Pieces From Jan./Feb. 2016 About Why It Would Be Literally Catastrophic For Britain To Leave Our EU, Which Is – Literally – The Envy Of The World, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And here are a couple more of Saveed Miliband’s early pieces in the Far-Right Guardian, for your enjoyment [Ha!J.C. Oh hello, Jeremy! You do seem remarkably cheerful, considering that Bullingdon Bully Boy May is going to be viciously triggering Article 50 in five days’ time! By the way, are you coming on the March For Europe tomorrow?L. No comment!J.C.].

They were written early last year, and both are passionate, campaigning pieces that – literally – pleaded for Britain to stay in Our EU, and which, judging from the Referendum result, probably swayed quite a few people in to changing their votes – or at any rate, would have, had they done so.

As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.

Let’s rally round the campaign to stay in Europe (article by Andy Burnham MP, 30.1.16)

Very well said, Mr Burnham.

The very thought of Britain leaving Europe is utterly terrifying. Europe is the only protection that we on the Progressive Left have left against crazy Right-wing neoliberalism and fascism. And being part of Europe is our main protection against racist immigration controls, which would prevent some of the most highly qualified scientists, engineers and doctors in the world from enriching and diversifying our society.

No wonder the 1%, the Banksters, the City of London and the neoliberal multinationals and the Tories are all so eager for Brexit. They know that, outside Europe, Britain would be back to the situation it was in prior to 1973, when it was totally at the mercy of extreme Right-wing Governments such as those headed by Harold Wilson and Edward Heath.

The forthcoming Referendum is, of course, a totally undemocratic, totally predictable distraction from the real issues facing our society, i.e. neoliberalism, zero-hour contracts, the illegal Bedroom Tax, mass poverty, compulsory Foodbanks, the Tories etc. Nevertheless we on the Progressive Democratic Left – and there are many of us, compared with the 1% – must now campaign wholeheartedly to stay in Europe.

Needless to say, the Far-Right Murdoch monopoly media, egged on by their Right-wing cheer-leaders in the BBC, will be trying to brainwash the population in to leaving Europe, by all kinds of scare stories, e.g. claiming that Our Europe, far from being (like Our NHS) the envy of the world and elsewhere, is just a bunch of unelected power-crazed troughers, usually failed ex-politicians, doing very nicely for themselves at the expense of everyone else.

We must confront such Tory/Kipper lies with the truth: that modern Europe is a totally progressive and democratic institution which works for the interests of the 99%, against those of the 1%.

A final thought. Thank goodness that we on the Progressive Left have a principled and totally consistent pro-European leader such as Our Jeremy! With his support, how can we possibly lose?


David Cameron got a good deal on the EU. Just look at the fine print (article by Martin Kettle, 5.2.16)

Well said, Mr Kettle – although it’s a shame that you couldn’t resist your usual totally predictable snide swipe at Our Jeremy, this time by not mentioning him at all and thereby totally ignoring the excellent case that he, as a longstanding and dedicated pro-European, has been subtly making for Europe over recent months and indeed years.

It terrifies me that there are so many delusional people who think that Britain could possibly manage to survive outside the EU! We are, after all, merely a tiny island, battered by the constant effects of Person-Made Catastrophic Climate Chaos, beset by institutional racism and sinking further and further in to extreme poverty.

Only the EU can save us from becoming another Norway or Switzerland, totally bereft of influence and steadily losing any significance in the world, whilst still subject to all the rules and regulations of the EU (which of course are all a figment of the Right-wing Press’s imagination, and all totally essential for the smooth and efficient running of Europe in any case).

Friends, we need to lift our eyes and look at the bigger picture! We must cast away our racism and xenophobia, and work towards building an International Socialist State of Europe! With Our Jeremy at the helm, plus his inspired Shadow Team, with their considerable experience of working in the real world and elsewhere, we can rebuild Our Britain as a true People’s Democracy, the pinnacle of a New Socialist Europe!

Of course, and totally predictably, we will encounter many obstacles along the way, not least the assorted Red Tories and Far-Right scum, including those few who regrettably remain in the Shadow Cabinet (no names, no packdrill!), who of course will need to be democratically deselected. (Leave that to me.) We will also have to deal with the Far-Right Murdoch-controlled media, i.e. the so-called BBC whose bias on all matters European is obvious to even the meanest intelligence, e.g. myself. But then, who ever claimed that fighting the 1% and the Banksters was ever going to be easy, given that they own more than 100% of the media, including the internet?

The forthcoming so-called Referendum is, needless to say, a totally undemocratic, totally predictable distraction from the real issues facing our society, i.e. neoliberalism, zero-hour contracts, the illegal Bedroom Tax, mass poverty, compulsory Foodbanks, the Tories etc. But, friends, we can turn it in to a People’s Referendum! Led by Our Jeremy, and his hugely popular and charismatic team of able statespersons, e.g. Emily Thornberry and John McDonnell, we can achieve another landslide victory on the lines of the one recently achieved in that notorious marginal seat, Oldham West, and in the process totally destroy the Nasty Party and all its evil Right-wingers (the Tories, I mean) and put Labour even closer to that landslide election result that is ours for the taking in May 2020!


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