Part 12 Of Saveed Miliband’s Greatest Hits In The Far-Right Guardian: Why Having Babies In Your 90s Is Best; The Need For A TV Mass Debate On Our EU; The Vicious Tory Attack On Our Hard-Right BBC; And Why The Formerly Far-Right Major (Now Our John) Is Totally Correct About The Need For Britain To Remain In Our EU, Friends! (All From May 2016)

Hello, friends.

And I’m pleased to bring you another instalment of Saveed’s Greatest Hits, which includes my favourite piece of his: namely, why the best age for people to have children is when they’re in their 90s. I felt his logic was – literally – unanswerable there.

These pieces are all from May [Groan!J.C. Oh hello, Jeremy! Do you think you’ll still have time to comment here after June 8th, when of course you’ll be very busy with your new responsibilities as Prime Minister? – L. No comment!J.C.] last year, and they also include a piece by Our Polly on why Our Dave (as he temporarily was) should have a mass debate [Sic!J.C.] with the hated Bullingdon Bully Boy Johnson on Our EU; why the Tories should leave Our BBC alone; and why Our John (formerly the Hard-Right Major) was totally correct on why Britain should stay in Our EU.

As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.

There’s nothing wrong with having a baby in your 70s (article by Aarathi Prasad, 12.5.16)

Well said, Aarathi, but as is so typical in today’s sadly neoliberal Guardian, you don’t go nearly far enough. Parents in their 70s do, after all, suffer from the disadvantage of being somewhat young and inexperienced in the matter of child-rearing, which should ideally be left to more senior people than them.

Plainly, the older the parents, the better. My personal view is that the ideal age for parents is in their 90s, when they will have, finally, begun to acquire some of the necessary life skills for parenting.

Obviously, people who have Far Right political views – Kippers, Tories, and Hard-Right Red Tory Traitors (Hilary Benn etc.) – are an exception here; but, then, almost needless to say, such people should not be permitted to have children, whatever age they are, in case their highly toxic, intolerant, bile-filled, hateful views should infect such unfortunate children who, as we all know, are our future, and indeed our future’s future.

But thank you, friend, for your thoughtful and original contribution to this important subject.


David Cameron v Boris Johnson live on TV: the EU debate we must have (article by Polly Toynbee, 9.5.16)

Well said, Polly.

We on the Progressive Left must rally behind Mr. Cameron – who is easily the most Far-Right Prime Minister in this country’s history, and is nothing more than a privileged Bullingdon Bully Boy who has totally destroyed Britain with Tory Austerity – to save Our EU, which is the envy of the world and indeed elsewhere.

Just the thought of Britain leaving Our EU is utterly terrifying. We are, after all, a tiny, helpless, totally insignificant country which could not possibly manage on its own, and indeed would sink without trace.

Plus, friends, if this self-same tiny, insignificant, helpless little Britain left Our EU, the effects would be truly catastrophic – not just for Britain itself, but for Europe and the World generally, and indeed elsewhere.

On this matter, friends, if on no other, Camoron and Gidiot are absolutely correct, and we on the Progressive Left must rally behind them, ignoring the siren voices of Far-Right neoliberals, e.g. Arthur Scargill, who peddle scaremongering lies about the EU, and worse still, claim that Jeremy Corbyn has been in any way inconsistent in his stance on this matter, when, as we all know Our Jeremy has been a consistent supporter of the EU ever since his election as Labour Leader last September.


The Tories meddle with the BBC at their peril (article by Ian Birrell, 11.5.16)

The so-called BBC – which Thatcher totally destroyed – is nothing more than a craven mouthpiece of the Far Right Murdoch-controlled Monopoly Media, peddling a nonstop and predictable menu of Fascist neoliberalism, and as such it is, as Mr Birrell correctly states, the envy of the world – and indeed elsewhere.

It is now under attack by this totally unelected Tory Government, who wish to destroy it through sheer spite, despite its massive popularity amongst the whole British nation, i.e. myself.

Of course, friends, the main problem with the BBC is the Licence Fee, by which I mean, of course, that it is far too low.

The Licence Fee, by charging everyone exactly the same, upholds the Socialist principle of equality, and is therefore an example of true Socialism in action. No wonder Right-wingers want to abolish it, as part of their evil plan to inflict hardship and austerity on the most vulnerable people in our society.

No wonder we on the Progressive Left are revolting!


John Major: EU leave campaign at risk of ‘divisive’ immigration stance (report, 12.5.16)

John Major is a Far-Right Neoliberal whose views are held in total contempt by all fair-minded people on the Progressive Left, i.e. myself.

He was, after all, the man who totally destroyed Britain in the 1980s, first by supporting the hated Thatcher – who, friends, let us never forget, first denied that society existed, and then destroyed it – and then by leading a Far-Right Regime in the 1990s in which Britain was totally destroyed, with literally hundreds of billions of people living in poverty in the aftermath of the ERM debacle, which needless to say, those of us on the Progressive Left consistently opposed after it happened.

And, therefore, when Mr Major so wisely reminds us that it would be a total catastrophe if Britain were ever to leave Our Europe – which has played such an important part, after all, in making this country what it is today – we should, of course, take his views very seriously.


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