Why Labour Should Promise To Oppose Brexit – Literally – Tooth And Nail, Friends! My Piece In Today’s Far-Right Guardian.

Hello, friends.

And here is a piece I wrote in the Far-Right Guardian today, in which I fully support the very wise proposal of Jonathan Steele that Labour should abandon any remaining pretence of supporting Brexit – whether Hard, Soft or half-baked [not a bad little joke there, eh friends! And to think that Hard-Right elements claim that we on the Progressive Left have no sense of humour!] – and should instead literally come out of the Far-Right Pandora’s Box with all guns blazing, all the while nailing its true colours to the mast and taking the Good Ship Labour – literally – up the creek, from where it can storm the Brexit House of Cards, which is literally no more than a viciously Hard-Right Paper Tiger dressed in a Lone Trojan Wolf’s clothing!

As ever, I’ve provided a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies to it, below this piece.

Be bold Labour: promise to abandon this ruinous Brexit

Well said, Jonathan. Your analysis of this particular situation is as spot-on as it always is.

Friends! Labour’s electoral unpopularity – which in any case is a Hard-Right LIE peddled by the Far-Right Murdoch-controlled Monopoly Media, e.g. Our BBC – is because it is not nearly pro-EU enough!

As Jonathan so wisely points out, a full 48% of voters supported Our EU last June. And as extensive polling evidence, painstakingly garnered by one of the world’s most reliable and authoritative psephological experts, i.e. me, has repeatedly shown, not one single person who voted for Our EU last June has changed their minds.

Bigots, friends!

Furthermore, this same polling evidence shows, hearteningly, that the numbers of Our 48% have been swelled by – literally – huge numbers of that tiny handful of 17,410,742 bigots who disobeyed the firm orders of Our Experts last June, and viciously voted against Our EU, and all because they were deceived by the LIES on the side of a racist omnibus!

Indeed, the numbers of these defectors are so huge, it is rather surprising that the 48% are still only referred to as “the 48%”. Surely, by now, that number should be a lot bigger – say, 52%? Ah, but no: as we Remainers know, 52% is not actually a majority.

Anyway, as Jonathan so wisely implies, the answer to all Labour’s problems – which do not in any case exist – is simple:

Full-blooded, unconditional support for Our EU, with a firm commitment to oppose Brexit all the way.

Such a policy would, I am quite sure, make Labour as electorally popular as the Greens and the Liberal Democrats put together. And would guarantee that the result of the General Election is – literally – a landslide.



7 thoughts on “Why Labour Should Promise To Oppose Brexit – Literally – Tooth And Nail, Friends! My Piece In Today’s Far-Right Guardian.

  1. Tyd-villains.
    My deepest sympathies.
    All of your midgets have turned munchkin, are now wearing their favourite blue and are supporting the hated Witch of the Centre – Theresa Maybe. They have decamped en-mass for the fleshpots of Barry. As a result of this dereliction, fascist pollsters are now predicting Wales, land of male voice choirs and coal miner’s canaries, will turn Brexit Blue. Mugwamps are now an endangered species throughout the country and Letfly is nowhere to be found. I doubt he is canvassing in Rockall.

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  2. Daffyd (non-qualified).
    You are deluded and denuded (of midgets).
    Sales of pre-adult boots in Barry have soared, but surrounding roadsides are littered with cast-off inferior quality boots (left ones and small sizes only).
    Welsh anti-terrorism police have confiscated shipments of vodka into Merthyr on orders from Cardiff. Theresa Maybe decries recent increase of fake news output from Merthyr and speaks of anti-Brexit fascists in the neighbourhood. Our Jeremy vows not to press the fascist button.
    Ron sends greetings and regrets.
    Clan MacScrotum have embraced the SNP. Our Nicola recoiled in horror.

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  3. We here at the Cwalitee Quo Committee-the busybodies who nose around care homes, never remember the acronym-are finding this site to be failing in its mission to educate and initiate. This is not the fault of the pioneering visionary Supporty Leftman who graciously left us all free to gambol gaily in his fields-but it IS due to the trite and immature boys who choose not to make daisy chains and seek “the Common Good” in solidarity with Jesmond Corbanana…and his Vicar on Earth who is SOL.
    Boys-go back to your gay shepherds huts.read your Marxist tracts with half moon glasses and a fetching beret-and then come back and fall into line behind our leader. June 8th and Corbyns landslide is nearly here. We need serious men of calibre, no sillies please.

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  4. Never have I been so insulted. I shall remain silent henceforth until that Cheryl person offers a heartfelt and sincere apology. My devotion to our Jeremy remains profound, but I have little respect for the rest of the crowd here -especially that charlatan Leftfly with his never read book. Daffyd showed promise but succumbed to he machinations of Putin and his Russian-Welsh hybrids.

    😈😈 (I am beside myself with repressed anger).

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  5. Am now putting on record my total subservience and devotion to The Cause-and if, in the process I have traduced the mighty Bridgesinger, then I offer supplications and felicitations. It would not be the first time that I have come late to party and got the wrong end of the twig.
    It`s just that I cannot bear to see either Jeremy or his #1 Generalissimo SOL getting hurt…and if you Mr Bridges are willing to work downstairs in the scullery alongside me in catering for our betters, then I will not make sport with either Mr Hudson or Mrs Bridges, your better half.
    I know my place downstairs…sorry for my presumptions, which come maybe from that horrid Pankhurst virago.

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  6. Cheryl person. Somewhat lacking in the abject department, but it’ll suffice. You almost blot your copybook with yet another insult when you propose that I join you downstairs as a scurvy scivy. Remind yourself – I am a mighty bridgesinger, one of the elite. I am charged with the musical theory element of Jeremy’s forthcoming opus – the Labour Party’s Manifesto. Read it and weep.

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