Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 16th-23rd April

Hello, friends.

And I hope you are all feeling as optimistic as I am about 8th June, when Jeremy will finally – literally – smash the Hard-Right Bullingdon Bully Boy May back on to her criminally Far-Right kitten heels!

Complacency, friends!

Of course, friends, we must not be complacent! The huge landslide that awaits us will have to be fought for, literally every inch of the way. But with Jeremy as Our Leader, along with Our John (he of the Little Read Book fame), Our Diane, Our Emily and the rest of Jeremy’s impressive team – whoever they are – how can we possibly fail?

Anyway, here are last week’s Hard-Right Tweets [Some mistake surely, Lefty?J.C. Oh Jeremy! I was only teasing! Don’t be so literally literal-minded!L.]:


Sunday 16th April

Monday 17th April

Tuesday 18th April

Wednesday 19th April

Thursday 20th April

Friday 21st April

Saturday 22nd April

Sunday 23rd April


13 thoughts on “Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 16th-23rd April

  1. What a pity our ID tiles are square. How much more artistic would they be if they were hexagonal? Then everyone could be a snowflake. Everyone with a different crystalline representation, except for Ron, Dave and the entire population of Merthyr Tydfil who seemingly can only afford one Teilsen between them (as well as only a single boot each). That right wing excressence WordPress has much to answer for.
    Letfly do you think Jeremy might give his support to the welsh charity Bootaid? Or is he too busy clearing out anti- anti-semitism from the PLP?

    😈 🐇

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  2. Tonight the hills around Merthyr are being searched for our comrade Ron who we suspect has been kidnapped by hard rightists from Islington led by the double agent Lola Madrigal . Tricked into love he has vanished. A typical honey trap plot from the fascists .
    Our leader the great Derek Pufflet has called on all of us to find him . So it has come to this. Can our Jeremy be behind this ? Is Singer involved ? Is even Lefty involved ?
    is the May junta involved?
    The lot of a neo Bolshevik is hard. Every hand turned against us.

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  3. Daffyd paranoid and paranoid (once is never enough in Wales)
    Ron goes AWOL and you call out the midgets. Lola is also missing and immediately is blamed by your wombat court (kangeroos would be too accommodating). Suspicion falls upon all (including Sundry) and silence emanating from you fell upon this blog. Ivan (of truly terrible BO) must be exhausted (and even more rank) from all the beatings he has administered. Even I, an entity excluded from the big ears principality by the scaly ones with fiery breath (Wales must be a real hotspot of CO2 and particulate emissions) am suspected.
    Did you not consider that Ron has gone to the big smoke to aid Jeremy’s quest to wrestle back the Westminster crown from the Tory troglodytes? That Lola is his noble helpwench? That a story of infinite pathos, worthy of the ancient bards of Pontypridd, is underway?

    Away from the dark satanic hills of Merthyr he can be of use to the Party.
    God speed Ron Glenn.

    PS. Another error by the immaculate Puffinette?

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  4. Great posts above.
    None of us, of course, could possibly know the mind and machinations of “Our Lefty”- I am putting my hand to my breast here, and saying it in my Mo Mowlem best voice…if only I could kiss the badge without the need for Vanish to remove the lippy stain( Drogba never had THAT problem, but if he now has moobs after too many chow meins in China-maybe he`ll be having the selfsame issue!)
    But I divest.
    I`m sure Our Lefty is reading these, and already lubing the nation, ready for Corbyns Viagra-boosted entry into Political Phallopian Ecstasy.
    On June 9th-only Sum 41 Days Away-we shall awake to Corbyns moist beard lying playfully upon Britannias ample bosom, as we Vesta Virgins plump his plums and peel his grapes of Hegemony-Red only of course.
    Is it me-or is it getting hot in here?

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  5. Once again Singer is deluded. Neo Bolsheviks regard the wombat as the most progressive of creatures. In fact the great helmsman Derek Pufflet has obtained one specifically to placate any midget suffering from an excess of enthusiasm bought on by listening to the speeches of himself and the late Harold Wilson.

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  6. Daffyd still pathetic
    Absolutely typical: Tyd-villains revere the wombat!!!! An animal that takes weeks to digest anything and whose only defence is a toughened rear end. What a treat for over-sensitive and underwhelmed midgets overstuffed with political ardour. Bet the council came around to prevent midget abuse and took away your precious Harold Wilson recordings. Did you manage to obtain a hairy nose wombat or was it a common or garden variety?

    I have never had the pleasure of a wombat on my bridges. Wonder what they taste like.


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  7. No further discussion on wombats can be tolerated. They are very sensitive animals. We suspect that Lola Madrigal has gone to ground with our Ron. Reports are coming in that they are waiting for the Guardian Hard right Hay on Wye so called festival. A neo liberal counter revolutionary gathering of brexiteers and other deviants. Poor deluded blinded by passion Ron. But friends take heart Derek Pufflet is planning a revolutionary counter to the hated Hayers. I can say no more at present.

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  8. Daffyd still pathetic
    I am not surprised that you no longer wish to discuss your animal de choix; like a wombat you protect your butt and take weeks to process anything. A case in point is your colleague Ron Glenn (god speed) who has, with the unestimable Lola, escaped the mental S&M fleshpots “enjoyed” by Tyd-villains like yourself. Ron is now happily distributing campaign literature in Berwick-upon-Tweed, a town constantly under attack from the ultra Left hoardings of clan McScrotum. It is believed that Ron has gone to Berwick in protest against the predictability of ultra-dultra English football.
    Get with the message Daffyd, your midgets are needed to follow Tory ministers around as headless stool pigeons (the left can no longer afford chickens) not senselessly in pursuit of a lovesick Ron chimera of Puffinett’s weird imagination. If the truth be told (horrors!) Derrik had the hots for Lola’s voluptuous moustache himself.

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  9. Putting on my best Rosa Luxemburger hat here, I must protest at the silly boys above and their jejeune comments. SOL is a serious statesman for the ages, has long been digging the path to victory. And yet we seem to assume that we can play at being levitacious, at being frivolous. And this I refute.
    On June 9th, we need to be ready willing and able to come to the aid of Herr Junket, David Mellor, Peter Glaze and all other EU refits like them. There will be a need for a New Orderly Consensus-and as SOL`s prospective Nurse Ratched, I hope to get the “Our NHS” Portfolio. Been watching both Hattie Jacques and Anita Harris…and a bit of Sylvia Sims too-so I might yet be the Lady with the Bedpans who will be seen as the One who saved the NHS. But only if we take all this seriously, and get behind our Leader , old Sporty Leftington whose candle I myself am willing to hold and follow. Hope you silly boys above me here will do the same. This is a serious and po-faced business, hope you`ll also be fit to answer the nations needs on June 9th as Le Corbinista Revlonuncion is enacted.

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  10. Thank you, Friend Cheryl. The Hard-Right Singer appears to have – literally – stalked off in a sulk as a result of your admonishments.

    Hopefully he’ll – literally – see sense soon, as this Blog is – literally – not the same without him.


    1. Wrong again Letfly, my luxurious sulk was unavailable undergoing a MOT test. Instead I used my Huff, but that ran out of steam.
      How’s the election going? Having to slum it in the Rockall Hilton again?

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