Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 19th-26th March

Hello, friends.

And I expect you’re all feeling as – literally – exhilarated as I am by yesterday’s Progressive Left March For Our EU, aren’t you, friends? Wow, that was – literally – something else!

Literally thousands of people attended, and despite Catastrophic Climate Change – which, of course, friends, has literally nothing to do with weather – the weather was fabulous, proving that even the viciously Hard-Right God – who, well over 120% of Climate Scientists agree, doesn’t exist, unlike Catastrophic Climate Change – was literally smiling upon us!

Above all, friends, Our March was – literally – one in the eye for that tiny handful of 17,410,742 Hard-Right racist bigots who viciously refused to do what they were told last June,  voting instead for Hate rather than Hope!  As I so wisely remarked in one of my Tweets yesterday, they must be feeling – literally – pretty small now!

Anyway, here are last week’s tweets:


Sunday 19th March

Monday 20th March

Tuesday 21st March

Wednesday 22nd March

Thursday 23rd March

Friday 24th March

Saturday 25th March

(Thanks to Friend DiscoDroid for kind permission to reproduce the above)

Sunday 26th March


3 thoughts on “Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 19th-26th March

  1. Letfly,

    You unmitigated quisling, you’ve set the hit squad of the National Portrait Gallery on me. They came early this morning, through the soaking mist, clad in their stormtrooper gear, and appropriated our Jeremy’s amazing torso. Carried off to the wilds of Somerset, it now belongs to the hated right wing, arty-farty Establishment. They have also tracked down the left leg and its two arms (one sans hand) but no one knows where the head with its fantastic beard and shifty eyes has gone.
    Protect Ron from capture, best send him to hide in the secret slate shafts of Blaenau Ffestiniog.

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    1. Not true and yet another righty try at smearing Lefty and all progressives. It was Pufflet’s midgets that rescued our Jeremy’s remains and have returned them to Merthyr and to Ron.
      Tomorrow the hated May junta launches her assault on our beloved EU but rest assured we in the neo Bolshevik boot and pie co operatives will never rest till the hated hard right racist brexit loving fascist scum are forced to vote again and get it right. Failing that there is our plan B.
      With the fraternal help of our comrades in the USSR we will sieze power first in the land of song and coal( which Thatcher raped ) and then in the rest of what we now call Novo USSR.
      The impeccable Derek Pufflet is to be our first political commissar of Wales.( new name yet to be decided)

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  2. Daffyd the delusional
    I see you have set up your Ministry of Misinformation (Fake Truth). Unless your midgets are a minimum of six feet seven in height, come dressed in camouflage stormtrooper outfits emblazoned with NPG insignia, and issue receipts containing literally 17 literallies, your story is full of holes (like Jeremy’s torso).

    I have received notification that the mutilated statue has been condemned as Junk-e-Kunst. The hated May will send yet another letter today authorizing the reforming of the statue into a Trident missile nosecone.

    As for the rest of your message – dream on.

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