Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 26th March-2nd April

Hello, friends.

And I daresay you’re all still feeling pretty downcast by the appalling news last week, when Bullingdon Bully Boy May blatantly ignored Our March For Our EU – which, let it never be forgotten, several tens of dozens of people attended, only some of whom were the police who were policing [Groan!J.C. Oh Jeremy! That wasn’t even supposed to be a pun, although I accept it was rather clumsily put! – L.] it – and instead viciously triggered the Hard-Right Article 48% (as I have now renamed it, in honour of we, the 48%, who represent – literally – the overwhelming majority of mainstream pro-EU opinion), which caused the Far-Right so-called £ to plummet upwards, just as we in the Remain Camp always predicted it would.

But, friends, I literally beg you – do not despair! Many Progressive Left heroes, e.g. Our Gina, Our Alastair, Our Hezza, Our Tom [Who on earth’s that, Lefty?J.C. Oh Jeremy!  It’s Tom Fallon, Leader of Our LibDems! Literally everyone’s heard of him! L.]  and Our Mandy have promised to keep on fighting; and I for one am quietly confident that they will be as successful at this in the future as they have been so far, in preventing a tiny majority of 17,410,742 bigots and racists from completely undermining the popular democratic will, e.g. by viciously voting against the way they were clearly instructed to by Our Experts, whose predictions are – literally – notorious for their accuracy.

Anyway, here are last week’s tweets:

Sunday 26th March

Monday 27th March

Tuesday 28th March

Wednesday 29th March

Thursday 30th March

Friday 31st March

Saturday 1st April

Sunday 2nd April


10 thoughts on “Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 26th March-2nd April

  1. Letfly. What a rogues (and roguesses) gallery your regurgitated tweetfest has become. I note with some trepidation that the right horrible Teresa appears thrice compared with a single appearance by our bewhiskered Jeremy. Your literally count is also way down: are you ill or are you evolving a literally-free style? Your fan* is distressed.

    *The singular is noteworthy.

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  2. A silent “h” in T eresa is a right-wing perversion and I refuse to be party to it.

    Typicale Letfly, morre conserned with pettyfogging speling detale than wiv the politicall imbalanse of his blogg.



  3. The omission of the ‘h’ brings a literally different woman to mind. The nearest Teresa May got to politics, is that she looks like she’s shoved a couple of busts of Churchill up here jumper.

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  4. Friend Singer you seem to have returned from the hard right hell you have been in and are hereby declared rehabilitated. Merthyr Tydfil is no longer forbidden. Derek Pufflet has been persuaded , against his better judgement, to stand down his midgets who had declared you a class traitor. Welcome back to the struggle.

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  5. Daffyd et Ronaldo, what did I do to deserve such rehabilitation? Tell me, and I’ll try to undo it. I would never entertain the idea of consorting with Tyd-villains.
    So you’ve found your midgets have you? Did you just leave them about somewhere, or was their disappearance more purposeful?
    pax vobiscum
    😈🐐🐐🐐🐐(4 stopped last week)

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    1. We decide if you are rehabilitated not you. It is a Bolshevik Collective decision and not open to question. So there.
      The midgets were never lost so could never have been found. Yet another hard right delusion you are now declared free of.
      Friend Singer we send you fraternal greetings and even the impeccable Derek Pufflet is now convinced of your support for progressive causes.

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  6. Tyd-villains, don’t you mean “fraternal and sororital” greetings or do the fairer sex me have no say in matters? Are you sexist bolchi scum?

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  7. In short we Neo Bolsheviks have no time for the pre occupations of the bourgeoisie.
    We mean what we say . Fraternal it is and will stay.


  8. Tyd-villains = neo-sexist scumbags, losers of midgets and statues, and history deniers (believing the USSR still exists). Poor saps.
    😈 🐈(by mistake)


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