Lefty’s Springerval Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 9th-16th April

Hello, friends.

And first of all, I would like to wish you all a – literally – Very Happy Easter!

But, as I have already explained to my followers on the Far-Right Twitter, I – literally – cannot, as that would be Hate Speech.

So I shall just express the hope that, as you greedily munch through your viciously Hard-Right Springerval Eggs – which, as Our Daily Mail [normally the literally Fascist Daily Heil] never ceases to remind us, are a leading cause of Far-Right diabetes – you will reflect on the fact that, thanks to Hard-Right Tory Austerity, more than 100% of Our Children are – literally – starving to death due to obesity, in extreme Tory Foodbanks. And yet, if you point out this uncontrovertible fact – verified as it is by well over 127% of Climate Scientists, in peer-reviewed papers – to Far-Right elements, they just laugh at you and saying you’re “making this all up!”

Really, friends! Words – literally – fail me! [That would surely be too much to hope for, Lefty!J.C. Oh Jeremy! Didn’t expect to see you here today! How are your plans to – literally – rise again tomorrow, going by the way?L. No comment!J.C.]

So guess I’d better stop here [Phew!J.C.]. Here are last week’s tweets –  many thanks to David Videcette and DiscoDroid for their tweets, which I retweeted and which are included in this selection:

Sunday 9th April

Monday 10th April

Tuesday 11th April

Wednesday 12th April

Thursday 13th April

Friday 14th April

Saturday 15th April

Sunday 16th April


4 thoughts on “Lefty’s Springerval Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 9th-16th April

  1. Pure gold . Lola Madrigal is overwhelmed by their wisdom and poetry. She could well transfer her affections to you from our Jeremy.
    Never allow the insane Singer to dissuade you from the paths of true progressiveness.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Friend Dave. Please pass on my fraternal greetings to Friend Lola, who I seem dimly to remember the Far-Right Kinks singing about, when I was but a – literally – boy.

    And fear not: the Hard-Right Singer is now officially in my Little Read Book. That’ll – literally – show him.


    1. “the thought of going in to my Little Read Book is obviously proving to be quite a deterrent.”

      Nope. I’ve been queuing up for literally ages.



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