Part 9 Of Saveed Miliband’s Greatest Hits in The Far-Right Guardian, Friends! Pieces From Feb. 2016 On: Why So-Called Criminals Are Actually Victims; The Print Closure Of The Hard-Right Independent Newspaper; The Hated Bullingdon Bully Boy Johnson’s Vicious Backing For Brexit; And Jeremy’s Impressively Consistent Record Of Backing Our EU, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And a – literally – warm welcome to you all for Part 9 of Saveed Miliband’s old pieces in the Far-Right Guardian!  These all come from February last year, and, in addition to a couple of pieces on Our EU, cover the literally thorny topic of prison numbers, as well as a – literally – penetrating analysis of why the Hard-Right Independent‘s circulation had fallen so far, that the print edition was closed.

As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.


If Cameron really cared he would cut prisoner numbers (article by Polly Toynbee, 8.2.16)

Well said, Polly, although it’s depressing to see you can’t resist a predictable attack on Our Jeremy, this time by totally failing to mention him at all. He is, after all, about to become our next Prime Minister, you know!

As all enlightened people like myself realise, so-called “criminals” are actually victims of our unjust, racist, neoliberal, dog-eat-dog society, in which the 1% and the Banksters own well over 100% of all the wealth in the world and elsewhere, whilst the rest of us sink in to ever-greater poverty, working on zero-hour contracts in compulsory Foodbanks whilst struggling to pay back our student loans and ever-higher Bedroom Taxes.

The true criminals in our so-called society are, in any case, the Banksters and the 1%, who should all be put on trial, using People’s Courts, and then locked up for crashing the world’s banks, e.g. Northern Rock, thereby ushering in the Great Crash, which in any case started in America.

Of course, once Our Jeremy is in charge, and true Socialism has been introduced in to the UK (on the lines of that highly successful economy, Venezuela – the envy of the world!), and all criminals, e.g. Tories, etc. democratically liquidated, all criminality will disappear, in the way that it always does when True Socialism is ushered in to any country.



Independent and Independent on Sunday print closures confirmed (report, 12.2.16)

The only reason that the Independent has lost readers is that it has totally swallowed the Far-Right, racist, neoliberal agenda, and failed to support Our Jeremy in the way that any truly “independent” newspaper should.

Hopefully, those few Indy journalists who show some fairness and balance in their writings, e.g. Alibi Yasmin-Brown and Robin Fisk, along with that superb satirist Mark Steele whose brilliant witticisms about Thatcher, neoliberals, Tories, Kippers and Red Tory Traitors like Hilary Benn etc regularly have all of those of us on the True Left in stitches, will be snapped up by the Guardian, whose only hope of long-term survival is to abandon its totally predictable craven support of racist neoliberalism and Fascism, and support those literally tens of billions of us on the Democratic Left who believe that life can be better for those of us who are not Bullingdon Bully Boy Banksters in the pay of the 1%.


Boris Johnson backs Brexit after ‘agonisingly difficult’ decision – as it happened (report, Observer, 21.2.16)

So another Bullingdon Bully Boy has totally predictably come down on the side of the Little Englanders – the Fascist, racist neoliberals who have a visceral hatred for the modern Democratic Europe that we on the Progressive Left are engaged in building, and whose blinkered and xenophobic views will be totally rejected on 23rd June.

Contrast Bozo’s totally opportunistic flip-flopping on this matter with Our Jeremy’s totally consistent and principled stance as a pro-European statesperson, which he has unwaveringly stuck to ever since soon after becoming Labour Leader.

Thank goodness for Our Jeremy, whose firm and decisive pro-European leadership will inspire the Remain campaign, as the British people resoundingly reject xenophobia, racism, imperialism and Fascism, and instead embrace internationalism and socialism, which are an integral part of modern Europe.


Free spirits? The Brexit brigade are just another bunch of elitists (article by Polly Toynbee, 23.2.16)

Well said, Ms Toynbee, though as ever you couldn’t resist a totally predictable attack on Our Jeremy, viz.:

It matters greatly that Jeremy Corbyn has opted for in, as the ultimate life-long outsider – though he sounds unlikely to barnstorm his supporters to the polls.

This is another tiresome smear on Our Jeremy, which needs to be dispelled.

I have, naturally, talked long and hard with Jeremy about the predictable smears perpetuated by the Far-Right media, e.g. the BBC, in which it has been alleged that he is actually a long-term campaigner against the EU, who has merely changed his stance for purely opportunistic reasons.

Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth. Jeremy assures me that his 40-year campaign against EU membership was “a brief moment of madness”, explaining that this was in any case all “a very long time ago, in very different times”, and that his previous comments about the EU being “a rich man’s club, designed to prop up a totally predictable neoliberal hegemonistic paradigm, in which the Banksters and the 1% profit at the expense of the 99.9%” have been “totally taken out of context by the Far-Right Murdoch-controlled monopoly media”, e.g. the Guardian, of which Ms Toynbee is a leading light.

Furthermore, Our Jeremy has, ever since shortly after becoming Labour Leader last September, been a totally consistent and long-term supporter of what he and I call “A People’s Europe”, in which all Bedroom Taxes etc will be abolished, and this totally unelected Tory Government democratically overthrown (leave that to me).

I hope this puts the record straight, and that we will henceforth hear no more of these totally disgraceful smears and misrepresentations of Our Jeremy’s position on Europe, which as I have demonstrated, has been as every bit as consistent over the past 40-odd years as that of the Labour Party.


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