Why All Of Us Must – Literally – Attend Our Climate March On April 29th, Friends! My Piece In The Far-Right Guardian Today.

Hello, friends.

And as you may have shrewdly inferred, I have – literally – waded in to the mass debate [Sic!J.C. Oh hello, Jeremy! Well done for – literally – taking the fight to the Tories! How big do you think Labour’s majority will be, by the way?L. No comment!J.C.] in the Far-Right Guardian today, in which I fully support Our Eve’s call for all us on the Progressive Left – and there are still quite a few of us, friends, despite this totally unelected Tory Government literally murdering literally billions of us by depriving us of Our School Meals on the flimsy pretext of it being “school holidays” or some other feeble neoliberal excuse, e.g. that we’re “not actually school children in any case” – to attend Our Climate March on April 29th.

Needless to say, some Hard-Right Leaver Deniers claim that, however much we on the Progressive Left march against Climate Change, “it won’t change Climate Change at all”!

Hearts and minds, friends!

Which, of course, totally misses the point!  We are not marching principally to change Climate Change – any change in Climate Change as a result of Our March will just be an added bonus –  but to – literally – change hearts and minds, and thereby the climate [Groan!J.C.] of opinion generally, which we have done with such notable success on so many issues recently, e.g. reversing Brexit, and opposing this totally unelected Tory Government which needless to say will be totally unelected on June 8th, and which, even if it isn’t, will always be “this totally unelected Tory Government” as far as those of us on the Progressive Left are concerned.

As ever, I’ve provided a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies to it, below this piece.

This spring, fight for our precious planet and join the climate march

Well said, Eve. You have – literally – spoken for well over 97% of Guardian readers here, as estimated by well over 110% of Climate Scientists, who as we all know are – literally – infallible, and whose orders must never be disobeyed.

Friends! I do hope you will all attend this Climate March on 29th April, not just to show everyone that you care about this Earth – and there is only one Earth, friends, apart from all the others – but also to show that you care that other people know that you care, which is obviously the most important thing of all.

I, alas, will be unable to attend, as I have already been booked in for a Mass March against this totally unelected Tory Government, which in a typically undemocratic and cynical power grab is holding a General Election, even though – literally – nobody wants one, apart from a tiny handful of 17,410,742 racist bigots who – literally – represent absolutely nobody but themselves, and who last June disobeyed the explicit orders of Our Experts, and all because they were deceived by all the LIES they read on the side of a racist omnibus.

Nonetheless, friends, I will be with you all in – literally – spirit! And I do beg you all to remember, as you march against Our Climate Change, one very important thing, and which far too many Hard-Right Leaver Deniers predictably deny:

Weather is – literally – not the same thing as Our Climate Change.



4 thoughts on “Why All Of Us Must – Literally – Attend Our Climate March On April 29th, Friends! My Piece In The Far-Right Guardian Today.

  1. Harking back to a long distant Letfly competition for literally song titles:
    “The wheels of the Tory campaign bus literally go round and round”


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