Part 11 Of Saveed Miliband’s Greatest Hits in The Far-Right Guardian, Friends! Pieces From April & May 2016 On: My 100% Agreement With Our Zoe; Far-Right Trolls; Why Our Hard-Right BBC Is The Envy Of The World, And Indeed Elsewhere; And Labour’s – Literally – Unbelievable Success In The Local Elections!

Hello, friends.

And a very – literally – warm welcome to you all on this beautiful sunny day, which is yet another manifestation of dangerous Climate Change – which, as we all know, friends, has literally nothing to do with weather – and which the Tories are literally slashing, as part of their general attack on some of the poorest, weakest and most vulnerable members of society – which Thatcher totally destroyed – i.e. 97% of Our Climate Scientists.

This week’s instalment of Saveed’s Greatest Hits [Ha!J.C. Oh Jeremy! This is – literally – no laughing matter.L. You said it, Lefty!J.C.] is from April and May last year, and includes a couple of very short posts, along with four longer ones: two on Our BBC, and two on Labour’s amazingly triumphant triumph in last May’s [Groan!J.C. Oh Jeremy! Do stop groaning at puns that weren’t even intended to be puns!L.] local elections.

As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.

Forget about Labour’s heartland – it doesn’t exist (article by Zoe Williams, 10.4.16)

Well said, Zoe. I agree with everything you say, whatever it is.


Is it too late to stop the trolls trampling over our entire political discourse? (article by Owen Jones, 13.4.16)

In reply to ash_nkt:

Friend, the Guardian moderators never block comments simply because they don’t agree with them.

They only block them because they are wrong.


Hands off our cherished BBC, say older voters (Polling report, Observer, 17.4.16)

The main problem with the BBC is the Licence Fee, by which I mean, of course, that it is far too low.

The Licence Fee, by charging everyone exactly the same, upholds the Socialist principle of equality, and therefore is an example of true Socialism in action. No wonder Right-wingers want to abolish it, as part of their evil plan to inflict hardship and austerity on the most vulnerable people in our society.

The BBC is, of course, a Far-Right mouthpiece of the Hard Right, and has been totally destroyed by Thatcher and this current totally unelected Tory Government. As such, it is the Envy of the World, and indeed elsewhere, and is therefore supported by all Progressive Socialists, i.e. myself.


Threats to shift Strictly are just part of the plan to sabotage the BBC (article by Polly Toynbee, 2.5.16)

The so-called BBC is nothing more than a craven mouthpiece of the Far Right Murdoch-controlled Monopoly Media, peddling a nonstop and predictable menu of Fascist neoliberalism, and as such it is the envy of the world and indeed elsewhere.

It is now under attack by this totally unelected Government, who wish to destroy it, along with the Licence Fee, which by charging everyone the same amount, is a living example of Socialism in action.

Friends, we must come together and fight to save Our BBC! Not even Hitler attempted to reschedule Strictly Come Dancing, which only goes to show how far this country has sunk in to the quicksand of Fascist neoliberalism, and from which, like a drowning man, it will never escape unless all the Socialist lifeboats are manned.

No wonder we on the Progressive Left are revolting!


UK elections: Jeremy Corbyn declares ‘we hung on’ after mixed night for Labour – as it happened (report, 6.5.16)

Friends, we have had a truly triumphant night! The naysayers, the knockers, the Moaning Minnies, the n’er do well’s, the subversives, the Far Right Tory Traitors (the list is literally endless!) have been well and truly put in their place by Labour’s amazing performance, which, as ever, has been totally downplayed by the Far Right Murdoch-controlled Monopoly Media, e.g. the BBC, who have been predictably silent about the many seats that Labour has won in the last few hours!

Remember, friends, what our enemies – and, friends, we have many enemies, and not just in this particular world – were saying only yesterday? They claimed that Labour would lose millions of seats, whereas in fact we are set to win well over two thousand seats!

And, friends, if we can win over 2000 seats today, why should we not win a mere 301 seats – which is all we would require to secure a Parliamentary majority – in 2020? That is the question that no-one in the Far-Right etc. Media has yet dared to ask! Why not, friends? Because, friends, they are truly terrified of the answer!


Dr Corbyn’s elixir for electoral success will kill only the patient (article by Andrew Rawnsley, Observer, 8.5.16)

This so-called article is yet another Far-Right neoliberal attack on Our Jeremy, who scored triumph upon triumph on Thursday night. This is quite some achievement, and one which has been acknowledged by all objective and heavyweight political commentators without an axe to grind, i.e. myself.

And, friends, these triumphs were achieved despite the Hard-Right Red Tory traitors, e.g. Sadiq Khan, who have continually damaged Labour’s appeal to the electorate by trying to appeal to the so-called “centre ground” which is, as we all know, merely a euphemism for Far-Right neoliberalism and Fascism, and which is comprehensively rejected by everyone apart from a few million bigoted people who have been totally brainwashed by the Far Right Murdoch-controlled Monopoly Media’s predictable lies!

It is surely time, friends, for those of us on the Progressive Left to mobilise the mass power of working people, e.g. students, to totally crush these Red Tory Traitors, and to expel them from the Party. (No right of appeal should be allowed, as that would merely result in a Party full of appealing people, which is the last thing we on the Progressive Left need right now.)

Friends, if we can just hold our nerve, putting our collective best feet forward, with our shoulders to the wheel, our backs to the wall, and our heads in the sand, a Great Victory should surely await us in May 2020!





3 thoughts on “Part 11 Of Saveed Miliband’s Greatest Hits in The Far-Right Guardian, Friends! Pieces From April & May 2016 On: My 100% Agreement With Our Zoe; Far-Right Trolls; Why Our Hard-Right BBC Is The Envy Of The World, And Indeed Elsewhere; And Labour’s – Literally – Unbelievable Success In The Local Elections!

  1. Fun fact Friend Lefty: Hitler did want to reschedule ‘Strictly’ but the move was overtaken by events when he rescheduled his bombers from airfields to cities. This caused such a negative feedback that he shelved the ‘Strictly’ move until post-war and then the hard-right Marshall Plan intervened to leave it in situ.


  2. Pussy Feargal. Sadly you are the victim of fake news. Trump explained it all in a tweet. Hitler did not reschedule Strictly because Eva just “loved” Let’s Dance” and threatened to incinerate his moustache if he changed it any. Her favourite dance was the quickstep (mit jackenbooten).


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