Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 2nd-9th April

Hello, friends.

And I expect that all of you are getting as – literally – sick and tired as I am of this vicious Far-Right backlash against Our Terrorists, aren’t you, friends?  As we all know, Our Terrorists are the envy of the world, and indeed elsewhere, and yet Hard-Right elements are constantly knocking them and belittling their very real achievements!

It is surely time for those of us on the Progressive Left to – literally – come together and defend the terrorist community, which is under sustained attack by reactionary forces, some of whom even dare to assert that “Terrorism is a bad thing”!

Hate, friends!

This is Hate Speech of the highest order, friends! I do hope that those Far-Right haters perpetuating it will be called to account for their hate-filled hatred, which is utterly hateful and which I – literally – hate.

Anyway, here are last week’s tweets:

Sunday 2nd April

Monday 3rd April

Tuesday 4th April

Wednesday 5th April

Thursday 6th April

Friday 7th April

Saturday 8th April

Sunday 9th April


One thought on “Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 2nd-9th April

  1. Difficult to see how Tyd-villains can support your latest cause, nay fad. Their adherence to the doctrine of Puffinette infallibility and repeated Ivan-inspired brutality would seem to be at variance with submission to Allah’s will. Your (not mine) terrorists would never take orders from a Welsh puffin-master. Save your praise for those terrorists in parliament, those who oppose the hated Maybe woman, that Clactonite traitor and the dreadful Owen fellah.

    😈 🐐🐐🐇🐇

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